OpEd: #WeAreBrave

At the eve of a push by the Gallente for Tier 3, the Caldari are expected to once again play the role of the beaten underdog.

But not this time.

Things have changed.

First, we are in the midst of the most significant push back by the Caldari seen in a while. This push back forced the Gallente out of Tier 3 not that long ago, in addition to seeing several of their core station systems falling to us. But more importantly we also have new blood among us, new blood that brings with them the experience and strife of null-sec.

[Editor’s Note: What follows is an opinion editorial piece from Dantelion Shinoni – a member of the Caldari Militia. The opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the author’s and do not necessarily represent the views of FactionWarfare.com’s editorial staff.]

Brave Newbies joined the Caldari militia recently. Leaving the stagnant and deformed land of Sov, the remains of the Brave Collective decided to enter Faction Warfare through the Caldari.

As surprising as this move seems to be, it actually was easy to predict. Brave lived in Aunsou for months now, they have seen our warzone and its massive potential. They have seen the constant fights and the ever-present content that I myself had the pleasure to bring to them. They have seen the massive forces in our warzone, the big fleet fights and the need for a contender to the domination of the Gallente and Snuffed Out. Brave joining the Caldari was merely a matter of them realizing sooner or later how great Faction Warfare made our area of space, and they wanted to get involved in it.

So, to our new militiamen and women, Welcome! There are many great things to be done here! You are now in a space where fun every hour is a reality.

I did compare Brave with Operation Meatshield in my recent article about the Fall of Tama. About how a bullheaded Operation Meatshield looked a lot like a Brave that had suffered at the hands of some of the most powerful entities in the game. And I still stand by those words. What Brave and Operation Meatshield shared ultimately led to their downfall.

But now there is a chance at redemption. As I said, only through sheer realism and smarts will we defeat the wall we tried to headbutt for so long. Brave is now part of a Caldari that understands that out-maneuvering is better than charging blind. We fight against powerful enemies and we hold.

And it is a new Brave that joined us. A Brave that has learned the value of smart planning, of leadership, and of having a realistic approach to the war, never underestimating your enemy and never feeding it. That Brave is part of us, the Caldari can and will, like Brave, learn from past mistakes and thrive this time.

Both Caldari and Brave, we can rise up and prove all those who only saw us as the eternal losers wrong. This is our opportunity to shine together.

So now, together, #WeAreBrave.

We can win against that which is stronger than us.

We can fight without ignoring the danger in front of us.

We will fight because we know we have a chance to win.


All those who are interested in making the Gallente swallow their arrogance are welcome to join. Those who want to give Brave a second chance are welcome to enlist. There has never been a better time. SQUIDS, The Mjolnir Bloc, Templis CALSF, and now BNI will welcome you into the fight.

Go forth my fellow Caldari, go forth and Plex!

About Dantelion Shinoni

Member of the [IBLOB] SQUIDS. corporation. Discovering EVE through Faction Warfare. Should be flying Caldari boats but instead has a soft spot for the Golden Horde hulls.

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  1. LOL. This little squiddie is obviously new here. Another promise of a large entity to help raise the down-trodden Caldari. Another large entity that will soon fall by the wayside to the might of the Gallente and formidable alliance of Spaceship Bebop

  2. “Please save us Brave we’re bad”

  3. Operation Meatshield is still ranked like 3rd or 4th in the militia for kills.

    I don’t understand why there are articles that say we fell or collapsed.

  4. Moglarr and duffo ect. are much better than most of the squids hanging about today. I mean, come on, the article is written by a guy in IBLOB, a corp that has died seriously since it’s hayday about 2 years ago. I mean, is Beethoven Smith even a player any more? Bring back the good old days of IBLOB & DRENAI in Deven.

    • Is Brave joining FW or just their alt corp, Brave Squids? Which is only 49 members. If it’s just their alt corp, then this is pretty embarrasing for the author to write about.

