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The question of “why” has always intrigued me more than “what” or “how”.  While “what” and “how” demonstrate a repeatable process, “why” reveals someone’s intentions and motivations.  And let’s be honest, long after a person’s “how” has been exhausted, their “why” keeps them fighting for a cause.  In the article below, C3ph45 explains why he fights for the Caldari Militia.

I spent my first full year of New Eden forging ties and running missions extensively for various Caldari corporations, namely Caldari Navy and Spacelane Patrol, whilst training for the pinnacle of mission running itself, the Tengu. I became disenchanted with the monotone life of the high security missioner, however, and when the inevitable war declarations came from bittervets seeking easy kills, I felt it was high time to try out lowsec, and sign up to the side that I had built up a rapport with.

A few stragglers from our old mission running corp joined me in a small (20 man) Caldari faction warfare corp, the now defunct , and we based out of Innia in our bid to learn the mechanics of combat. It wasn’t long before we were joining fleets with the big boys (Four Horsemen, Wolfsbrigade etc) and sparring with the Gallente in nano-Drake fleets. The proximity to Jita was useful, but our standings with the major npc corps meant that Caldari was really the only viable choice open to us.

Eventually, my corpmates and I moved on to other things-pirate corporations, nullsec renter alliances, wormhole corporations, and for some ‘real life’ took up more time and they were forced to quit. For my part, I tried nullsec renting, pirate corps, mission running… but I always find myself drawn back to the ‘skilled’ pvp of lowsec, where you can engage in everything from one vs one frigate fights through to fights for systems with lasers, missiles and drones flitting back and forth over the backdrop of Infrastructure Hubs.

Because of the friendships forged every time I go back after another failed attempt at something new, the welcoming voices of the Caldari Militia stalwarts, and even the good natured banter with the regular war targets in local, I am proud to serve the Caldari State Protectorate. There may be an infestation of low skilled pilots (and farmers), but they are the fleet members of the future. The Caldari are notorious for their infighting and farming, but I cling to the belief that one day soon, they will put aside their differences long enough to finally take Fortress Nennamalia from the Gallente… and I plan to be in the fleet that accomplishes that momentous task!

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Geary has done a little bit of everything in EVE over the years. From fleet grunt to fleet commander, alliance member to alliance leader, he has been there and done that. Just don't ask him about that Machariel loss once upon a time...

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