Enaluri and Moclinamaud Captured

Micro updates are those “right now” events happening in FW.  Systems flipping.  Large fleet engagement.  Capital ship tackled.  They might be stories, but might not.  Either way, we’re reporting the events in hopes of piecing together the details later as they unfold.

As of 19:25 EVE Standard, Enaluri and Moclinamaud fell to Cal Mil forces.  This brings the current warzone control totals to as follows:

Caldari – 81
Gallente – 20

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  1. I know this information is a few hours old now. We wanted to get it up sooner, but a couple delays pushed back the launch of the site. Look for more timely updates in the future.

  2. The site is looking very nice and and since I have just started FW i am looking for a good site.


  3. The gal’s did put up a little fight for Enaluri with Yuri, Brut and a few others coming out in Talos to attack the bombers but my frig and dessy fleet, with Khan Farshatok taken secondary FC chasing a few of them off and killing some nice and shiny bits of equitment, good attempt tho Galmil if we hadn’t been there I’m sure we’d of lost a few SB’s and maybe even not taken the hub.

  4. While I suppose they are significant systems with their agents, from what I gathered among my fellow Gallente members, no one was really interested in putting in a huge amount of time to defend those systems, as neither of them are home systems. There’s no real point in doing missions in T1… and when the pendulum turns those systems will fall early anyway, as they are close to Nenna/Vill/Oicx/Eha.

    The people who like doing lvl 4 FW missions are already doing that on their Caldari/Amarr alts.

  5. The squids will be happy to have Enaluri back. I’m interested to see what happens when we are sub 10 systems or so.

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