  5. Not sure why everyone shits on OM. Those guys fought bravely even having a shitty batphone from the pussies in Hasmajala. Now, they’ve shed those bonds and have a real batphone and they’re not so bad. Four jumps away from the Rapibads probably wasn’t a bad move either.

  6. Firstly, TLDR; you are the cancer that is the Caldari Militia.

    To clarify, your pedantic rhetoric is so absurd that even your own milita mates think you are a sophomoric whiner. Your very outlook upon this game, is the reason why you and all the squid leadership destroy every relationship within your militia, as in this quote, “bullheaded Operation Meatshield”. They are the only truly worthwhile corporation in your entire militia. The only corp, that will go out there and put its butt on the line to have fun and actually engage in real fights. Operation Meatshield, I salute you, as a worthy adversary and true fighting corp. This imbecile did not even credit you at the end and that shows how little he values you as well as how absurd his entire thinking is.

    Dantelion, you say, “fun every hour is a reality” as propaganda towards your war effort; and yet you also say, “through sheer realism and smarts”, and, “We fight against powerful enemies”, as well as, “never underestimating your enemy and never feeding it.” This is hilarious. You contradict your own rhetoric with the implied fact that the entire Caldari militia, with very few exceptions, is absolutely awful at PVP within Eve. Clever phrasings prove that you know your only recourse is to avoid PVP at all cost and try to quietly plex systems beneath the radar of your betters. Your own assertions show that you know this and in order to win, your strategy is endlessly plexing while avoiding conflict. Real Fun per hour you got there (sarcasm). Everyone within the Gal-Cal war zone knows how terrible your player base is. Damn son, our daily active player base (non-NPC corp) militia wide, is a fraction of yours and yet you still can not take any more then what we allowed you take back, or were too f*’d to care about.

    Here it comes, omg, Gallente have pushed systems several times in the past 9 months and failed to take a home system. I know you are thinking that. And what your pedantic lack of reason fails to consider is that every single one of them were weekend fun times to actually force your terrible militia to fight us, so that we can see if you are actually getting better at pvp at all. You have not, and it is because of the self defeating “discretion is the better part of valor” type mentality you and most of the squid leadership adopted for the better part of 6 years that you may never actually win again, unless the entirety of Gal Mil up and leaves. You are still “eternal losers”. The truly sad part of the entire situation is that you numerically dominate us in every timezone except the US timezone. And that fact is the only reason why a 2-3 day home system attack did not flip those systems in the allotted weekend. And it is a sad commentary on how absolutely terrible your milita is.

    Finally, yet another large and/or null corp/alliance joins the squid side of the conflict and yet another squid (you) tout this as some sort of prophetic vision of death to the Gallente. LOL. Maybe you are right this time, perhaps a dying alliance will rise from the ashes of Null to overthrow the squid’s Gallente masters. If history is any sort of guide, I am sure that we can just about ignore them. After all, virtually the entirety of Brave’s quality skilled player base has moved onto better pastures. Is Ansou, 2 jumps outside the far end of the war zone, strategically some sort of mecca for war zone dominance? I doubt it. But I know you have your hopes and dreams.

    Carry on my wayward son.

    • “Hey guys, if we taunt them into acting more like Meatshield, maybe they will go back to feeding us more kills!!”

      You didn’t need that wall-of-text to say that.

      You need to re-read both articles, because the basic aspect of it flew totally over your head. Which was kinda expected since you are Gallente!

      So yeah, nice try?

      • Oh, and I love how an article for the Caldari became a rallying cry for the Gallente to defend Meatshield.

        You guys are not helping their case…

        • Not really a rallying cry; your attempt at propaganda prompted the guys who actually fought against OM to correct you. Give me a strong Calmil fighting force any day, it means more interesting content for us. OM should be a model for success, not derided for not holding onto Tama. This bull about the wonder of nullsec corps moving to FW is really beginning to grate.

      • “Hey guys, if we taunt them into acting more like Meatshield, maybe they will go back to feeding us more kills!!” -Dantelion. And this is why you fail.

        You are terrible at organized PvP. You rely on rhetoric to over compensate for your failures as a militia. You wont win with hollow words.

