OpEd: Our Own Worst Enemies

Editor’s Note: What follows is an opinion editorial by Jetstream Drenard of BLFOX. The opinions expressed in this article are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of FactionWarfare.com or its staff.

Gallente Militia,

Currently we are in a state of Civil War against Rapid Withdrawal (RDRAW) and their ally Schneckt (SCHNK) only because they became a feeder corp for Snuff, a local pirate group, with whom this militia has had one of the most complicated relationships. However, this was simply the final straw in a history of problems that I believe originated with two events:

  1. RDRAW segregated themselves from the rest of us. By not making friends and by not building camaraderie with their fellow militia mates, a history of bad relations and broken promises of support sloped into complete alienation.
  2. Two years ago we began pushing Ishtar doctrines, which ultimately lead the local pirate groups to push themselves to stay ahead of us. Now, the local arena is dominated by groups flying slaved faction battleships, T3 cruisers and capital support in order to stay competitive. Because of our need to keep fighting someone after the Caldari atrophied, we pushed most recruits who couldn’t fly our doctrines to RDRAW, believing they would be an excellent training corp. At the time RDRAW was small enough and had good enough FC’s to get good fights against most of the remaining squids. Since new and inexperienced pilots need to get lots of fights in order to learn and grow, it seemed to be a win-win situation. However, over the course of a couple years, the gulf of understanding between RDRAW and the rest of Galmil widened immeasurably.

As with many systemic problems, both can be traced to a root cause, which I blame heavily on the RDRAW leadership. The mechanics of FW are open to anyone. In keeping with that theme (and a bit of RP), there exists a democratic style leadership within the Gallente. That famous “old guard cabal” has historically proven itself capable of compromise and politics. Unfortunately, RDRAW CEO Tek Stalker has repeatedly proven himself incapable of compromise to the point that he seemed bent on causing discord within leadership channels. Of course, not everyone in leadership likes everyone else, nor are we required to, but we do respect each other. We all know that we must work together for the greater good, and every corp currently among our ranks has made compromises for the sake of others. This happens on regular basis, when we drop everything we are doing to assist in a campaign, or to take or defend assets belonging to others.

I call on the entire militia to seek to rectify all the problems which keep us apart. We can accomplish this in steps:

First, we must drop our war declarations against Rapid Withdrawal as a show of good faith. Our war decs against them are a matter of principle and a statement of symbolic outrage against their permanent relationship with forces outside the militia. For this to resolve anything, RDRAW must either leave the militia or end their permanent blue status with Snuffed Out. Traditionally, Galmil has been friendly with various pirate groups throughout the war zone, but we continue to fight them occasionally, and our only true blues are other members of the militia. We are who we are because we look out for only each other, and we always fight, no matter the enemy or in this case, frenemy. RDRAW’s relationship with Snuff flies in the face of everything we as a group have stood for over the years, and it must be ended to bring peace to the militia.

To be effective as a militia, we must also unify on comms and in fleets. We need to establish the bonds of trust and cooperation that are only possible when we work and live together on TS and in space. Furthermore, when we call for assistance, showing up in your own segregated fleet and comms and then warping out in the middle of a fight simply leads to more losses for every GalMil fleet involved. We call on all of you to join Slack as well, with your leadership having the appropriate admin rights to maintain private channels for you own usage. Working together, we are one of the strongest forces in the War Zone as demonstrated by defense of your home system Sujarento, where we held the field against almost every pirate and squid group in the area.

Lastly, we know that you are no longer a noob corp. We are sorry that we treated you in that regard for so long. Yet, we must continue the work of bringing new players into the fold. We must teach them how to participate in any fleet at their individual SP levels, as they progress towards mainline doctrines. We also seek to assist every corp in attaining the fiscal means to fully SRP all support ships, so that all our newer members can build their earnings towards mainline doctrines.

We know this will not be an easy thing as a lot of hard feelings have built up over the years. It will be hard for both sides, but it is vitally important that we open up the dialogue and then fully integrate, or we will only permanently distrust each other. I know that the rest of GalMil doesn’t want that, and I would hope that you don’t want that either. Together we are strong. The squids are weak, and the local pirates feeding off the content we create are ripe for the picking.


