Recap of 2014 – Hiring Writers

2014 has come and gone, and overall we had a good year. However, the site, much like faction warfare itself, has ups and downs in activity. I just went over the yearly report and we had a strong first half followed by a very inactive second half. This was largely due to major changes in the war zone, and a majority of our writers ended up leaving faction warfare and going pirate. While they still write articles for us on occasion, it isn’t as frequent and is from the perspective of an outsider looking in. Take a look at the report here:

We are looking for more writers, for all sides. Articles are payed for at 50mil/ea. Depending on how many more writers come aboard we may be looking for a new editor as well. If you would like to write from us, from any perspective in the warzone, please check our now hiring page to see what positions are open.

About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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