News from the Front: The Gallente/Caldari Warzone – May

[Editor’s Note: Apologies for the delay in publishing this update. We are halfway through June and we’re only now covering May. In the future we’ll do our best to do better. But for now: better late than never!]

The month of May for the Gallente/Caldari warzone was filled with successes and failures for both sides of this factional war. Although not as active and violent as the past months of 2015, plenty of systems changed hands and the number of wrecks floating around Black Rise, Placid, and other regions still tops the charts in terms of PVP in New Eden.

Last month the Gallente made a successful bid for Tier 3 and wasted no time cashing in on the bonus LP. Caldari FCs reported “waves” of Gallente farmers pushing up Caldari systems once though quiet and unthreatened. It was not uncommon to find small gangs of GalMil Assault Frigates running strings of missions around losec to further capitalize on the extra LP available. As one would expect, the prices of many Federal Defense Union goods are at intermediate term lows as Federation Navy Comets and the like flood Dodixie and Jita.

Just as GalMil ping pongs between Tier 2 and 3, the Caldari do the same between Tier 1 and 2. Perhaps not enjoying the same torrent of income as their GalMil adversaries, the Caldari in May were busy refining their defensive and anti-siege tactics with great effect. Although taking the key system of Rakapas and, as recently as early June, recapturing Korasen – CalMil’s most impressive successes are not what they seized but what they succeeded in holding…


This Far and No Further – Caldari Militia

For the month of May, the Caldari were faced with constant pressure throughout the warzone but despite the GalMil push were able to effectively maintain control of the system or even regions that the Gallente made no secret that they wanted. One only needs to look through the killboards for Kehjari to see what is meant by that. The CalMil pilots stationed in this system drew a line in the cosmic sand and said that Urpiken Constellation would still (at least partially) belong to the State.

The results were impressive.  A small band of capsuleers dutifully blockaded the gate from Martoh to Kehjari and proved extremely illusive when determined fleets formed to break the blockade. If anyone has an insta-locking Ashimmu on one of their lossmails they understand exactly what I mean. Due in no small part to these tactics, the Caldari frustrated GalMil attempts to take Kehjari which remains firmly in the control of the State.

Although most of the action took place in April, the continual blockade of Okkamon by Gallente forces formally came to a close not far into May. Predictably, the Caldari declare this was a victory for their pilots who gave GalMil what they came for: fights. The elements of GalMil spearheading the noted that the systems the Caldari fought to defend were of limited importance and thus the “defeat” was just a reallocation of resources. I suppose when you spend all your time shooting at each other, all sorts of disagreement is bound to happen!

CalMil can also claim the rapid retaking of Korasen from their Gallente enemies. Although this back-and-forth technically took place in very early June, the paint on the Gallente Infrastructure Hub was barely dry before CalMil was bashing it back to the welcoming hands of the State Protectorate.

One notable offensive success was the rapid collapse of Rakapas in the face of determined Caldari attacks. Rakapas has been a consistently active part of space with so many third parties joining in on the fighting between the Gallente and Caldari. Further to that end, infamous pirate entity Snuff Box has decided to move from their longstanding home in Sujarento to Rakapas, making an already messy pile of PVP madness even messier. If lots of flashing red pilots in local is your thing, head down Rakapas way and say hello. I’m sure you’ll get a response.


Plexing Placid and Picking Fights

Consistent offensive pressure for the month of May netted the entire Placid region for the Gallente. A combination of coordinated fleets and eager farmers were able to simultaneous push several systems into vulnerable. Some systems fell with minimal resistance, others produced a few skirmishes. But anyone who was involved with the Placid push will quickly mention Esesier when mentioning May. Although probably not a “mega siege” like was seen in Hasmijaala, Caldari forces put up a stiff defense of this system. GalMil was committed to seeing the system back into their hands and with the combined fighting force of several corps and Alliances, the isolated CalMil forces in the system eventually succumbed. Sources on both sides were pleased with the fighting there as Esesier served as an excellent source of PVP for quite some time.

Not everything was plexing and fighting the Caldari, however. For better or worse, the Gallente have picked a fight with local pirate gang Snuff Box. Mails and pings went out on a weekly basis across Gallente Militia to field battleship and Tech II logi pilots. The fighting was fierce and lead to plenty of losses on both sides. Although there was plenty of activity in the pure Factional Warfare meta, Snuff Box garners plenty of attention from GalMil and that shows little sign of abating for the moment.

The “pirate invasion” and subsequent loss of Rakapas also made for an interest relocation of several GalMil entities into the longstanding bastion of Nisuwa. Now that this system has plenty of new pilots calling it home, action has spiked quite a bit. The Caldari, not content to share living quarters with pirates in Rakapas, have taken to fleeting up and taking the fight to Nisuwa. In addition, plenty of neutrals already live or now frequent the area knowing that there are now even more undocked capsuleers looking for a fight.

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