New Look and New Features

Hello readers! Several new features have been added to the site so I figured I would run through what’s recently been done, and in some cases why.


First off, there is a new layout for the site. This was deployed a few weeks ago due to many complaints about the old layout, several issues it had depending on article counts, and somewhat sketchy compatibility with mobile devices. The new layout is still based on something from Elegant Themes, but it’s cleaner looking, easier to navigate, requires less work on my end and functions correctly on tablets and phones. If you guys have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear it. The site will also start some advertising campaigns to help pay for bandwidth and contributors, so bear with me if you see some ad’s in odd places while I get that stamped out. I’m doing my best to make the ads as un-intrusive as possible. We’ll also be accepting ads and banners from the EVE community in exchange for ISK. If you are interested in that let us know.



The second new feature is Syndication. I’m still working out the kinks regarding this, and there are many, but its first iteration is live now. Anyone that has a blog related to Faction Warfare is welcome to send me their information at and I’ll get their blog added to the Syndicated section as quickly as possible. The goal here is to generate traffic for other blogs as well as create an area of the site that often has new content to check out. There are a lot of amazing writers in Faction Warfare with their own blogs, and we hope to showcase a lot of talent this way.


Additionally, the site now has recruitment sections. Recruiting CorpsAmarr CorporationsCaldari CorporationsGallente Corporations and Minmatar Corporations. I’d like to give a shout out to Za’afiel for spearheading this idea and getting all the information compiled for me. If you would like your corporation added in to the recruiting sections of this site, please respond on the official EVE forums in the following thread: Active & recruiting FW corporations – ALL FACTIONS. Za’afiel is compiling all the information directly from there then relaying it to me for uploading to the website.


we-are-hiring-224x173The last new section on the site is the We’re Hiring section. We are looking to bring some full-time contributors on board to the site. If you enjoy writing please swing by there to see what we are looking for. If you want to write something we don’t have and it’s not listed, send us an email anyways. It might just be something we haven’t thought of yet!


Additionally if anyone is any good with WordPress plugins, help would be appreciated. I’ve contacted the owner of EveBloggers but the way he is syndicating things doesn’t just mesh with WordPress as easily as I was hoping. If you have any ideas or know how to create something for WordPress that would do something more similar to EveBloggers please let us know.


That said, we appreciate everyone’s support so far. From the return viewers, to those that gave suggestions and helped me decide on a better layout for both navigation and responsive design. It’s been nice to see a community begin forming around this site with honest opinions and good suggestions coming forward. I also apologize about the Intel cams Twitch feed in the corner. It was stuck auto playing despite what I defined in the code. In retrospect that was a terrible idea, especially with how much bandwidth Twitch has begun to use.


EDIT 02/20/2014 01:00 – I just implemented the Jetpack plugin mentioned in the comments below, so if you have any issues and are not able to comment any more please let me know directly in EVE on the character Subsparx.

About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. If you can’t even keep the warzone control up-to-date, how can I take you seriously? It’s the 19th and you haven’t updated it since the 16th. It’s the single most useful thing on your site, the one universal objective measure related to FW, but you don’t maintain it.

    • The warzone control is up to date. It hasn’t been updated, because it hasn’t changed. You cannot pull this information via API. I have to log in to a character, open the faction warfare tab, then update the site. I even put an alt specifically into Amarr for this. It’s checked every morning when I put the gatecams up, and if there is a change I make one.

      • If the warzone control stays the same, maybe just update the ‘last updated’ date to the current date. Stops, erm ‘those with lesser intelligence’ from assuming it’s out of date when in reality it’s just that nothing has changed.

        • Generally I do, but my work schedule has left me in a bit of a rush in the morning and I don’t remember to update the time by the time I get to work.

    • Most useful thing on the site? I come here to read about Faction Warfare stuff. It’s a news site. I don’t care what tiers the sides are at. If I were to care about that I could just log in to the game. Honestly, it’d probably be better to remove it entirely since it can’t be updated via API. The sov map is far more important.

      • Eh, it was one of our first features. I’m sure a lot of people come here for it. It is definitely a pain to up date. I’ve already mentioned it to CCP, even asking permission to automate the process of pulling the tiers, but it was a no go. Maybe some day in the future they’ll provide enough information via API to pull this automatically. Until then I just have to check this a couple times a day manually.

  2. Site looks good, and I enjoy checking in for updates. Suggestion I might throw at you for comments, have you thought about a log in for names to post quick comments. Maybe tie it in with your other site with the API stuff??

    • Right now the way it works is if somebody has posted a comment before and I’ve approved it, it’s automatically validated. I don’t want to add in some API system that overly complicates things though. However, I’m considering implementing something called Jetpack which supports pushing notifications out on the Facebook and Twitter about articles (reducing work on my end) and also, if I’m not mistaken, supports social media integration for posting comments.

  3. For the recruiting section, I would suggest you add a set of standard links so people can get a feel for pvp activity in each corp based on a number of external sites (ie how active are they, what timezones are they active, what is the general fleet size of each corporation, etc). Each of these sites lists statistics that are bias in some way or another, but looking at the whole list may give people looking for a corp a way to objectively compare statistics on corporations.

    • Interesting, hadn’t thought of that. Right now it’s just me posting up whatever the corp owners give me but this is a great suggestion! I’ll look in to implementing this in the near future.

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