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  1. Nice op-ed article Jet, I came expecting something else, maybe an apology for your hubris, unfortunately just more demands. It’s only BLFOX and BEBOP that are at war with Rapid, reading that article some might believe all of Gallente Militia is at war with Rapid and Schneckt.

  2. I’m an RDRAW pilot, so you know for Context. I don’t recognise the old guard cabal’s mandate to govern the militia, I also don’t know why they care so much what we do. Don’t like it? Stay out of the way. In my time in the Galmil slack I found it often toxic, and some of the characters there will always ensure it remains so. The only civilised folk I exchanged words with were Aideron.

    TL;DR – You’re not my space dad. Go eat some.

  3. Nice read for my morning coffee. I don’t think it likely that RDRAW will reset snuffed out. If your plan rests on that occurring, I think your plan will fail.

  4. Amongst all the distorted storytelling and nonsense propaganda the only point i see this piece making is that the war will end on your turns. No. No it wont.

  5. So your first step to resolve the civil war between GalMil and RDRAW is to insult them in this article and in the same sentence talk about unity and singing Kumbaya on TS? Interesting tactic.

  6. Well something must of changed, they are resetting later today.

    • It must have been this opinion piece. Jet Stream’s heartfelt call for all of us to work as a team was simply too stirring to ignore.

  7. Chester Waldron

    > First, we must drop our war declarations against Rapid Withdrawal as a show of good faith.

    A show of good faith would have been doing something other than talking down to RDRAW for half the first half of the article.

  8. (Opinion of an RDRAW line member)

    Oh, Jetstream. After months of spouting pure bile about RDRAW every single chance you got (and that was when we weren’t even at war yet), you’re the one they send with peace terms? Sorry if I find your offer 100% disingenuous.

    Either you’re the poor smuck that they’ve sent to deliberately scuttle any chance of a real negotiation, or you’re deliberately posting your completely meaningless “peace” offer here on a news site so you can crow about how you truly are the good guys, and that you REALLY tried to be friends, but that it just didn’t work out.

    Here’s a small taste of the real Jetstream we have to deal with in-game (all of this from public milita chat):

    [ 2016.02.17 02:25:47 ] JetStream Drenard > LOL RDRAW is cradle of snuff balls
    [ 2016.02.17 02:25:53 ] JetStream Drenard > home of their cock holsters
    [ 2016.02.17 02:26:25 ] JetStream Drenard > Snuppets 2016
    [ 2016.02.17 02:29:32 ] JetStream Drenard > Rapid snuppet cockholsters
    [ 2016.02.27 04:27:55 ] JetStream Drenard > gotta talk in a nice voice and use small words, or tek is going to get pissed and tell everyone they dont know shit

    Have fun with your propaganda campaign. No one believed your bullshit reasons when you declared war a month ago, and no one believes them now.

    • Top KeK. Only rdraw needs proof to justify its anti Gallente actions.

      I am no longer in gal mil leadership, nor was I ever a decision maker. I speak honestly, I dont play politics, and dont care what you think. That you need to use the smack talk of line members to prove your point, actually proves how weak your position is in terms of who the good guys are. That you post a valid criticism of Tek’s leadership is also funny. I dont need proof, I have heard and read plenty of first hand accounts. In fact, no one in Gal Mil needs proof, because they dont need to prove that they did the right thing.

      I simply explained how we got here, and how we could fix it. Thats not propaganda, the 3 real decisions makers of Gal Mil and Tek Stalker are the only ones that can do it. Ofc, when I said it would be hard, i meant it. There are many potential road blocks which I intentionally didnt mention, because its not up to me.

      PS. I still prefer Rapid Betrayal, over Rapid snuppet cockholsters. Rapid Betrayal fits so well, even before we stopped being friends, you segregated fleets killed way too many Gal Mil dudes.

      • Is the fact that you don’t care about what Frum thinks the reason as to why you wrote a 4 paragraph speech in response to his comment?

    • Thanatos Marathon

      Best comment on factionwarfare.com ever.

