The Anti-Slicer

I’ve spent many nights in New Eden happily watching ships explode, having content delivered to my doorstep and dying gloriously in every system in the Cal/Gal War Zone. This night was not one of them.

To be fair, it was late in the East Coast USTZ, well after most of the PvPers go to bed. I was haranguing a Squid in local chat for first running from my T1 Destroyer and then from my Enyo (he was flying a Harpy).

“Am I going to have to ship down to a T1 Frig to get a fight out of you?” I called out.

Then, a neutral spoke up.

“I’ll fight,” was all he said.

I quickly scanned down the remaining plexes in Eha and saw an Atron sitting in the novice.

“Sorry buddy. I can’t fit in there. Brb in a smaller ship,” I responded.

I hurried back to my home system and grabbed a neut Tristan, which wasn’t exactly fair, but it was all I had on hand at the moment.

After seeing me on Dscan (D-scan?), the Atron went the way of the Harpy and took off. By this time, however, I’d taken a look at the pilot’s profile and saw he was a member of Pandemic Legion, so I followed him to what I assumed would be his home station in Kinakka. There, I posted up in a novice plex, preparing yet another string of insults in the hopes of luring him out again. It turns out that they weren’t needed.

“I’m in the Medium (plex),” said Kel’en, the PL pilot.

My D-scan showed a Succubus waiting for me there. At this point, I almost packed it in and headed home. With the Succubus’s AB bonus, he’d easily be able to keep out of neutralizer range, the bonus to his turrets’ tracking speed would ensure that he’d hit hard and the role bonus would magnify the impact of his lasers by a whopping 150%.

However, I was desperate for a fight after several hours of coming up empty, and the loss of a Tristan didn’t really concern me. Plus, if I could get within neut range, there was a slim chance that I could disable his AB and cap-hungry guns. So I warped to the medium, using my time in warp to pen a poetic war cry in local chat.

“Fuck PL. Fuck the CFC. Fuck the Mittani, NC. and Nullsec in general. I commit my corpse to the Eve gods,” I said.

For a moment, things looked good. The Succubus drifted just within neut range, and I, being the scrub that I am, did not wait for him to get closer to apply my neuts. The response was quick, and the Succubus instantly about-faced and scampered just out of range where he continued to pummel me for the rest of the fight.

Afterwards, we had a long and surprisingly friendly discussion about EVE, plex fighting and fits, which is when he showed me the Atron fit I want to discuss in this article.

Damage Control II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
400mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates

Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner

Light Electron Blaster II
Light Electron Blaster II
Small Unstable Power Fluctuator I
Small Unstable Power Fluctuator I

Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Ancillary Current Router I

A lot of things about this fit seem counterintuitive.  It sacrifices DPS for neutralizers, extra power grid for extra buffer and the Atron’s trademark speed for an AB and heavy armor plates. It also represents, in my opinion, the best way to win fights as a plexer.

Unfortunately, plexing is a tedious and dangerous affair in that the enemy has almost all of the advantages. Based on your ship type, your opponent can pick out a good counter, choose the timing of the fight and decide the numbers he/she wants to bring. As the person already inside the plex, you get to dictate range although even that can be difficult if someone warps in as you are dealing with the rat. The only other weapon you have in your arsenal at that point is your fit. If that doesn’t surprise the enemy, then you’ve already lost.

That’s why lowsec is replete with 10MN AB Algoses, Hull-tanked Rail Comets and possibly this Atron, which I’ve nicknamed the anti-Slicer. Since I don’t have much experience using the ship, I turned to its creator for some inside details about the hull and some general EVE advice.

What does the engagement profile on this Atron look like?
The engagement profile is pretty small. You have a max range of 6km with null, which lets out a pretty anemic amount of DPS with only 3 guns, but 6km is all you need in a fight where cap management/supremacy is key.

How do you come up with these fits?
Well, it’s a secret. Basically, I want to watch people who buy faction shit like Imperial Navy Slicers die pretty regularly.

When do you know you’ve got a winner as far as fits are concerned? In EFT? In the field?
You never know when you have a “winner.” It’s just trial and error like most of EVE. I’ve won a battle in a ship, come back to the same fit and same ship, and lost the next fight.

What are some memorable kills with this Atron?
This one, as well as this one. I also provided initial tackle for a small gang that was 3 jumps out and ended up getting out in deep structure and still came back for the final blow.

Without giving too much away, what are some of the techniques you use to be successful with this ship?
The idea is to be on the button and when a cap heavy ship like the Imperial Navy Slicer, blaster boats, etc. comes in on you. You hit them with a scram and web and begin by staggering the neuts to keep them from repping or make the management of their own cap excessively pressing, but with the anemic DPS, I prefer to wait for Slicers.

What are some of the keys to good (solo) defensive plex fighting?
Always be ready for a fight, and remember that since we all follow rule number one (DONT FLY WHAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE), once you undock, you are already dead. If you look up my profile, there are a lot more losses than successes with this ship, but it can be the reason you kill a solo retribution. In this instance, I didn’t get the kill because his buddy was 3 jumps out and came to his aid, but he would have died very slowly and painfully in a 30mil ISK ship to my 8 mil ship. In other words, never not take a brawl, especially if it’s on your terms.

What advice would you give to newbies in the WZ, or anyone looking to get into solo work?
Never gonna give you up…. yeah, I was about to rick roll all of you reading this article, but really, don’t quit over a few losses. Hell, I have multiple accounts and lose stuff regularly. It’s part of learning solo fighting. Learn ships; learn their advantages; learn their disadvantages, and apply them till you get it right.

What keeps you coming back to Eve?
Tears, and the fact that no two fights are alike, and there are still things I have yet to do in EVE. Living in a wormhole for example, and I tried Faction Warfare with my alt for a while before I let the sub expire. It was a good fun. Lots of killing, lots of constant brawls. I once took on a gang of 4 guys with my thrasher and nearly killed all of them. It was one of the more enjoyable months I’ve had in EVE honestly. I ended up with 94 kills that month, most of them solo.

Why the 400mm plate as opposed to say, resist mods, a 200mm plate, and another Trimark rig? 
The 400 adds more of a buffer when dealing with cap heavy ships and allows you take more raw damage. That allows you to apply more neuts, as I said before, I had a retribution neuted dry and in half armor. He couldn’t shoot, rep, or do anything to save himself, except call for help.

Also the ship’s very tight on fittings. If you aren’t using all but the last 1%, you’re fitting it wrong on a frig. This fit I believe sits at less than 1% power grid remaining

Anything you’d like to add or anything I haven’t asked?
Nah… nothing except fly reckless and wild. Enjoy gents.

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