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Hi, everyone! For this piece, I’d like to breakdown PVP fleets and how each type are run. When I first started, I spent most of my time in EVE solo PVPing and never really left frigates. Then one day I joined a rather giant fleet and the rush I got from a massive fight made me have to try more. That led to training bigger ships and practicing fleet doctrines. After trying more and more fleets I eventually found myself FCing fleets on a regular basis – and I really enjoy it.

So without further ado, here is a list of the most common fleets (as I understand them), with more detailed descriptions of each to follow in subsequent articles:

Synchronized Swimming Fleet

This fleet is designed to do one thing, move as a group. Every ship can do roughly the same speed, so everyone anchors up and F1 monkey all over the killmails. (Note, though, that in any fleet you can be more than just an F1 monkey.) Logi is generally as mobile and sometimes as tanky as the fleet and can stay in the same vicinity giving the flexibility of changing ranges. Speed is life, here. If the enemy performs a successful “back door logi warp-in” the fleet may get smashed (or at least forced to warp off field). Typical doctrines using this style include Kite Ishtar/Scimitars, drone swarming Tristans and Bursts, long range/high alpha Kestrels, and others.

Raid Fleet

A good place to start when running this type of fleet is a basic all around compliment of 50% DPS/Tank Ships, 30% Logistics, 10% EWAR, 10% Scout. In a fleet like this, there are several roles that can be filled for a nice, balanced doctrine:

  • Tank – You’re going to want heavily tanked “Primary me!” targets like strong brawlers, or support ships. (Bhaalgorn, Proteus, Legion)
  • Alpha – High DPS, good tracking or volley ships. (Megathron, Moros, Tempest Fleet Issue)
  • Logistics – This is a good place to start blinging out fleets with exceptionally strong modules. Stronger Reps can do more than a heavier tank. (Scythe, Augoror, T2 Variants, Archon, Inquisitor)
  • Support – These ships are designed to have less tank then the rest of the fleet, stay at very long ranges, and provide the best chance at lowering the abilities of the other fleet. Support is a very general category and can mean many different things – webbing, damping, jamming, etc. (Celestis, Kitsunes, Huginn).

NAFF (Not a Fleet Fleet)

This fleet is flexible, varies in ship classes, and is more in search of a blob than a fight. A NAFF is good for plexing systems in Faction Warfare and covering a wide area to find targets.

When organized, pilots are generally very efficient at their ship types. They complement the fleet and are quite deadly at catching and taking down larger ships or groups of small ships. However, the NAFF will die easily to an organized fleet with proper doctrine and logi. Since a NAFF is by definition a mess of different ships, it’s difficult to list the “common” ship types.

Gank Fleet

This is your extremely high DPS, all out damage fleet. Rarely do you see logi with this sort of fleet as pure destruction and no tank is the name of the game. There are many examples of these types of fleets: C-Bag Thrasher, Catalyst, Derp Thorax, Tornado and more. These fleets can also be used to gank high sec freighters and miners or to camp star gates or stations.


Knowing what your fleet can handle is very important. Just because you have logistics doesn’t mean the enemy fleet doesn’t have enough alpha to ignore your logi altogether. Please check back to to see my in-depth breakdown of each of these fleets where I will discuss doctrine, how to fly these fleets, and how to fight them.

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