Minmatar/Amarr Micro Update – The Liberation of Sahtogas

Minmatar’s recent rise to T3 is hardly an accident; a concerted multi-timezone effort by multiple militia corps, to include some notable members of UNITY and KEA have formed what appears to be a winning strategy to liberate systems from the Amarr.

The strategy is interesting, it plays with the idea of farmers as sort of a natural force, and exploits their efforts for maximum benefit.

The first wave was intended to push into T2, while denying the enemy T3. This would trigger the farmers to start plexing for Minmatar, since the LP for the Amarr should be saturated compared to the TLF LP market. One concern about stopping at T2 was that farmers, given T3 status, would shift their effort into running lvl4s for LP instead of plexing; This could explain why we have yet to face any serious or sustained resistance from Amarr forces.

As a farmer, I simple don’t enjoy running lvl4 militia mission in an SB. My goal is to get paid to PVP, and plexing is the way to go for that. I could understand how some might find the monotony of a militia mission preferably to the monotony of waiting for the timer to elapse, or interpret the increased risk of plexing in a negative light (dying does reduce ones isk/hour after all), but as a farmer, my preference is fixed.

Minmatar did overshoot, as a lot of independent agents have ‘helped out’, going on small gang iHub bashes, with little serious effort to stop them from Amarr. This does regale the farmers as sort of fair-weather friends, and goes a long way to explain Amarrs numerical superiority in the face of the anemic showing of force from their pilots.

Corporate Militia has a number of dedicated combat pilots, and as such, has managed to pull enough people into enough fleets to very systematically and tactically capture multiple systems that will be the deciding factor in the next step of the plan. KEA especially has generated a number of effective propaganda materials in the effort, and the FCs from both UNITY and KEA are very knowledgeable in exactly what targets will bring the most value to the cause.

Minmatar farmers have found the boost to T3, and the newfound lack of easily undisturbed offensive sited as awesome motivation to keep current Minmatar holding very secure; most Minmatar systems are siting below 10%, with a few higher and a peak in Arzad in the mid 20’s. Minmatar has 178 points across 38 systems, with another 18 systems sitting vulnerable but uncaptured. Amarr is looking much worse, most system contested in the 90 percentile, with the few systems they dragged back into the 80’s outnumbered by the 99.3% system ripe for the taking.

A majority of the fighting is centered around the Sahtogas system, as it is the last strategic point before the Minmatar can cascade through the warzone and earn “The Medal”. Once total warzone control is achieved, a campaign to purge Amarrian POS and Citadel structures will begin.

Around 1400 today (Friday 6-17-2016) Sahtogas became 100% contested, and the militia has already begun scrambling to bash the ihub. The system is rife with skirmishes, generating plenty of killmails, with the last few deaths occurring very recently. Will Amarr raise a defense in the time to save the system, and by extension, their apparently forgotten #nomedal campaign?

Edit: Friday afternoon EST Minmatar conquered Sahtogas.

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  1. Wow – this is journalism turned one-sided if anything haha! You wouldn’t happen to belong to the minmatar would you?
    I miss neutral writers 🙁

  2. Gal have weaponized farmers for years now and it has been key to our ability to pressure the WarZone as we see fit. Caldari traditionally have taken systems on the back of farmers as a two part mechanic as well for as long back as I can remember.

    I’ve always thought it was interesting how systems in the mar/tar WarZone seemed to flip as a direct military action, I wonder if with proper farmer management that WarZone will enjoy the same stability we have enjoyed in the gal cal zone.

    • I had always dabbled in FW, and had never really jumped in with both feet before; I was the farmer being weaponized.

      It’s really cool to see the different ways that these social systems evolve in EvE past their original design. Right now I can say that our farmer management on this side on the pond could stand to gain from more refinement, as the warzone is most certainly not stable.

  3. No mention of DnG or other amarr groups abandoning the warzone.

    • I’ve seen a few (very skilled) pilots from the other side, to include but not limited to Team Amarrica and DnG, but that’s kind of my point: I’ve only seen a few, and they are usually the same few every night.

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