Launch Week Giveaways

Giveaways, discounts, and prizes are all things we’ve come to associate with grand openings and launches.  Heaven forbid FWC break from that trend!  Even with our already highly successful launch, we want to spread the word that “Factional Warfare is awesome!” even more.  And what better way to do that than lure people in with the promise of free stuff?  Everyone likes free stuff.

So, here’s the deal:  Over the next three days, FWC is giving away prizes.  We will be conducting two drawings a day (with the exception of Saturday).  One during the EU TZ, the other for our US fans.  You do not have to actively be involved in factional warfare to participate.  Why?  Because that runs contrary to this site’s purpose.  We’re not just a resource for existing FW players, we want to be a resource for anyone looking into, researching, asking about, etc… factional warfare.  The more people we can get talking about FW, the more might become interested, which has the potential for additional explosions in space.  Win and win.

Day One – Thursday
First drawing – Brutix Navy Issue – 20:00 EVE – won by fabius adonis
Second drawing – Drake Navy Issue – 02:00 Friday morning EVE, 9PM Eastern Thursday night – won by TA5E

Day Two – Friday
First Drawing – Tengu – 20:00 EVE – won by Arki Shikkoken
Second drawing – Proteus – 02:00 Saturday morning EVE, 9PM Eastern Friday night

Day Three – Saturday
Single Drawing – 1 PLEX – 20:00 EVE

So how do you win?  That’s the easy part!  You just need to be in the in-game Faction_Warfare chat channel at the specified time.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to say something as well, to make sure your name shows up in character list.  As 20:00 & 02:00 roll around, we’ll take copy/paste everyone from the character list into Excel, then use the “return random selection from column A” tool to select a winner.  The process will be shown on the livestream for complete transparency.  The ship (or PLEX) will then be contracted to the winner in Jita.  What you do with it from there is completely up to you!  As for the chat channel, its our hope that some of you will remaining after the drawing is over to shoot the breeze.


Fly dangerous.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea my man, one I hope people are active for I wish I could make the draw tonight but alas until payday my account ran out last night (payday is tomorrow :D) so rally bad timing on my part anyway get involved people and have some fun remember as much as I hate the Galmil this is a game one that entertains us weather we are losing billions or killing billions!!!!!

  2. I won the Proteus today, thanks a lot guys!

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