Moracha Moracha : We Knew You Well

Moracha Moracha

I just wanted to drop in and tell you the story behind this stellar kill. I have a quick interview with the FC – Julius Foederatus – who FCed the fight and can tell us how it all went down:

Q: “So why was there a Moracha out flying around?”

A: “R-Draw was bashing the Ihub with stealth bombers with some few random FDU. He was de-cloaking his ship and trying to get a few kill mails.”

Q: “Why were you all there to begin with?”

A: “I was in system in a Ishtar in a Safe, I knew they were getting harassed by SC and they were in Faction Cruisers. When someone said there was a Moracha on the Ihub, and I had eyes on him shooting a Maller.”

Q: “How did you setup the bait?”

A: “He was in a Garmur and Worm before, so we waited a long time, let them harass in normal ships. and keep one bomber de-cloaked, continuing to cloak up when the other ships went for him. Trying to get them to bring the Moracha. We continued this until he took the bait.

Q: “What are your thoughts on the encounter?”

A: ” Well it wasn’t much of a fight, I think honestly he got caught because he made a mistake, and we caught him with Neuts when he went back in for another bomber.”

Q: “How does the 127 billion ISK Kill Mail make you feel?”

A: “It’s cool. Its’ not so much the mail itself, it’s more that we got that slippery ship. It’s nice sure, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy we killed it.”

So that wraps it up, it was done and over in a matter of seconds once the bait was taken. Sad ending to a beautiful ship. Thank you to Paquito for having it out and showing off its beautiful tactics, to which I’m sure the ship was a blast to fly. You have more cajones than I do my friend.

Trying to keep this as professional as possible, since I was part of this encounter, let’s just say that it was a very fun fight and it was definitely sad to see the mistake of him getting into neut range. He was piloting very well and then Proteus scram range and neuts just were too much.


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