      – Than

  9. I’m just going to copy my reply from the reddit thread about this.

    ‘Wow, and I thought the civil war the Minmatar militia had a couple of years back was stupid. This makes that look like genius by comparison.

    Oh and to whoever wrote that shower of drivel here’s some advice.

    1. Insulting the people you are trying to make peace with in the peace proposal is not generally going to make them want to make peace.

    2. Talking like you just swallowed a thesaurus and are randomly vomiting bits of it back up makes you look stupid.

    3. When trying to make a ‘both sides need to bury the hatchet’ style argument it helps if you actually admit you did something wrong and apologise for it.

    4. Try talking to people instead of posting piss-poor overly pompous op ed pieces on irrelevant websites. The only thing you got right in that entire article was that both sides need to communicate better so start actually communicating.’

    • 1. I never actually insulted RDRAW. I made a statement about how its leader behaved in leadership. either way, Doubtful peace will ever truly occur. Too much distrust on one side, and too much hurt feelings on the other. Some people think that peace is possible, but I don’t believe it could last without this basic outline.
      2. Im sorry, which words were too large for you to understand?
      3. I did actually apologize in there, maybe you were distracted by words with more than three syllables?
      4. Hmm.. this is a FW website, and it concerns FW. Why are you reading a website that is irrelevant to you? I get it. You are pompously stating your opinion.

      • The entire article reeks of arrogance on your, and therefore OUR, part.

        The apology in particular was so full of “smug” that South Park is thinking of making an episode about it.

        Personally, I don’t care if RDRAW is permablue to Snuff. OK, I care, but it’s RDRAW’s choice.

        However, if RDRAW continues to stay permablue with Snuff, then we’re (BEBOP) probably going to apply the war dec again to clean up any confusion wrt targets in a fight.

        That doesn’t mean they can’t join our fleets (they have), or that we won’t team up on occasion (we have, again), or that we won’t respect FW objectives (we do). It just means targets will be clear, and there’s more content in an otherwise dead warzone.

  10. When did Jetstream Retard become Galmil leadership lawl

  11. Lonestar Shwartz

    Fru about nailed it. There may have been a disagreement among CEO level at some point but the rude and juvenile jibes in militia chat were vile. That created more hard feelings than being excluded from militia comes. An adjustment period while folks figured out how rdraw would balance relationships was reasonable.
    Being mean and ride was silly
    When my nephew wanted me to go to a different game area with him that made it easy despite fw being such a great experience.

  12. While Jet really is a good (but grumpy) guy, but this op-ed article is so bad on so many different levels.

    The reality is that the militia is split. We can use the split to foster competition that will make both groups stronger, or we can let it tear us apart. That’s the real choice here. So far from what I’ve seen we’ve used it to generate more content during these slow times (more fights), while also making sure we respect and help each other when FW objectives are on the line.

    So far this has been a healthy war. We’ve had an RDRAW dude in our daily fleets, Not a problem. We’ve respected FW objectives and have even teamed up when an FW objective is on the line to get fights.

    Going forward, I hope it stays a healthy competition that benefits the militia as a whole.

    • Well said!

      The vast majority of both groups are still friends and get along just fine, we’re not here for politics we’re here to blow stuff up! In the years I’ve been in RDRAW we have flown in fleets with pretty much every part of galmil and have a great laugh doing it! Especially fun were the great drunken welpings of test and brave. Maybe thats what we need another null group to join caldari who think they can roll over lowsec…

  13. There really should be a filter on the internet to remove anything jet posts in or out of game. The guys all over the place.

  14. Wow you’re right Jet. Let’s stop this squabbling, cease all hostilities in this silly civil war, unite against those nasty pirates and sing around the campfire wearing only socks.


    Get over yourself and stop believing your silly propaganda. RDRAW will do its own thing and so will you guys within Galmil; there’s few rules in low sec so it seems highly unlikely we’ll follow yours.

    And awesome comment Fru, holy shit that was spot on.

  15. I do miss flying in gal mil and with blfox. Had a blast doing so. I remember the long nights of neckbearding to take full control of the warzone. Good times and memories! One day I shall return.

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