The Battle of Abune 08/10/2014

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It’s been a while since we did a Video Spotlight, and today there are two videos being posted (more to come and I’ll update the post as they are sent to me). Tonight saw a rather large engagement clash between multiple Gallente parties and a Caldari coalition fleet consisting largely of Templis CALSF, Heiian Conglomerate, The Bloc and Enemy Spotted pilots. The total damage done came out to ~2 billion isk lost on the Caldari side and ~10 billion isk lost on the Gallente side.

Battle Report adjusted to show correct teams

The first video is from my perspective and is a shining example of how to be a terrible addition to a fleet. Don’t fly like I did. Ever. Regardless, enjoy the video footage I did receive, as it accounts for the entire engagement from start to finish.

The second video is from the perspective of the pirates that jumped in to the fight once Gallente committed Dreadnaughts to the fight.

If you have any more videos from this battle please let us know via email at! We’d love to add some footage from the Gallente side, or the 4th party that showed up with the Ishtar fleet.

EDIT 08/10/2014 21:45: Received a video from Templis with another perspective on the fight.

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Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. ~2 billion ISK on the Caldari side vs ~10 billion on the Gallente side. A very nice fight, fun to have been a part of.

  2. Shadoo`s Eybrows

    lol u batfoned pred when gals commited please between u guys and mira batfoning CFC erry big engagement cal mil is a joke please stand up to gals urselfs


      The Revelation was down before the neutral Dreads really had time to fire. I love them for popping that Moros, though. It would have had time to run away had they not slapped it down.

      Caldari fighting sans bat phones. Watch the videos, enjoy the fights.

      As for your discontent that Gallente committed Dreads to kill Caldari Carriers and the Caldari had a plan to make the Gallente pay for that commitment I admit to being a little confused. Would you have been happy if all the Dreads who showed up were members of Caldari Militia? Or would you then just complain about something else? In order for the Caldari to stand against the Gallente we currently need assistance, and because the Gallente seem to enjoy flying expensive stuff allies seem fairly easy to find. Rethink what you fly, and don’t undock if you aren’t ready to die.

  3. Shadoo`s Eybrows

    also when will you ever stop the site from being biased amarr burn huola story wrote cals win 1 fight out of hundreds story wrote, burn okkamaon kicked u guys outa a home and raged on for lots of fights … no story … go figures


      I am sure, as long as you aren’t illiterate, that Subsparx would love to have someone to write articles from the Gallente POV. Currently, the only person who actively writes for FWC is a member of the Amarr Militia. If you want to see an article about Okkamon (can we not start calling every system siege Burn Systemname) then write something about it or encourage your friends in Galmil to.

    • I am not a writer, I am a programmer. I do not have a regular writer for either Gallente nor Minmatar. I used to write stories for Caldari but stopped because I do not have the equivalent stories coming out on the Gallente side. If you have more writers that would like to step up and write by all means do so. I don’t want this site to be biased but I don’t get many people coming forward to try. Also, being Cal Mil myself, I don’t exactly have contacts over on your side for writing.

    • hurr fucking durr

      interesting considering everything about the burn huola campaign was facts. try to refute youtube evidence bro, try.

    • Hey I really should mention that if you wanna yell at anyone for the lack of galmil content it should be me, not Subsparx. Which, in his defense, no article gets denied or cut because of who submits it or what side they are trying to make look good.

      Please feel free to PM in game if you ever have an event or idea relating to galmil that you want covered and Ill do my best to up my contributions. Ive got another interview in the works right now, but I would love to start posting more battle reports and the like. Trust me, you are not the only one complaining about a lack of galmil content, though, and I will be doing my best to increase coverage once summer is over and I have some more time on my hands.

    • Reginald Sakakibara

      Let me, as an Amarrian pilot, be the first to agree that the Minmatar needed more coverage during Huola. I made attempts to rectify that, but I understand my limitations and I would greatly welcome a Minmatar colleague.

      • There was a writer that contacted me regarding writing for Minmatar during the campaign, but my editor was currently on leave at the time and unable to approve him writing. He is no longer going to be in Minmatar though, so that contact is no longer available.

        I’d love to get some writers for both Minmatar and Gallente. I know multiple people in Caldari that could start writing but I don’t let them because I don’t want this site to become any more biased than it is. If you know of any good writers please send them my way.

  4. Seems calmil still have some back bone left 😉 gonna be fun fighting you guys had a good time in Pyne last night didn’t know you guys could still pull that many numbers see you tonight 😉

    • Vick- you sure you don’t want to go join the goons? I mean left Caldari go Amar – leave there for the gal because they are winning? Take a look at the interview with Perunga they make a lovely comment about you. Fly safe

  5. Eyebrows if you want some publicity for gal mil why not ask someone in gal mil to write the columns? I know DJ FunkyBacon use to write for gal mil publicity on TMC, i’m sure subsparx wouldn’t mind more articles on here.

    Also the rev was dead before preds fleet could even lock it (pred managed to take a shot at it). They did save my failfit chimera though <3 pred (i fixed the fit, babys first triage carrier :D)

  6. Does anybody have any battle reports?

  7. AFAIK a poco in heyd came out an hour earlier and the Aideron Robotics dudes there were expecting cal mil to show up. While the caldari BS/BC fleet was in transit gal mil formed (as far as I know) two fleets, one by perunga (I think) from nenna and the other coming from fliet with aideron both fleets comprising of mainly armor cruisers and BCs in composition. The caldari fleet gets sandwiched and drop carriers in abune. With the subcap logi and two carriers gal mil had a hard time breaking reps so gal mil resorted to a lot of targeting swapping (or could be two fleets calling separate primaries while doing mild target swapping, this is just my perspective as a novice triage carrier pilot). Eventually gal mil counter drops two dreads to kill the 2 chimera (the caldari were suffering very few subcap losses), one chimera forgets to refit to tank until they can get out of triage and pops (making the 2nd chimera unable to refit, I didn’t have a mobile depo (doh!)) caldari batphones pred and pred arrives just as the gallente rev is popping. Preds fleet melts the moros thus saving my chimera giving it time to come out of triage and receive reps.

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