Interview with Veronica Isagar of Black Fox Marauders

Veronica Isagar of Black Fox Marauders

Why would two of the most deadly corps in the Gallente Militia start an alliance together? Why not?

The Black Fox Marauders are only a year old but their roughly 50 members have managed to top the killboards month after month along side big FW vets such as Monkeys with Guns, VA, Sic Drac, QCats, and JUSTK. Experiencing a similar meteoric rise along side his corp, is Veronica Isagar. At just over 10 months in eve, Veronica is already one of GalMil’s most dedicated pilots and a prolific small-gang FC with well over 5,000 kills to his name. We spent a few minutes talking about his corp, the new alliance, and blowing up spaceships in the name of sweet, sweet freedom.

FW: Why GalMil?

V: Well when I started it was a lot of ‘plex fighting, a lot of system grinding, and at that time it was nice to make money off the LP. And that was the primary force for it. It’s really a money thing, we make more than just pirating alone. And there’s more respect involved, too. But the fleets and the fights with GalMil are more fruitful… better. Plus the attitude in GalMil is more conducive to working as a team. You don’t have that elitist attitude; we’ve heard other FCs rage on their own people. Compared to what I’ve seen we’re better organized, of course sometimes it takes two hours to form a fleet (laughs)… but we’ve got a better attitude.

FW: How would you describe your corp’s culture?

V: Well, honestly, most people in BlackFox are blood thirsty as hell. We all are. We love to make stuff blow up. If it’s not purple, it’s gonna blow up. Real equal opportunity destroyers. But we’ve got a lot of diversity here, we all come from different backgrounds; have different ideologies when it comes to combat. We’ve got a lot of people that enjoy solo pvp, lots of people love gang warfare, too. I myself enjoy gang warfare.

FW: How important to the corp is it to support your solo players ?

V: A lot of em like to do it on their own. If they’ve got such-and-such pointed, though, a lot of us will drop what we’re doing and come running… there’s support there, just depends on the time of day. Sometimes you’re just trying to recover from last nights whisky. (laughs)

FW: So why did BlackFox and Qcats join forces?

V: Well, Than (BlackFox’s CEO) might be better to ask that… but you know, it’s just on to bigger and better things. Like what Deen (JUSTK FC) is doing down in Osti right now.We wanna get away from the T1 frigs and dessies and get into the T2 stuff, shield and armor HACS, bigger and badder things. Plus when ever we go on full deployment, QCats are really strict at controlling Nisuwa system. They like the system super stable. But that’s actually why we’re called Marauders, we like to deploy all over the place. We don’t have a fixed point that we’ve gotta be at all the time. It gives us the chance to fight different targets, different pirates, different mentalities. It gives us a more well rounded mindset over fighting in one place all the time. You go to different systems and encounter different stuff. Wherever we know good fights are to be had, we’ve already got equipment staged there ready to fight. There are also lots of good FCs in QCats. JAF is one of them, MinutemanKirk is real good too. They bring a lot of experience, a lot more versatility. More tools to the table in other words. Their attitude is really good, real positive. You can pod me, if you’re attitude is good, I’m the happiest person in the world. We don’t bash you in local like a lot of the other corps you see.

FW: How is the structure of the new alliance set up? Is there a hierarchy?

V: No, its a mutual relationship. We get along pretty good. I haven’t heard any raging in comms. (laughs) Most people in QCats, like I said, their attitude’s good, their attitude towards the other corps in their alliance is great. It’s a plus-plus.

FW: Aside from moving, was there a lot to get acclimated to?
V: It was business as usual. When the alliance was formed it just opened up more avenues for us to explore. Especially when you’ve got higher skill point pilots that want to use everything up to and including caps. Its a plus. There’s more target availability with the alliance. We all use intel channels. They patrol a lot of areas that are out of our A.O.R. so we have better coverage. Even all the way out to Amarr and Minmatar space. We use our own in-house forums which is really helpful as it gives us an idea of what we’ll be fitting and using, what kind of target packages we’ll be going after.

FW: Whats next for BlackFox?

V: Well right now we’re forward deployed to Osti. Primarily our main job is to keep the pressure on the Squids. Keep them always under our thumbs as best we can. That’s our primary goal, but if we get fights with pirates it’s like a bonus round. It’s more of a challenge than your standard Caldari Militia corp.

