How To Fund Your PvP: Introduction

ISK and Skill are the two pillars of a person’s ability to PvP. If one collapses, the capsuleers entire ability to PvP collapses. In this multi-part guide, I will describe different ways to earn ISK to fuel your PvP.

Determine the amount of ISK you will need:

In order to determine the ISK you need to make, open up your Zkillboard and look at your losses. Look at the ships you have lost over the past week. For each loss, use the checklist below to determine if you need to factor it into the amount of ISK per week you need to make.

The checklist:

  1. Is this the only time you ever have flown this ship?
  2. Is this death an outlier compared to your usual deaths?
  3. Is the ISK lost much higher or lower than the usual amount you lose?
  4. Is the ship a doctrine for your corp?
  5. Was this ship SRPed?
  6. Was there any loot in the cargo?

If the answer to the first four is no, than you must include that ship in your list. If the answer to the fifth question is Yes, then for that loss, put the amount lost minus the amount SRPed. Then, if the answer to the sixth question is yes, subtract the value of the loot from the number you just got. If the answer to the fifth and sixth question is no, then add the full amount lost.

Finally, you need to look at the doctrines you use for your corp. For that, look at your loses since the time you joined said corp. Take down the price tag of each doctrine loss, then take down the amount of time between doctrine losses. This means, for example, if you lose two AHAC doctrines, take down the time between those two losses. If you lose two interceptor doctrines, take down the time between those two losses. It is important to remember, that it is absolutely crucial to have 3 sets of the most used doctrines in your hangar. The reason for this is that it allows you to stay active in the fleets and the community even after you lose a ship.

Now that you have all of those juicy numbers, take the average lost for non-doctrine ships. Than multiply that average by the amount of hours per week you estimate you would PvP. You can multiply by a different amount if you lose less than or more than 1 ship per hour. Then, take 110% of each price of the 3-5 most common doctrines you use. For each doctrine, divide the price by the number of days between losses of that doctrine. Then take the sum of this quotient for each doctrine. Finally, add that to the number you when you multiplied the average amount lost in non-doctrine ships by the number of ships lost per hour. Multiply your final sum by 110% to ensure that your are making some amount of extra profit. That is the amount of ISK you need to make per week.

If the amount seems overwhelmingly huge, don’t worry! The next parts of this guide will be discussing different ways to earn ISK.

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