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I usually wouldn’t post up a second spotlight video on the same topic, but this one is an exception. A new video has appeared and was even featured by CCP itself. It’s a feature by Good Game, an Australian video game review channel, and it covers the B-R5RB fight. It has interviews from players involved, tallies of damage done and even sound clips from the fight itself. Not only is it a good resource for breaking down the fight, but it’s incredibly well-edited and is one of the best features regarding the fight to date. Without further ado, here is the video.


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  1. haha its a shame most of that footage comes from trailers.

    • True, it’s still a well put together piece though. A few of my friends that don’t play EVE have seen it and want to play now so I feel it’s doing it’s purpose well.

      • well i hope they aren’t disappointed when they realize pvp is many different colored squares and not anything like what the trailers show lol. not hating on the video, its just misrepresenting the game when you purposefully edit trailer footage into real footage like that. i think i also am just upset at how freakin annoying that host is.

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