The Rise of Amarr and the Loss of Lulm

Over the last few weeks, Amarr have been making a heavy push on Minmatar, as evidenced by the recent flip in tiers. As opposed to Amarr being at T1 and Minmatar at T4, which had been held stable for a very long period, things have recently swapped, with Amarr holding T3-T4 and Minmatar being stuck all the way down at T1.


To make matters worse for the Minmatar, they were pushed back to the point of only owning two systems in the war zone, something that hadn’t been done in a very long time. Most people on both sides of the conflict blame internal conflicts and civil war for this. Rather than continuing to farm as per normal, various conflicts broke out between the alliances in Minmatar, ultimate resulting in the WINMATAR. (WMTR) alliance leaving, grinding up standings, and joining the Amarr side of the conflict.


With only 2 systems left in the warzone, Amarr began plexing up Huola, but not with a heavy focus. Minmatar were busy preparing for the major Amarr groups to get involved, but instead were thrown a curve ball when WMTR organized to have everyone push Lulm instead. Together with Vitoc Health Services (VHS), Shirak SkunkWorks and many others groups, they form a 23/7 militia fleet that would last for days.


Lulm is a major home system, similar to the system of Innia which recently fell in the Caldari/Gallente warzone, and it holds many assets and has never been taken. It is also very far from Huola and the Amarr home systems, making it a good remote location and thus easy to defend and withstand sustained assault. White-Lotus and Meltdown called it their home, and once the push began many other Minmatar groups moved in to assist.


We sat down with a WMTR diplomat, Aslon Seridith and asked the following:

  • Subsparx: What was the breaking point that made your alliance decide to leave Minmatar and join Amarr?
  • Aslon Seridith: When more than 18 alliances/corporations declared war against us. The PVP that resulted from this, including massive blobs facing us, made us realize that fighting against the Minmatar was way more fun. Joining the Amarr Empire granted us a permanent war.
  • Subsparx: How receptive has Amarr been to your alliance joining their militia?
  • Aslon Seridith: Very friendly and positive. I think everyone was surprised seeing us suddenly flying with an Amarr banner. When we began calling militia fleets, it quickly grew to 40, up to 60 members. I guess that says enough.
  • Subsparx: Why focus on Lulm and not go straight for Huola?
  • Aslon Seridith: We knew the Amarr wanted Huola, but refocusing a whole militia afterwards to a system far away such as Lulm would prove to be difficult. The alliances that live in Huola have little experience when it comes to deploying into hostile locations and we knew they would not risk moving into Lulm if we attacked it. If we could take Lulm, removing one of the last home systems, the Minmatar would be forced into Huola, a system every Amarr wanted to retake by birthright. This would make the fight for Huola easier to coordinate.
  • Subsparx: What kind of logistics were involved with this push?
  • Aslon Seridith: We moved several freighters in Bosboger, which is 1 jump from Lulm, supplying the militia with pre-fitted frigates, destroyers and cruisers. The reason we did this was because most Amarr don’t live close to Lulm. Plex control is important and your enemy is able to reship instantly. Providing ships 1 jump away enabled us to regain fleet strength in a short period during and after battles.
  • Subsparx: How did the actual attack end up going?
  • Aslon Seridith: Lulm was being smashed by a 23/7 plexing fleet we lead together with Vitoc Health Services and Shirak Shunkworks. The Minmatar in Lulm resisted heavily and called upon other Minmatar alliances to pressure other systems and divide our attention. The alliances in Huola started to plex up Kourmonen and through gate camps tried to limit the traffic towards Lulm. WMTR though expressed that the focus was on Lulm, regardless of all the distractions. Slowly Lulm’s contested percentage went up, roughly 20% per day. On Tuesday morning the system became vulnerable after amazing US TZ domination lead by Vitoc Health Services. After downtime, Amarr wrote history by taking Lulm for the first time since faction warfare was introduced.
  • Subsparx: What is next for Amarr militia and Winmatar?
  • Aslon Seridith: With Lulm in Amarr hands now, we achieved a big victory. An attack on Huola would seem the most logical step, yet systems such as Evati and kourmonen were retaken by Minmatar during our assault on Lulm. With Amarr farmers nearly gone and Minmatar plexers rising, the next days will show if a push is possible or not.
    As for what’s next for WINMATAR it’s pretty clear. We are a roaming alliance, on the hunt for epic kills and good fights. With Minmatar pushed into Huola, we’ll most likely expand our roams into 0.0 and the gal/mil warzone, growing our alliance, while keeping a close watch on any form of Minmatar rebellion.
  • Subsparx: Any closing statements?
  • Aslon Seridith: We are recruiting <3

It’s interesting how disputes in militia can result in such drastic changes in the way things are going. Much like the current Amarr/Minmatar war zone, Caldari has seen similar issues themselves, with a major alliance (BORG) changing sides and various strife within the militia resulting in a similar outcome. I guess this is just a side effect of what is, in essence, an alliance that is open for application where there is no way to choose who is allied with you. Without the tools in place a normal alliance has, and without being able to remove groups you don’t want to work with, it seems that civil war is simply something that all sides of the conflict will have to deal with from time to time.


If you are interested in seeing one of the fights that occurred in Lulm, check out the video below:

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