Khan Farshatok’s Address to Cal Mil

The following post is  a guest contribution from Khan Farshatok. This address to Caldari Militia does not reflect the views of or any of its staff. This is an article submitted that was wanted in a public location for everyone to see. That aside, we are now accepting guest contributions. Have a crazy recap of fleet action?  A tutorial for those just breaking in to factional warfare?  Something else FW-related?  Send it our way to

Dear Caldari Militia,

I want to make everything perfectly clear for everyone that cares.

Borg has left and is joining Gallente. This is not trolling. The last time an organization decided to do some shitty things in the militia we all joined in on them. This time TheKiller122/Commander Vice/Mira deVorsha crossed the line in a very horrible way. This individual released my personal phone number, real life address and name/facebook details. He then proceeded to tell people that I was a registered sex offender and a convicted pedophile and proceeded to get his bro’s to start spreading this through militia. Both of these are serious violations of the TOS and if CCP would have perma banned all of his accounts like they have done for just one of those same exact offenses then I would have been fine. But instead CCP gave him a 14 day ban. I then proceeded to keep my cool and try to get them to rethink their decision, then demanded it but was denied my request.

So now here we are. You all decided that instead of helping rid the militia of him, you have decided to help him. I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF HE IS IN YOUR FLEET!! The idea was to run him out not make him feel welcome. Since you all wanted to help him, I’m going to personally burn you all down. One by one, corporation by corporation. You all had the chance to back down and support us against TheKiller122 so now we are going to burn you down. If you see this and your first reaction is to laugh, go ahead, just think about what I have done with the shitty morons I had to deal with here and think about what I can do with access to a group like the Gallente. Enjoy burning pubbies.

Khan Farshatok

About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. LMFAO, childish much? plus BORGS broken apart you’ve lost most of your active members and you are a disliked, unfriendly and frankly a jumpped up egotistical retard who likes to dish out the trolling but cant handle is, as for commander Vice NO ONE FUCKING DEFENDED HIM, we just made it clear we where staying out of the war and that ALL calmil where free to join our fleets, you got pissed off threw ya toys out of the pram and had a little fit. Galmil will laugh at you, chew you up and spit you back out BORG will end you will cry and all will laugh at your childishness.

    Welcome to EVE bro

  2. Can this guy be more full of himself in the end there?

    I did see the sex offender thing (which is a bad violation of EULA) but noone that I know saw, heard or knew of a phone, address or facebook account being publicized. In any case I saw this posted in militia a bit ago and realized instantly why noone supported this khan guy.

  3. Well we were behind khan for the most part until he started threatening to wardec this whole militia. Many in borg felt he was using us to fight his personal vendetta. He didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself at the time. So people decided to get out. He needs to realize this is a game people join to have fun. Not to be used like puppets on a string.

  4. Gallente Groundpounder

    For the love of eve, please don’t bring your drama llama self to my militia.

  5. Khan i welcome you to the fine gal mil, just don’t bring test members here am having such a good time. and you don’t what to have me drink whiskey again would you 😛


    All Kirk jokes aside, this is really, really egotistical. For one, he was the one who posted personal information about himself. When he first made that “FW” tutorial video, it was posted under the account name of “K**** ***”, starred out for obvious reasons. Now, I saw it as it was, and it was a full-on name. No mistaking it as otherwise. He later changed the account name to “Khan Farshatok” after recognizing the blunder.

    Secondly, there were no such details as “personal phone number, real life address…Facebook details”. Mira did not have that information, as I would’ve been told if he had. And I specially do not EVER being told that Khan was a registered sex offender and a paedophile, and I definitely was not told/had the compelling to say otherwise.

    Next, you’re going to fucking wage war on all of us because people wanted to be neutral and be welcoming to all of Caldari militia members. I do not see what is wrong with wanting to stay out of this.

    Also, as I see, BORG is collapsing as-is, and you’ll be hard-pressed to gain followers in Galmil with your personal vendetta, all evidenced by the comments to this address. This all could’ve been avoided, and I’ll be happy to outline how if anyone is curious enough to know.

    Lastly; just what the fuck is this going to achieve? Okay, so you’re going to Gallente . . . . And? To the majority of Caldari you’ll just be another target, and many people here will already know your effectiveness as a commander of fleets, and will be able to counter somewhat. It’s like Great Britain going to war against the U.S. We’ve been allies so long we already know what we’re good and bad at so any advantage is moot.

    TL;DR: good job, more people hate you now. I’ll be here for diplomatic consultation if needed.

    • Killer did actually go on about the sex offender accusation in both general militia and the Achmed channel. militia chat. There are numerous people with log files that can back this up. He has however apologized for it in his response message back to militia and does not deny it happened.