FW: Anything else you would like to mention?

V: Other than we’re hiring? (laughs) Overall, people here are good people. I enjoy calling them my friends, and I enjoy calling them my corp-mates. Wouldn’t trade ’em for the world. No one in the corp has to be here. They want to be here, they want to do all the stuff we do together. It’s not like real life and you go into the military and you have to do four years and feed your kids. In this game you don’t HAVE to do anything. You could sit there and watch Captain Kangaroo if you want…(laughs)  Other corps have other offers, other incentives, and our pilots get offered other things but they’re still here.

About Ciaphas Cyne

Ciaphas Cyne flies with Exodus. alliance, who base out of FW low-sec.

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  1. No modesty, I don’t like this.

    I see this alot in FW circles. They genuinely believe they are great PVPers because of the sheer amount of kills they get from blobbing. Not impressed. Certain people within GalMil stroll around acting like gods, with their 1 month old members following them around pressing F1.

    Small fry like Thanatos, Gallentius, Ciaphas and Veronica would buckle in a proper fight.

  2. Post with your name/main as your handle is quite offensive.

    • Apologies for letting that one through Andre. I did not look at the username that posted. I’ve removed it.

  3. Thanatos Marathon

    “No modesty, I don’t like this.
    I see this alot in FW circles. They genuinely believe they are great PVPers because of the sheer amount of kills they get from blobbing. Not impressed. Certain people within GalMil stroll around acting like gods, with their 1 month old members following them around pressing F1.
    Small fry like Thanatos, Gallentius, Ciaphas and Veronica would buckle in a proper fight.” – Anonymous

    1st, thank you for commenting as Anonymous. 2nd, though I may be terrible at PVP it doesn’t mean I won’t get any better. 3rd, what is a “proper fight”?

    • I like reports of this nature. The light is shown upon the small guys who are in it for fun more then whatever it is that some dudes are after.
      And to the anon crying of no modesty. When the hell did EVE become space bushido samurai simulator? Get bent bro.

      • Lol at mr. anonymous. As for blobbing and warfare in general in this game. To each his own. We all “blob” in our own ways. As for comment on a lot of Gal Mil acting like gods. I’d have to agree. On the buckling part under stressing situations. For some I can agree but not all. It’s pvp regardless of numbers. I’ve seen 130 man fleets get welped by 60 guys. Was a nice article. I like these guys though we find ourselves on the opposite side most of the time.

        o7 See you on the battlefield

  4. “No modesty”, says anon, and then proceeds to make grand sweeping statements about other people’s abilities in a game. Which anon can do, because anon is so awesome. I mean, of course, right?

    Riiiight. So everyone who is not a GSF overlord must be modest, and watch what they say. Because the folks who have been playing Eve for ten years are basically awesome. They are so awesome, we all need to be modest AT ALL TIMES. Because, you never know when one of the lords might wander into a chat and get deeply offended at the lack of respect shown to his awesomeness.

    Oh, my, the lack of modesty. Ah may faint!

    Anyway, the guy interviewed is modest throughout. He mocks his own corp several times, and laughs about it. i.e. modest behaviour.

    One day some Phd is going to study the psychos who live in null sec alliances and spend all their time being grand lords within a small corner of a computer game.

    And this is the thing about null bears, they really don’t exist in the main game of eve, which has become FW. Null bears sit in empty space and complain. They complain to CCP about this, they complain about that. They even form committees to complain, and to demand this and that. CCP pretend to listen, and humour them, because at the end of the day they enrich the overall game by sitting out in null sec with their sycophant followers, giving everyone else something to wonder about.

    If GSF were for real, and not a bunch of weirdos seeking respect from other weirdos on the inter webs, they would form massive fleets and assault pirates all over low sec. No concord, they should rule low sec.

    But they don’t. The reason is because they play the game to have sovereignty, to possess null sec. Possession and obedience from underlings defines GSF, and pretty much all the weirdo obedience cults in null sec. They don’t play the game to do war, to have fun. They play for respect in a virtual environment that has been crafted to keep them happy by CCP, over many years. That is axiomatically an illusion of respect.

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