The Battle of Kehjari – Part 2

[Note: This is the second and final part of’s after action report on the Battle of Kehjari. Read Part 1 here.]

[Further Note: Another interesting read on the subject was written by two of the major CEOs of the conflict at, this article is a nice complement to this read, with this one more focused on killmails and a summary of the events.]

On Friday, July 3rd 2015, Spaceship Bebop kept on heavily plexing the system of Kehjari.

The resistance from the Caldari severely decreased, leaving the Gallente free to capture plexes after plexes for most of the day. But around 1800 EVE time, fleets from The Bloc and the Heiian Conglomerate started defending the system. Despite their best efforts the Gallente managed to inflict numerous losses on them.

Harpy (1) –  Cormorant (2)

At that moment in time, the Bloc suffered from the absence of several of their more important members. This resulted in a reduced capacity to defend their home and was the reason why the Gallente so easily dominated the system so far. The contested ratio was nearing 50% as the weekend was beginning, and the situation could only be described as bleak. Saturday would be decisive as many Gallente forces would be online to mount a full-on assault and get the system well above 50%.

But the one miscalculation the Gallente would make would be underestimating the Caldari resistance outside of the EU timezone. As early as 0600 EVE time, Crazy Bird Inc. and other corps from the Templis CALSF alliance would score several victories against the Gallente force present. Even managing the exploit of destroying Gallente logi in the form of Navitas (3) (4) (5), and even this Svipul kill (6).

For the whole morning of Saturday July 4th, the Caldari would accumulate kills after kills. It was the beginnings of a comeback.

That trend, however, would stop right after noon.

Spaceship Bebop would come back with even more fervor. A Caldari fleet of Cormorants was entirely destroyed (7), and a smartbombing Rokh fielded was to be utterly annihilated (8). Even the use of heavy logistics would be thwarted by the Gallente: Guardian (9) (10). Despite sacrificing so many ships, the Caldari still accomplished the one thing that would save them: slow down the capture of the system.

By the end of the night, Spaceship Bebop was still fighting in the system. Numerous Pandemic Horde decided to join the chaos, but ended up defeated by the Gallente.

It’s in the very first hours of the next day that the Caldari started to show the signs of their coming victory.

Dragoon (11) (12)

The fighting continued for hours, with the Gallente suffering more and more losses alongside the Caldari losses. One player alongside the Caldari scored more than the 10 kills in less than an hour. Bantam (13). Also scoring aGarmur kill at 0455 EVE time.

The killing died down as the morning came. Like the same time yesterday, Spaceship Bebop and the Villore Accords lost more and more ships. The Bloc showed their invaders whose home it is, in the last moments of the war. In the end, what saved the Caldari was a stark determination and a willingness to throw themselves into the fray even after the most gruesome losses.

What also saved the Caldari was the willingness and unity of the militia to defend one of its alliances. As the numbers of The Bloc were at their lowest, the Heiian Conglomerate, Templis, and several other corporations and alliances went to help fend off the assault on Kehjari.

The Gallente still showed their capacity for destruction and mastery of full system staging. The amount of killmails accumulated during that weekend by the Gallente could be described as epic. The Gallente came very close to 80%, but as the hours accumulated and the Caldari regrouped with the willingness to sacrifice fleets and ships, the Gallente could only concede the system back to the Caldari.

More than 2000 kills happened in the period of a weekend, clearly demonstrating the vitality of FW space.

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