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The question of “why” has always intrigued me more than “what” or “how”.  While “what” and “how” demonstrate a repeatable process, “why” reveals someone’s intentions and motivations.  And let’s be honest, long after a person’s “how” has been exhausted, their “why” keeps them fighting for a cause.  In the article below, Polska Kielbasa explains why he fights for the Minmatar Militia.

Note: This article was posted last week but was rushed due to time constraints of trying to get articles back on track. After talking with Polska about it, we redid the entire article from scratch which is what you see here.

Why do I fight for Minmatar?  Because, I am Minmatar!  Here, I tell you what, let me start from the beginning…..  I have no memory of my birth or growing up nor do I know why.  My first and earliest memories of existence go back to 2010.02.02 02:15.  At that exact date and time I simply “came to” in a hangar.  I had some intuitions about the environment around me and I did have some kind of recollections but it was foggy.  I felt like I got where I was because of some other driving force.  Like I was pre-selected to be who I was because of whom I was.  That’s hard to understand I know, but it’s as if I was made with long term intentions in mind.  Somehow I knew I was chosen to be Matari because, well because we are the jacks of all trades, and when thinking of the other races it can be argued that once we’ve mastered our trade we’re second to none.  Anyway back to where I was when I first “came to”; I was being greeted by an agent in the hanger.  He was an instructor of some sort and was going to help me to get started.  I didn’t question it and just kind of blindly followed him.  He taught me a few things and introduced me to other  instructors and well, they got me going and taught me the basics of what life was going to be like from here on out.  I did all their “tutorials” and I worked for a few hours a day.  I mostly just flew in that very small confined area of space I started out in. Within a few days I started missioning for every agent at every station I could so I could get a feel for different things.  I liked the security missions the best and started pounding them out and earning me some isk to spend.  Then one day I saw a recruitment poster for Tribal Liberation force in the station.  I had seen it already a hundred times but I guess I just never paid it any attention. This time I was interested in learning more about the militia and so I went down and enlisted. My first time in Faction Warfare was a whole new world of I have no idea what…. I had a new communication channel available to me.  One that I never had before but I couldn’t understand what others were saying.  It was a foreign tongue to me as if they were speaking code.  All of them seemed to be throwing acronyms around that I didn’t understand.  Besides that, they were arguing with each other over everything that was said, and it seemed none of them could be trusted because they were all spies of some sort or another. Everything was just chaotic to me.  Faction Warfare was not noob friendly to say the least.  Even though I was enlisted in Faction Warfare and I knew that it mostly took place in low sec, I still mostly just flew in High-sec.  My combat experience was limited to NPC rats but those damn blinky war targets in Rens and Hek kept showing me that I could die in PvP a lot faster.  They killed me every chance I gave them, which was a lot, and I was now losing more isk than I was making.  I even ventured out to null sec once.  I Jumped into N-RAEL but never made it off the gate.  I lost my destroyer and I was podded.  Well I kept plugging along and working a few hours a day, a few days a week.  Eventually I saw some regulars here and there and they invited me to their corp.  We started flying around together and so I decided to join up with them and I left Faction Warfare.


Now, I was the black sheep of the corp. because they were a mining corp and I never mined.  I would pull security for them or watch their containers so others wouldn’t loot them and I’d alert them to threats, but mostly I did security missions for agents in stations.  Well after a bit of time a few of these miners started to do missions and would fly with me now and then to do missions together.  I was learning things and exploring and had figured out the scanner and its basic operation and how to form a fleet and broadcast orders. I learned about TeamSpeak and we began to use it.  After a little more than a year of this gained knowledge and experience, I decided to leave the corp, re-enlist with the Tribal Liberation Forces in the Minmatar Militia and try my hand at Faction Warfare again.


This time my experience in Faction Warfare was better as I knew what people were talking about and I was able to join fleets and participate, but it was still not very noob friendly and PvP was something I just didn’t have very much experience in at all. Up to this point I think I lost damn near every encounter I had.  Anyway, over the course of the next few weeks I continued to try to convince a few of the boys from the corp I used to be in to enlist.  Instead they formed their own corp, enlisted into FW and invited me to join them. That’s where it began for me. I began to learn about the other races and what was going on in New Eden and how we had gotten where we were.  I found it very interesting to say the least and I had this overwhelming feeling that I could make a difference.  I joined in every fleet that I could or would let me, which wasn’t that much at all but I did find an alliance that let me fly with them regularly and they began to show me things that made me realize I didn’t know anything yet about Eve and its complexity.  Soon a few other alliances allowed me to fly with them and now I was getting kill mails.  It wasn’t work at all as I was actually having fun.  My corp joined up with one of the alliances and I made a reputation in that alliance for not caring about iskies or ships.  I just tried to kill everything with anything. I was having fun.  I was trying to kill bigger ships with smaller ships and trying to kill 1v2 and 1v3…. Yes, I lost almost all of them but I did manage to win a few and that’s when I really caught the bug.


Eventually I was promoted to CEO of my corp and in a years’ time I built it up from a handful of members to well over 100, almost 200 members at its peak.  We eventually became a part of the main fleets in Minmatar FW.  It was about this time that I began thinking about a Minmatar only corp. with people that worked, played and thought like me. I began thinking about it more and more and even started thinking of names for it. Then one day I had a vision, it was all too real and I felt a need to write down what I was seeing. I ended up writing what a corp like that would be all about.  I was shown how to pick up the pieces and start again a great corp.  One that fit and one that had lineage and history in New Eden itself.  I was given all this information so that I would start again the Minmatar Brotherhood and so the Brotherhood was reformed.   Today we have over 40 Matari brethren and sisters in the corp and we’re always looking for more like-minded Minmatar capsuleers.  To learn about our lineage and history read about us at http://www.Minmatar-Brotherhood.com, then you’ll have an even better understanding of why I fight for Minmatar. Never forget, never forgive.



About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. Frigate pvp is where it’s at for me. Done piracy and loved it, doing fw and loving it, getting swept along with the “them v us” struggle just seems to give play that extra dimension. Great article polska, thanks for sharing.

  2. Polska you’re the only one who makes me mad with lust. How do you do it????? You’re like a FW god or something…. Oh how I love to hate you…..

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