Gallente Weekly Update #1, Introduction and The Failure Of Hasmijaala

Hello, allow me to introduce myself, I am Mattpat139 Sukarala. I have sampled nearly everything to do in New Eden at least once, I now live off of factional warfare and have found my home in the Gallente Militia. I have always wanted to give something back for the people of New Eden and am proud to begin the delivery of a series of short weekly updates regarding new stories and events as well as a recap of the week around our little campfire in low-sec.

With The Gallente Militia sounding a retreat on their assault of Hasmijaala I figured it was a good opportunity to look back on why it failed.  All the parts seemed to line up for a usual system bash, the alliance leaders said “this is a target, disable the Caldari advance.” Ships were moved to staging areas and we went to work.

However this was different, it was a system closer to the Caldari “core” systems allowing them to figure out what was happening and move their assets within 48 hours of it beginning. The system became a blood bath, fleets chasing each other and various antics. However constant AU time zone plexing of the system kept nullifying the work done by Gal-Mil during their more active EU and US time zone. This resulted in a stalemate of the system.

Let’s face facts, the assault on Hasmijaala was a failure. Yes, we struck a major blow. However, and I hate to admit it, we had a strong dose of tunnel vision. The Cormorants and Kestrels wouldn’t seem to stop and neither would our Tristans and Catalysts. The campaign was to “chop the head off of the Caldari.” We lost sight of almost everything else in the war-zone.

We were so set on cutting the head off the snake, that we didn’t see the rest of them sneaking up on our backdoor and claiming 3 systems in the process (AlamelArdronne, and Mantenault).  Now 1/2 of the systems we own are over 40% contested. If we don’t turn this around and start truly defending some of the “buffer” systems we will have some big fights ahead (most of which I look forward to). If we’ve learned anything, it’s to not put all our eggs in one basket.

See you guys next week, fly safe o7


About Mattpat139 Sukarala

Matt has tried near everything in EVE and has settled in his home within The Gallente Militia. He is still on a campaign to figure out why he put numbers in his name.

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  1. Interesting, if short article. From a Caldari perspective it’s always interesting to see what the leadership on the other side is saying.

  2. Confirming we Aussies are awesome

  3. Great article, good introduction to this side of FW looking forward to more.

  4. Having not been in galmil long or while this offensive was happening I have only a view from outside/new to the militia, however I can safely say that all the galmil leadership I have spoken to have agreed it was not a complete and total failure. In fact most agree, that is was a very successful few weeks in terms of fights had, pilot engagement and helping the pendulum swing once again in the warzone. As it stands the warzone is very balanced considering they calmil can field larger fleets than galmil on a more regular basis, as seen last night in Eha and several nights over the past few weeks, awesome to see calmil upgrading to ishtars since I was last an FC for them, but on the topic of classing Hasj as a failure and saying that galmil is suddenly losing systems left and right would be inaccurate to say the least.

    Anyway good to see all the old faces still flying for calmil and look forward to fighting you all and chatting in local.

    • Mattpat139 Sukarala

      I have spoken with the other leaders in Gal-mil and you should be happy with howi have adressed this and other things in my next article.

      • As an example, a casual glance at Dotlan would show that Caldari deplexing generally ended by about 6-7pm AUTZ time, aka USTZ squids burning serious midnight oil.

        In addition this claim is odd to those familiar with the WZ, “claiming 3 systems in the process (Alamel, Ardronne, and Mantenault.” These three specific systems are continual flip floppers due to a Russian Calmill farming corp staging out of towers for about the last year and a half. They couldn’t be less related to the WZ as a whole if you tried.

        Lest we begin with the central analysis that although Galmill secured the EU and US, they lost the offensive via the AUTZ (two timezones versus one.)

  5. Battle-wise it was a success.
    Factionnal-wise it was a failiure.

  6. Its always nice to get some updates about the Caldari-Gallente war. Thanks for taken the time.

  7. From a line pilot perspective, this writing makes a lot of sense, but it’s not the whole story. This is a war and war is about deception. If Galmil leadership was disclosing all of their motivations behind Hasmajala and/or other major initiatives, they’d be doing a shit job at leading. Let’s let Caldari crow about how great their victory was. In the mean time, how many systems have they taken since that offensive ended? Have they done anything meaningful?

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