Amarr Corporations

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Black Watch Syndicate [BLWS]
Alliance: N/A
Ceo: Xornicon Altair
Recruiting officer: Themis Eostrea, Shagmar Gera, Ja’ Akba Hadah, DaSuMi Sunji, Nostonica, Mr Slaze
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PvP / plexing
In-game public channel: Black Watch Recruiting
Additional info concerning recruitment (optional): 18 over, past your trial period. Teamspeak and Full API required.

Blood Fountain Massacre [BFM3]
Alliance Name: LOADED-DICE [D6]
CEO: Dram Rammar
Recruiting Officers: Apothys Rah, Dram Rammar
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: Fun, PvP – Big and Small gangs warfare, Plexing, SOV warfare. Mission Running.
In-Game Channel: n/a
Additional Information: Blood Fountain Massacre is a corp within Faction War looking for new and veteran pilots dedicated to driving back the Minmatar Militia and the heathens that ally with them. We are however a chilled out bunch looking to have fun while smiting the enemy. If your looking for fun, explosions, heroic battles and gallant last stands in the name of the Amarr Empire.., then you’ve come to the right place. New and Veteran pilots welcome.

Calibrated Chaos [[L33t.]]
Alliance Name: N/A
CEO: Odysseus Olacar
Recruiting Officers: Mardios
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: PVP and isk making – US/AU/EU Timezone
In-Game Channel: Calibrated Chaos
Additional Information: PVP roams from dessie roams to battleships not afraid to bring out the big guns

H.E.L.I.X [HE-X]
Alliance Name: NEOS FLEET [NEOS]
CEO: Alyx Lightman
Recruiting Officers: Natan Sun, Alyx Lightman, Vad Olacar
Recruitment Status: Открыть
Corporation Focus: Faction Warfare, PVP
In-Game Channel: helix-recrut
Additional Information: Russian community fighting for the Amarr Empire. In a corporation, there are employees of PVP and PVE direction. Five experienced combat commander supervise sorties. The number of pilots is constantly growing and we hope to grow our company in the direction of the FW. (Русское сообщество сражающиеся за Империю Амарр. В корпорации присутствуют сотрудники ПВП и ПВЕ направления. Пять опытных боевых командира руководят боевыми вылетами. Число пилотов постоянно растет и мы надеемся развивать нашу компанию в направлении ФВ.)

Holy Amarrian Battlemonk [AMONK]
Alliance Name: Imperial Outlaws [ILAW]
CEO: edeity
Recruiting Officers: edeity
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: Spreading the faith of Amarr with holy laser fire. PVP. RP.
In-Game Channel: n/a
Additional Information: Extreme fanatical Amarrian PVP with a solid backbone of RP. Solo. Fleets. Religious cult.

The Imperial Fedaykin [TMFED]
Alliance: Amarrian Commandos [THEAC]
CEO: Muad ‘dib
Recruiting: Muad ‘dib
Recruitment: INVITE ONLY
Channel: N/A
Additional info: A Corporation of Commandos loyal to the Amarr Empire.

The Imperial LansDrahd [-ILD-]
Alliance Name: LOADED-DICE [D6]
CEO: Ahliya
Recruiting Officers: Kenshein, Scarred Puma, Lucas Stronghammer
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: PVP, FW Sov control
In-Game Channel: Loaded-Dice Recruitment
Additional Information: -PVP Small-gang Faction Warfare (Amarr) -TS3 Provided -Mature group of Players -Daily and Nightly roams -Primarily late US/AU TZ -All are welcome!

In Exile. [EXIIE]
Alliance: Imperial Outlaws. [I.LAW]
CEO: Shalee Lianne
Recruiting: Shalee Lianne, Katerina Tzestu
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: Mainly PVP, a little plexing. You can mission if you want. A couple of us RP.
Channel: In Exile. Public
Additional info:

Negative-Impact [NEG1]
Alliance Name: Back and Forth [4EVA]
CEO: murph Antollare
Recruiting Officers: murph Antollare , Viktor Hadah
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: We are a pvp focused corp
In-Game Channel: Neg1 Pub
Additional Information: Negative-Impact Is a small Amarr Faction Warfare corp. We are a PVP focused small gang corp. As long as you are willing to listen we are willing to teach you. Our corp has been around for sometime exploring everywhere from Low sec piracy, Dust 514 Planetary Conquest to Sov space large scale battles and more. The Corporation is lead by veteran EVE pilots who have done it all and seen it all. We are a laid back group that likes to have fun and no drama. Come make espolosions with us!

Obsidian Cadre [OBCA]
Alliance: N/A
CEO: Rovain Sess
Recruiting Officers: Join chat Obsidian Cadre – one will find and speak with you.
Recruitment: Active, new player friendly.
Focus: Free style PVP
In-Game Channel: Obsidian Cadre
Additional Information: Small pvp focused Amarr FW corp. Looking for the right capsuleers to fill our ranks and join a free-spirited group. We believe in small scale/gang pvp, and encourage free pvp – allowing pilots freedom to engage without fear of criticism or concern for a pristine KB. Gf’s in victory and defeat is a pre-req. RL comes first, and when numbers aren’t about – the ability to create individual content is a must. Slight role play aspect – because for the Empress no sacrifice is to great. We are an Amarr martial cult – if you join it’ll all make sense.

PIE Inc. [PIE]
Alliance: Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE]
CEO: Shaikar
Recruiting: Aldrith Shutaq, Ascentior, Raphael Ordo, Xideinis
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: Faction Warfare PvP / Plexing
Channel: PIE Public
Additional info: Defenders of the Faith, Guardians of the Truth. The pilots of the Praetoria serve the Amarr Empire and the office of the Emperor. Join “PIE Public” and send an application mail to a recruiter. Note that we do not interview recruits before their applications have been received via mail and they have read the rules linked in the “PIE Public” MOTD. Amarr, Ni-Kunni and Khanid only. Other bloodlines are invited to apply to Praetorian Auxiliary Force (PAUX) using the same rules.

Sosalia LLC [SOSAL]
Alliance: LOADED-DICE [D6]
CEO: Tedexo Rostalin
Recruiting officer: Tedexo Rostalin
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP / PLEXING / FW MISSIONS (Also Industry/marketing)
In-game public channel: Loaded-Dice Recruitment
Additional info concerning recruitment (optional):
New(ish) Pilots and Veterans Wanted Alike!
– PvP Small-Gang FW (Amarr VICTOR)
– All Are Welcome!
– Daily/Nightly Roams
– PM for Details

Space-Brewery-Association [S-B-A]
Alliance: 24eme Legion Etrangere [24FL]
CEO: ypsiloon
Recruiting: ePimp, ypsiloon
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP and other FW activites
Channel: [S-B-A] Public
Additional info: old guard corp, 3 years in FW without break and still newbie friendly, EU/US TZ, TS3 is a must
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