TEST Troll Attempt Confirmed

It appears that a member of TEST successfully trolled the staff here at FW.com and most of Reddit. Although there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence that indicated a troll attempt, such as why TEST would leave the bounty of content in Wicked Creek for lowsec, the date on the mail being a half-day off and Innia being a Gallente-held system, the most concrete piece of evidence came from TEST’s head FC, DurrHurrDurr, in a private message on Reddit.

“Lol. It’s just Nataliao Vee being a retard,” he said of the posts.

So we apologize to all of the Gallente pilots who were salivating over this latest bit of “news,” and the Caldari, who were looking forward to reaping the benefits of tier 5 LP. TEST did what they do best and caused a commotion in local.

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  1. Dantelion Shinoni

    That’s disappointing. The Caldari could have used the extra guns!

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