Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: X L V N I – I N V L X

Welcome to another fitting lab concoction. I’ll start right off by saying this ship lacks one major support module and that is a web, the largest downfall to this is the disengage from your opponent out of your range with an AB. Every fit has holes, this one is a noticeable and one that a lot of people might focus on, but give it a shot and see how you enjoy it.

The Hull:

Vexor Navy Issue

5% bonus to Drone Velocity and Tracking Speed ( This comes in handy since we lack a web on this fit.)

10% bonus to Drone Hitpoints, and Damage (Giving you maximum DPS without cap, ammo, and great application.)

(Sorry this section was deleted somewhere along publishing. dragonoid44 from Reddit put the smack-down on my failure.)

The Fit:


  • EG-603
  • Standard Blue Pill (Not absolutely required, but its really what the ship is meant for.)
  • Highlights: 924.2 HP/s H (1294 Shield @ 9 cycles)
  • 22.2k EHP612 DPS (Berserkers for the tracking w/o a web)
  • 2m12s Cap Life (48% Stable Nuet off)

How to Fly:

Your best choice against almost any ship is orbit at 500m, In almost any situation you would not have the Transversal to pull range, and even if you could pull web your making it much easier to get hit by Turrets.  Only situation would be a Dual rep no web opponent, Then I would gradually increase your orbit until your in longer range ammo range, reducing damage you take greatly.

Your neut power is helpful in almost any situation, And the VNI’s are almost always Neut fit. Solo Kite VNI’s aren’t seen very often.  You are going to want to overheat your Invulnerability as soon as your taking damage within range of the opponent at any range, It will overheat for a VERY long time. Ancillary Boosters should always be overheated. I chose to make the Booster a requirement because it is this fit benefits from it so greatly it puts its tank on a much larger scale, 770 rep vs 924 for an hours worth of skill train and almost no impact on the ships design from drawbacks other then cap, but it can always pulse the Neut to get cap stability if you take drugs on field.

As always I want a discussion out of these fits, that is the entire idea. Please feel free to follow the reedit post for this fit as well.  Fly safe and Fly True.

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  1. What implants are you using to fit that ship?

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