  7. LOL khan is a sperglord and will never be accepted into gal mil he may as well just unsubscribe

  8. Megalomania: a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance.

    Khan can actually be quite entertaining when he chooses to be. Sadly, 90% of the time he’s balls deep in some personal vendetta against people he believes have wronged him in some way.

    The worst part is, you people feed him the attention he so obviously craves. Ignore him, and he goes away. Trust me, I do it all the time. (I still love you Khan, but only when you’re squealing like a girl as you tackle carriers.)

    Maybe now he’s joined the dark side, you can get back to the important things in life, like blowing up internet spaceships that aren’t allied to you.

  9. A realistic interpretation:

    I had a personal hatred for someone. Seeing as I am the most important person that has ever existed I decided that my personal hatred was worth dragging about 270 other pilots from BORG and GHIOT into a war. The fact that barely anyone from either side wanted the war didn’t matter to me because I’m clearly more important than all of them.

    Seeing that the militia still didn’t understand just how important I am I decided to attack GHIOT members whilst they were flying logi in a large militia fleet. I expected the entire militia fleet to just sit there and watch as I killed their valuable logistics support. It came as a great surprise to me when they fought back and killed one of my guys.

    I couldn’t believe that the militia fleet didn’t understand just how important I was, so I decided raging in intel channels was a good idea. Surely if I threatened to declare war on every notable corp in the militia they’d respect me!

    For some reason, no one was scared of me. I concluded that the best course of action would be to drag BORG over to the Gallente side! Ha! Yes! That will teach the Caldari, they sure hate fighting Gallente, it’s not like the signed up for it or anything.

    So here I am, grinding missions for standing so we can join Gallente. The fact that 60% of BORG, around 140 pilots, have left in the past few days because they didn’t want to put up with me any more is clearly a sign that my grand plan is coming together. I fully expect the Gallente will love me once they get used to me. I’m sure they will finally respect just how damn important I am.

  10. man the sheer amount of butt hurt from all of you is so great. keep up the great tears, im enjoying them way to much.

  11. holy crap what a raging douche-bag! been playing since 2007…never heard of this guy. very unimpressive KB for all the hype hes giving himself. setting borg to red….. and done.

  12. Went out in a fleet with Killer when I was brand new to faction warfare. It was awesome — Killer was hilarious, we got some kills, Killer brought out his carrier for giggles. Super fun. Great introduction to FW.

    The next week, I went out in a Khan fleet. He spent an hour interrogating every single fleet member individually over voice channel because he thought there was a spy. Look at him crossways and he starts radiating butthurt.

    When the farming cycle was pushing CalMil into high tiers, Khan’s megalomania really kicked in and he proclaimed himself king and started taking credit for it. Then he and his inner circle had a meltdown when elements of the militia unfriendly to them started awoxing. It was truly insane.

    I can’t comment on the alleged sex offenses or inappropriate disclosures, but Khan leaving CalMil is not a bad thing. Although he has less impulse control, he otherwise would fit right in with Qcats — farming easy kills for killboard glory right off of the CalMil noob systems.

    Good riddance.

    • Can you link the kill where QCATS killed you that made you so angry?

      • It is also hilarious how desperate you guys are for tears. And I’m not being disparaging — it is genuinely funny and almost cute. Anytime anyone says *anything* other than gf in local after a fight with Qcats, some of your guys shriek “tears tears tears!”. ’tis both funny and a tiny bit sad. The enthusiasm is admirable, though.

        I like you guys, and am happy to be exploded by you, which I acknowledge has happened fairly often. However, having recently passed the 1-year mark in EVE and accumulated a few skill points and a little knowledge, I notice that you now die just as often as I do. As I am by no means good at PVP, this makes me wonder if you are actually terrible given how long many of you have been playing.

        The truth is, a very large percentage of your beloved killboard totals are just FW noobs who don’t know any better. It’s fine — I don’t object and am just observing. In fact, it has been educational for me as a new player to get killed by you and learn from how it happened. And not that killing noobs is all you do, but there does seem to be rather a lot of chest-thumping over it. Which is fine. To each his own.

    • Killer’s fleets were and are the worst fleets. Most of experienced FW players blacklisted him as FC. From what i have seen lately his FC skills did not improve. If you are impressed by his skills then You really are new. There is only one good FC in calmil at this moment.

    • yet another killer post lol.

  13. Meh. The lies spread against Khan were over the line and quite a few people in his position would definitely take action against the person who did it.

    I haven’t ever worked with him so I don’t know what kind of person he is or how hard he is to deal with. I’m sure if he follows through on joining Gal Mil we’ll find out.

    • Haven’t logged in for anything but skill training in months so this news hit me like a brick in the face. It’s really disappointing and cheapens the whole faction war mechanic when key people switch sides. I always enjoyed your fleets Khan, and you’re right to be mad about people posting your info like that, but this move only hurts the bro’s who did enjoy flying with you, the ones you want to hurt are probably happy about you leaving.

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