        You have the numbers, XP, and ships, therefore, If squids actually learned to PvP, I would be very cautious, however, you are too afraid to loose ships, to engage with the possibility of defeat, and you still think you can bore us into letting you sneak the warzone back.

        btw, OM never fed anyone kills anymore then RDRAW does. Both corps will throw unending numbers of 2-10 mil ISK ships into each other and all comers for hours at time. Because it is fun. And they are better at organized PvP then you will ever be.

        Your Leaders, FCs and membership are filled with fear and loathing and therefore are already defeated. GG

        • OM got evicted from Tama because I paid and convinced gals to do IT, because OM became CANCER of all Caldari, donating kills on every corner, sucking all newbies and turning them to utter shit.

        • I have not the words to describe my disbelief at how retarded the logic of squid rhetoric.

          The fact that you pathetic losers can not see the meteoric rise of OM’s PvP capability leaves me utterly speechless.

          The fact that so many squids will loudly and proudly proclaim the failure of any squid corp that does not tuck tail and run at any sign of a good fight, is so laughably backwards in sound reasoning that I no longer have any doubt about why you cockroaches will forever be the shittiest of all militias the game will ever see.

          • To Operation Meatshield:

            Join us! I would gladly help you achieve freedom and prosperity by joining Gallente Militia. We would welcome you with open arms and help you cast off the shackles of the despotic and blind Caldari slave masters that should see you forever whipped and beaten.

            Join us! The Gallente have long toiled upon the path of freedom and prosperity for all.

            Join us! Feel free to do as you wish without any judgement of the Gallente brotherhood upon you.

            Join us!

          • /slowclap

            This guy! He really think he is smart!

            You know what? All I see from Meatshield is a Corp that failed at what they set out to do and that is loved more by the Gallente than their own militia. That coupled with the narcissism of thinking they are the end and be all of Caldari.

            If they are weak enough to blind themselves about what happened in Tama, if they are weak enough to not be able to adapt themselves, well by all means, Please do take them!
            At this point they would be working for you anyway instead of being an asset to the Caldari.

            Now don’t fool yourself about SQUIDS and the Caldari, we have hurt you in ways you can barely see, except we are not stupid enough to yell it at on all roofs.
            So keep that attitude. You are playing our game and you don’t even know it 🙂

  7. This is a truly terrible attempt at propaganda.

  8. Operation Meatshield is a strong FW corp that grew from the debris of Tama under the leadership of Moglarr. They rapidly took on members, training a huge number of newer players and within a couple of months they became formidable opponents. Sure, they got evicted from Tama, but as far as I can tell they haven’t collapsed at all. They got booted from Tama because they had little support from Calmil against a sustained attack. OM are one of the more cohesive and well organized squid corps out there.

    So I have a tip for CalMil: rather than writing off your grassroots FW corps and dreaming of the “new blood” that brings “experience and strife of null-sec,” how about building strong corps in low sec, where PVP is in your face 24/7? Learn something from OM, build up from scratch with effective leadership and stop hoping for a miracle from null. That miracle ain’t coming.

  9. The sad thing is OM got hung out to dry by CalMil in Tama. CalMil can make all the excuses they want for why this was done. The reality is OM didn’t turn to CalMil after Tama. They went out and got some real back up in the form of Exodus. Even OM knows the rest of CalMil is weak and bloated. The funny thing now is your counting on OM and Brave to come save you from yourselves. You attempted to plex and flip a bunch of systems. You tried a failed T3 push. This was all erased in a little over 48 hours by GalMil. Maybe just maybe you should stop looking for others to come save CalMil and work on doing it yourself.

    • >You tried a failed T3 push. This was all erased in a little over 48 hours by GalMil.

      Someone should really tell me next time we try something like that!

      • And so Operation Blame Dantelion continues.

        – than

        • Your posting is just as bad as his.

          I’m not sure what’s going on but after a decent period of relative civility and good humour across the warzone we’ve suddenly experienced a massive eruption of shitposting from both sides. Makes me sad.

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