Let me be the first to welcome you to factionwarfare.com.  We’re very pleased that you’re here, and that we have the opportunity to host a community resource for players interested in factional warfare.  As a quick word before we dive into anything else: the site is a work in progress.  We’re still tweaking things here and there.  We’re not satisfied with the logo.  We know that the Caldari theme is a bit tough on the eyes.  We’re still looking for more contributors, especially from the Amarr and Minmatar militias.  But we figured we could continue toiling on those things, sending out evemails and waiting for responses…or we could go ahead and launch our long delayed project.  If you’d like to help out with any of the above, especially on the contributor side of the equation, let us know at bastionATwhitetalonDOTcom.

With that disclaimer aside, let’s get back to why you’re here.  We aim for factionwarfare.com to be the central repository for all things factional warfare.  Your “one stop shop” for FW updates, if you will.  We’ve built the entire site with that in mind and we’ll start by discussing the “permanent” features.

  • On the right side of your browser window you’ll find the Warzone Control graph.  Each of the factions is represented with icons denoting their tier.  As of this writing it is easy to notice that the Caldari are at Tier 4, Gallente at T1, Amarr at T3, and Minmatar at T1.  Right now, updating these numbers is a manual process.  We’re aiming for once a day at roughly 13:00, give or take a couple of hours either way.  “Why a Warzone Control chart?” you might be asking yourself.  Because.  We don’t really have a better reason for it, other than “information is good.”
  • Just under the Warzone Control graph, we’ve embedded the factional warfare sovereignty map.  This is updated, automatically, as often as the Verite Influence Map is.  Its a nice visual display of the territory that each faction controls.  Why?  Because if “information is good”, “more information is better.”
  • One of the permanent menu options underneath our site’s logo is a link to the Intel Cams.  Again, we’re sticking with the “more information is…” theme.  As of this writing factionwarfare.com staff have three Intel Cams in operation.  Two are providing information for the Caldari Militia – specifically the Ichoriya Gate in Akidagi, and the Onnamon Gate in Kinaka.  One is providing real time intelligence for the Gallente – showcasing the Cal Mil staging station within Innia.
  • Very soon, we’ll be hosting a video tutorial aimed at people considering FW for the first time, or FW noobs that don’t have any idea what they’re doing.  We have a placeholder link entitled “FW Guide” already on the website, just to the left of the Intel Cams.  We hope to have this up and view-able in the next week and a half.

The permanent features, though, are only part of the content we’re offering.  In addition, each “on-staff” contributor has signed up to post a minimum of one article a week.  Some plan on being much wordier.  As people come on staff, as part of their introduction post they’ll outline their planned contribution schedule.  I might as well do that now, to save another posting:

  • Monday – “This Week in FW”, a recap of the previous week in factional warfare.  Note that as a member of the Gallente Militia, this will be Gal/Cal Mil focused.  The objective of this article is to be as factual as possible, and provide a framework for non-affiliated parties to keep themselves up to date.
  • Wednesday – “Why I Fight.”  I’ve long been interested in why people join alliances, corps, and militias.  This will be a series of guest articles, submitted by influential parties from all four factions.
  • Thursday – “Video Spotlight”, a showcase of quality EVE-related video material.  While I’ll be hunting and searching for things specifically FW related, expect to see awesome EVE videos regardless of their origin.
  • Friday – Editorial.  Sometimes topics bridge factional warfare and other features.  Sometimes opinions simply need to be stated.  These are what Fridays are for.

We really hope that you enjoy your stay.  If you have suggestions for the content, let us know.  If you want to see something new, let us know.  And if you’re up for a once-a-week (or more) contribution, definitely send a message our way!  At all times, you can reach us at bastionATwhitetalonDOTcom.


Fly dangerous.

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