Soldiering on in the Bleak Lands: Loaded-Dice and the Southern Inquisitorial Command

“Southern Inquisitorial Command” is one of the regular features of the Amarr late US/early AU fleet finder. Regularly open to the militia, the fleet typically performs the vital role of patrolling the Bleak Lands region for Minmatar, Gallente, and pirates hostile to the 24th Imperial Crusade. However, the fleet is not a spontaneous organism, but rather reflects the almost daily presence of the Amarrian alliance LOADED-DICE[D6]. Unlike its counterparts that live in Siseide or Egghelende, D6 makes its home in Tannakan — a system situated relatively deep within the warzone. reached out to Ahliya of D6’s executor corporation The Imperial LansDrahd [-ILD-] to learn more about D6’s history and the role it plays securing what should be Amarrian space. Let’s start from the beginning. How was D6 formed? What were the early days like? What was the vision back in December 2013?

Ahliya: Ah, the beginning. Well, this was, pre-FW patch, where the current farming mechanics ruled sov. ILD, like any of the Vets, were doing what could be done just to hold the line in home systems. We had just come out of another Civil War, the Matar were omni-countering(TM) all over the place, so we reached out to all pro-amarr groups in our area. Some in militia, some not. After multiple successful Ops with THE NIGHTRAGE [TNR], ILD was approached to form an alliance to stabilize the southern zones. TNR would fund all initial start up costs, hold Exec and ILD would commit PvP assets for Ops and general security. The first month went well, we dug in, we held the line, we pushed back. Unfortunately, the leadership of TNR, who were cousins, had a falling out and went MIA. The mantle of Exec then fell upon one of TNR’s Captains Anomilk Dairlylover. “Ano”, who is one hell of a good chap and able bodied wingman/PvPer, remained stoic, and never faltered. There were some tough days, where we just couldn’t find the Lord’s favor. So we then turned to each other for the zeal needed to renew faith. It was ups and downs, no lie, but damn, we had some saweet [sic] a$$ bounce backs! Thats when things within the alliance started to fit into its right place. The right people came, with the right style and we all adapted to each other. Degenerate Era Prophets [15N39], Morbidus Comitatus [FOBOS], Pax Capital [PAXCP], (author’s note: Pax Capital is now a member of Spaceship Samurai) House Fallion [HOFAL], etc. Each of us made the others stronger, and we realized that we learned to use this advantage and started winning more and more. Alas, for Ano, the cry for the Crusade could no longer be heard by his heart. He most honorably passed the mantle of D6 Exec to ILD, and the Lord opened a new path for him to follow. (May the Maker keep you in his mercy, for you are missed daily brother, LLTF)

The initial vision for D6 remains the same, and must continue to do so at least on a core level.

1. Secure and safeguard all resources and assets in home Constellations.
2. Create a Pro-Amarrian Bleak Lands.
3. Be without fear in the face of our enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.

FW: After the end of the Amarrian Spring – when the Minmatar started launching their counterattack – there were only a handful of systems considered “fortresses.” Even back then D6’s home system of Tannakan was considered to be one of those fortresses. What went into the decision to move to Tannakan? What sort of challenges do you face defending the system?

Ahliya: As far as Tannakan goes, any information pertaining to interests, defenses, and security are matters I am not at liberty to discuss openly. I am sure you and your readers understand.

FW: “Southern Inquisitorial Command” is a fairly regular component of open militia fleets during the late US/early AU timezones. When did D6 begin running this fleet and why?

Ahliya: The Southern Inquisitorial Command (SIC) opened its doors to the Militia when we realized it was time for such an action. D6 had every right to institute an Inquisition, what better to run in tandem with a Crusade? After the faltered Huola Campaign, after all the ups and downs from T1 to T4, then up to T5 (TY Hayes), then back to T1 for 4 months. Then you factor in all the Civil Wars that were just fronts to beefs over past personal matters… it was time. Time to root out and eradicate all forms of heresy. A cleansing of the flame. SIC fleets patrol the Pilgrim Road and run sec for the three southern Constellations. D6 does what it can in its TZ for Imperial survival, and is here to offer its assistance to all who find themselves doing the same. Glory to the Empire!

FW: D6 has had bumpy diplomatic relations with other militia groups at times – the civil war between D6 and Team Amarrica comes to mind. How does D6 move forward from these incidents?

Ahliya: I cannot recall if Amarrica ever wardec’ed D6. I know FHP (Flyinghotpocket) has declared war on ILD multiple times. Pocket and ILD have a long and sordid past going back to the conception of FW. When Tandoiras, Vaarma, and Devoid were all Blood Raider sov prior and FHP, shall we say, was on the other side of the line. Only he and I know the real reasons for personal beef. ILD brought Amarr Militia to Tandoiras Const when we homesteaded Haras. There was a time too when the Pirates in Sahtogas were more of a daily threat than any WT. A story for a different time. Moving forward from any conflict should be the same. Lock down the Homestead, bolster the troops, bolster morale, build more PvP hulls. Dig in, build, advance….repeat.

FW: D6 has attracted many corporations to fly under its banner. What does it take to become a member corporation? What does D6 look for in prospective applicants?

Ahliya: D6 is very open and inclusive. Everyone fights or contributes, no one quits or loiters. Egos and Griefers need not apply. We fight for the greater good and the Amarrian way of life. Patience, teamwork, the ability to follow orders and execute commands is paramount. Age and skill level matter some, but it is vision, a strong heart, and faith that make men better fighters.

“I will not hesitate when the test of Faith finds me, for only the strongest conviction will open the gates of paradise. My Faith in you is absolute; my sword is Yours, My God, and Your will guides me now and for all eternity.”
– The Scriptures, The Prophet Kuria, “Paladin’s Creed”

FW: Many alliances fail in the warzone, often times before they get started. D6, however, is regularly one of the top performing alliances in the militia in terms of kills (as of this writing, D6 is in the Top 3 Amarr alliances for the month of September). What is the secret to D6’s success?

Ahliya: The key to sustaining an alliance and any forward momentum is the Capsuleers that make up its ranks. The hardest thing to do in this game is to get the right group of people together for any duration. Once that happens, everything else falls into place. The Brothers that stand side by side on the firing line and do not falter. The bonds that form when one realizes that all have come seeking the same thing, working towards the same goal, committing everything just as the man next to you has. Then there’s the ability to put up with and integrate the occasional wife aggro’, infant ecm burst, and the corpmate that no one can understand but,’ der gumdan ugh ‘MegaThron!” These factors coupled with leadership that can govern are just as important. Delegating properly, safeguarding the welfare of the men under one’s Command, and never asking of them what you would not do yourself. The rest is in God’s hands.

FW: Finally, do you have any additional comments you would like to add?

Ahliya: In closing, I can only offer my most sincere and heartfelt emotions. Humility; as the trust and respect given to me by the men I fly with inspire and honor me daily. Joy; as I have witnessed the growth and evolution of many pilots, including myself. Fighting alongside some of the best Capsuleers this side of the EVE gate. Anger; when I realize that the gravest threat to what we covet is ourselves. The flaws within each of us that spur for greed, spite and malice are the greatest danger. Also, sadness; I know that one day this war is going to end. Long Live The Fighters!

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Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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