LEAKED: BEBOP Alliance Mail on RDRAW/Snuff Status

[Note: The author of this article is in BEBOP, the subject alliance of this leaked email.]

Internal GalMil hostilities have escalated recently as BEBOP issued a notice to member corporations regarding their stance on RDRAW and Snuff. For those of you unfamiliar with recent drama in GalMil, the leaked mail below provides some background. FW.com also covered this event via an interview with RDRAW CEO Tek Stalker and intend to continue to provide coverage as the situation develops. For now, what follows is the full text of a BEBOP alliance mail from BEBOP diplo representative Ignacio Daimon:

From: Ignacio Daimon
Sent: 2016.02.27 21:15
To: Spaceship Bebop,

Good Day Bebop!

I’m going to jump right into the purpose of this mail and that is the Alliance standpoint on the RDRAW situation. Along with some other minor aspects.

The RDRAW Situation:

We realize and are aware of everyone’s concern about the stigma revolved around snuff. While we have no interest at this time in pursuing any cease fire with Snuff, we are fully aware that some BEBOP members harbor very negative feelings about Snuff. That being said, since the beginning of RDRAW’s blue status I have seen GalMil shoot and kill Snuff ON FIELD or even FLEETED with RDRAW. I’ve seen OUR members openly and verbally tear down RDRAW. I am asking you now, stop doing this.

As to combat-related incidents of late, allow me to be crystal clear here on the rules of engagement:

1. We are not blue with Snuff BUT…
2. If you are in a RDRAW fleet you will respect the FC of that fleet and that includes respecting the entities with which they have blue status. DO NOT AGGRESS RDRAW blues that you are fleeted with under any circumstances except…
3. If you are fired upon FIRST by anyone (including Snuff) EVEN WHILE IN A RDRAW FLEET you have the right to defend yourself. Kill the bastard. Report the incident to BEBOP and RDRAW diplos.
4. If you are solo or in a small gang unaffiliated with RDRAW you can abide by BEBOP RoE and slaughter Snuff as much as you like. HOWEVER, if you enter into a system where you see a significant amount of RDRAW and Snuff in local it is possible they are currently running a fleet. When Snuff is in a fleet with RDRAW they have treated ALL OF GALMIL as blue and, to date, have never aggressed any GalMil while running in a RDRAW op. Before fighting with Snuff or any RDRAW blue you need to simply shoot a convo to the RDRAW FC or a RDRAW representative to ask if they are currently fleeting/working with Snuff. If no: Kill Snuff. If yes: Snuff is operating as blue to GalMil and out of respect for RDRAW we will honor that blue as well.

Since I started almost 2 years ago I have not seen anyone in Gal Mil disrespect or down right disregard all acknowledgement of the RoE. We will no longer tolerate it from our members.

BEBOP and RDRAW relations have held strong throughout the years. Personally I find them to be very effective, helpful, and great tutors for newer pilots.

Snuff is currently trying to eliminate Goons entirely and are being compensated to do so. As a result of this, they are trying to get as blue as possible to find anyone and everyone to kill Goons.

Lastly, I want to take this time to remind everyone of the values you hold as individuals. Peace and Happiness above all things. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Fly safe and fly strong. Hold true to the GalMil name and the BEBOP style and fly safe, fly true, and fly smart.

This message was brought to you in part by Quafe. A not so family company.

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  1. shadoos eyebrows

    igancio didnt talk to any real leadership about this and just wrote shit on a page noone is listening to him fuck rdraw and fuck snuff

  2. Ignacio is just tarded. RDRAW cant expect other people to honor their blues. We always try to accommodate. But when you perma-blue with someone so deep red to everyone else, asking others to not shoot them is a big ask.

  3. Hmmmmm nope.

  4. Sounds like Bebop are scared of RDRAW really…

  5. Looks like Dread’s plan for an internal civil war may be working? Otherwise, seems like BEBOP is trying too hard to blue with another corp that is of little use to anyone in Galmil

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