Wow! (And specifics for contributors)

Just…wow.  The staff and I here at FWC had high hopes for our launch.  Who doesn’t?  But you guys really blew us away with your outpouring of support, well wishes, suggestions, and critiques.  You more than doubled our expectations of unique visitors to the site.  We trended as high as #4 of /r/eve’s “Hot” category.  The site was the talk of both Cal and Gal Mil while we were on to observe (no idea about Amarr or Minmatar, unfortunately).  People are making use of the Intel Cams directly linked to the site.  In short, yesterday was awesome.

Of course, yesterday’s success highlights how far we still need to go to make FWC a true one-stop-shop community resource for factional warfare:

  • The video tutorial for brand new/interested FW players needs to go up.  This is a high priority for us.  We’re actively working on it.  The script is about 60% complete.  In it we’ll cover topics like: origin and purpose of FW, allies & enemies, tiers of warzone control, how to gain LP, making money, how to find a good FW corp, and awoxing.
  • How to feed/link/whatever content from other already-existing FW blogs is being brainstormed.  We want to help support and drive traffic to all of the other FW sites out there.  Ideally, we want a feed of the specific posts.  No one currently on staff has experience doing this. Alternatively, we can create a list of links to the blogs themselves on the right-hand side of the screen.  Anyone with advice on how to accomplish the former would be much appreciated.
  • Lack of Amarr and Minmatar contributors hurts.  We really, really don’t want to leave this warzone out of the updates.  Several people have already emailed us expressing interest.  Please be patient with us while we respond.  If you’d like to help contribute, let us know.  I’ll provide some detailed instructions below.

Let’s talk contributors for just a moment.  Yesterday’s call for contributors left several questions unanswered.  Some might say (I did!) that it was vague.  Time to firm up some of those details.  Here is what we’re looking for:

Gal Mil:
– One individual in the EU timezones.  We have the US timezones relatively covered.  That being said, we won’t turn away a quality writer.

Cal Mil:
– One individual in the EU timezones.  We have the US timezones relatively covered.  That being said, we won’t turn away a quality writer.

Min Mil:
– Two contributors, one for EU, the other for US.

Amarr Mil:
– Two contributors, one for EU, the other for US.

Third Parties:
– Up to three individuals, but no more than two per warzone.  Your corporation/alliance needs to be based in a FW warzone, and have regular run-in’s with the FW locals.  A prior history in one or more militias is a plus.

Our requirements are the same regardless of which position you’re wanting to fill:

  • Firm grasp of the English language.
  • Commitment to one article per week, 400-800 words in length.  Week to week, these articles should be in the same vein as one another.  Updates on the warzone?  Sure.  Tips for new pilot success?  That works too.  Fleet 101?  No way, that’s mine.  Come up with a theme and stick to it.
  • Stick to the facts.  Bias will be inherent in any article.  After all, you are fighting for a cause.  But let’s avoid hyperbole and propaganda.  It doesn’t help the non-involved people get an accurate picture of what is going on.

Guidelines for applying:
Send an email to bastionATwhitetalonDOTcom and include the information below.

  • Your character’s name, faction you fight for, or warzone you inhabit (for the third parties).
  • Your timezone.  EU or NA is sufficient.
  • A rough pitch for what your once-a-week column might be focused on.  If you are interested in more than one article a week, we can chat about that too.
  • A list of days that you cannot reliably publish your article.  i.e. Tuesday is typically no-good for me, as I fly solo the evening before taking care of my daughter.
  • A sample 400-800 word article that you feel showcases your voice and style.  A link to something previously published by you is acceptable.

Wow.  This was intended to be just a short little update.  Apparently the post grew in the writing.  Let’s close by saying once again, “THANK YOU” for helping make TWC’s launch day a success.  We hope to have many more successful days ahead of us.


Fly dangerous.

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