Gallente Corporations

To have your corporation added to this page please submit information to the thread on the official EVE Forums. It will be updated here to reflect that thread.

AdAstra. Beach Club [ADABC]
Alliance: Red Whines [DETOX]
CEO: Cixxy
Recruiting: Jessy Andersteen, Mich Faya, Takezo Shinmen
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Channel: Bar Astra
Additional info: AdAstra. Beach Club is a French Speaking School corporation in relation with the french speaking corporation AdAstra, a former pvp corp witch lives in a C5.

Aideron Robotics [AIDER]
Alliance: N/A
CEO: Marcel Devereux
Recruiting: Huard Catanach
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Channel: Aideron Robotics
Additional info: We are newbie friendly, have fit doctrines, and an integrated system to give people the tools needed to be successful in lowsec.
Applying requirements and the application process

Ascom Royal [ASROL]
Alliance Name: N/A
CEO: Kladi Eggar
Recruiting Officers: melik shah
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: PvP and training corp
In-Game Channel: TAHTAKALE
Additional Information:

Black Fox Marauders [BLFOX]
Alliance: Spaceship Bebop [BEBOP]
CEO: Roy Henry
Recruiting: Roy Henry, Veronica Isagar
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP
Channel: BLFOX
Additional info: Forum corporation info and recruitment details

Brave Privateers [-HOLD]
Alliance: Brave Collective [BRAVE] (NOTE: This corporation is not actually in the alliance, it is a Gallente FW corp that is affiliated with the main alliance)
CEO: Stirling Gibbs
Recruiting Officer: Stirling Gibbs
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP / Plexing
In-game Public Channel: Fw Brave
Links: ,

Eleutherian Guard[EL-G]
Alliance: Villore Accords [GMVA]
Ceo: Desra Mascani
Recruiting officer: Desra Mascani
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PvP / plexing
In-game public channel: Eleutheria
Additional info concerning recruitment (optional): EL-G Recruitment thread, killboard

Extreme Overkill Inc. [OVRKL]
Alliance: The Bastard Cartel [TBC]
CEO: Crimson Draufgange
Recruiting officer: Crimson Draufgange
Recruitment: ACTIVE
In-game public channel: EO.Public
Additional info concerning recruitment: A full access API must be submitted in the application. Blank applications will be rejected!
LINKS: Recruitment Thread

Federal Navy Special Forces [FNSF]
Alliance: N/A
CEO and recruiting officer:Veli ANDAC
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: Advanced Military Warfare (Tactical)
In-game public channel: FNSF Public
Additional info: Recruitment available for experienced PVP pilots.
We have also a sister corp available for new and inexperienced PVP pilots – Federal Navy Military Academy [FNMA>

Genstar Inc [GSTR]
Alliance: The Bastard Cartel [TBC]
CEO: Sinsabul
Recruiting: Nomad Accentra
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: small gang PvP
Channel: GS-RC
Additional info: Forum recruitment ad

Justified Chaos [JUSTK]
Alliance: Spaceship Bebop [BEBOP]
CEO: X Gallentius
Recruiting: Ist Blood
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP / Occupancy Warfare
Channel: “justk pub”
Additional info:
Justified Chaos (JUSTK) is a PVP corporation, proud member of the Gallente Militia, engaged in faction warfare.
Militia > Corp, Inclusive > Exclusive, Attitude > Skillpoints
We want pilots who want to undock and fight.

Recruitment advert on EVE forums

The Knights of Polaris [TKOP]
Alliance: N/A
CEO: Noden Vorpalstar
Recruiting: Noden Vorpalstar
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: Faction Warfare PVP / Plexing / Faction Warfare missions / Anti-Piracy / Federation Loyal Roleplaying (RP is not required)
Channel: Polaris-Public
Role Playing Channel: Gallente Lounge
Additional info: Full API Required, Casual Corp, RP optional

Lusitan Initiative [LI.]
Alliance: The Bastard Cartel [TBC]
CEO: Recnarion
Recruiting officer: Necarus, Zaneti
Recruiting: ACTIVE
Focus: PvP, Plexing, Exploration, Corp Hauling, …
In-game channel: Snack Bar
EVE Forum recruitment thread

Mecha Enterprises Fleet [XMETA]
Alliance: N/A
CEO: Pyronatic
Recruiting officer: Kontraband Venning, Jalep Malukker, K1llertrout
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP
In-game public channel: XMETA kills stuff
Additional info concerning recruitment (optional):

XMETA focuses on small gang and solo PVP. While we will join forces with other Militia to fight the Caldari in larger fleets, we spend the majority of our time in small groups of frigates and destroyers. We are mostly a US TZ corp interested in teaching those new to FW and Eve alike!

Moira. [AISA]
Alliance: Villore Accords [GMVA]
CEO: Julianus Soter
Recruiting: Julianus Soter
Focus: PVP
Channel: M.Public Channel
Additional info: ask in M.Public Channel for the recruitment form.

Noob Mercs [PHAIL]
Alliance: Monkeys with Guns. [BNANA]
CEO: Nubbin King
Recruiting: Charlie Firpol
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP
Channel: Banana Public
Additional info: Fly Fearless! Noob Mercs is a corporation of Noobs, reforming carebears, and alts with Low SP (mostly).


  1. Some of these corps dont even exist this shit needs to be updated.

    • Indeed this page isn’t really maintained properly. We will likely take it down to avoid confusion. Thanks for bringing this up.

  2. closed –
    No kills last 3 months; Noob Mercs [PHAIL]
    Possibly Inactive 42 members 10 kills last 3 months
    Possibly Inactive 5 members
    Possibly Inactive 0 kills 6 months
    Possibly Inactive 115 members & 15 kills 2016

    Maybe just link the galmil zkill board;
    let people know they can explore corps click corp name > then EVE-Gate for corp info & recruiting.

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