Gallente Bi-Weekly Update – An Interview With Zam Hunter

It has been abruptly brought to my attention (within 24 hours) of just how wrong my original article on the events of Hasmijaala was. I originally wrote the article on Hasmijaala with little info on the subject since I hadn’t logged on much during the time period. I also stated that we (the Gallente) had “failed”. I may have rushed to judgement.

From here on out, I will try a new approach. I will conduct interviews with key players in GalMil and focus on which systems have flipped against or for the Gallente. In addition, I will cover fun stuff like the biggest killmail for the reporting period of the article. Now on with the show.

Lost Systems: Oto (15-2-16 @ 05:54)

Captured Systems: Vifrevaert (15-2-7 @ 19:18) Ladistier (15-2-22 @ 1:57) Harroule (15-3-2 @ 23:30) Heydieles (15-3-3 @ 3:18)

And the largest kill at the time of writing is… Tattooscarface Cielingfanz in his Gila for 3.42 Billion ISK

This update I also spoke with Zam Hunter, leader of the corporation 3.14Rates. Known far and wide as an FC who’s willing to go (for a lack of a better way to put this…) Suicide Mode and win.  Today I had the opportunity to sit down over a cold one with him and discuss his… tendencies. As well as some quick info on his corp.

Matt: How do you pay for the expenses of your fleets considering how much more often you seem to take risks with large numbers?

Zam: People seem to underestimate the insurance payout on large ships.  With my corp of 20 being in FW easy LP from killing farmers and routine plexing make the difference take only moments to cover.

Matt: When you do these fleets where you’re whelping Battlecruisers,  HACs and upwards with other people do you have issues with people not wanting to lose their ships.

Zam: When we do these kind of fleets when we know there’s a high risk of a lot of ISK being lost in a ball of fire. We give warnings to people in a message before hand and in the MOTD as well as on Teamspeak when we undock. After that, if someone dies and complains we blame Charles Darwin.

Matt: Does being an FC and a CEO at the same time present any unique challenges?

Zam: As much as people don’t believe me, this is the first time I’ve ever been a CEO . Being a CEO means I have to deal with internal friction which can be a pain. I’m lucky enough to have mature people to tell me when I make mistakes. I’m still new to FC’ing and being rough as an FC means losses, so we joke about it and we make sure no one takes it personally.

Matt: What goals does your corp and yourself have in the near future.

Zam: My long term goal is to create a tight-knit elite group who come together in explosions whether it’s PVP, ratting or whatever. We’re there for each other and hope to get bigger in the next year or so. We try to uphold a serious and immature attitude at the same time, which causes friction because other are more serious people in GalMil. No one here is a dictator, and if anyone gets an over inflated head we pop it within a few minutes.

Matt: Anything else to add?

Zam: No matter who you are we all either pay $10+ a month to CCP or buy a PLEX off the market for a cloud of ones and zeros. This game can be great and it can be boring. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Matt: Agreed, nice speaking to you and I’ll be in your fleet later.

Zam: C’ya there, fly safe. o7

About Mattpat139 Sukarala

Matt has tried near everything in EVE and has settled in his home within The Gallente Militia. He is still on a campaign to figure out why he put numbers in his name.

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  1. Matt, as you inform about captured and lost systems, you missed one. We took Ladistier as of 22.02. (http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/Ladistier)

  2. “I also stated that we (the Gallente) had “failed”. I may have rushed to judgement.”

    A bit of a dead horse to beat. Yet I notice Hasmijaala was not captured. If you’re going to backpedal super hard on something that a lot of people see as a fact you might need a stronger argument than “It has been abruptly brought to my attention (within 24 hours) of just how wrong my original article on the events of Hasmijaala was.” Perhaps some details, or a chat log of the conversation that so abruptly changed your opinion? Who in the Gallente Militia decided that your original opinion was incorrect?

    Unless we’re talking about everything always being about “gf” and such. Yet there will always be “good fights” so that doesn’t really matter and the thing that was attacked was not captured. It had sparked some interesting conversations on the forums for a little while. Until people started getting their pride hurt at the accusation of “failure”.

    • Mattpat139 Sukarala

      Honestly This has been sitting on my table for the past month, I wrote it Immediately after when 1/2 of gal-mil wanted me publicly exiled. So yes some things are out of date, sorry.

      • Public opinion does not change facts. If you are feeling cast out or ostracized by your fellow militiamen for taking the time to write about what you’ve observed and experienced in the WZ then I am truly sorry man, that sounds like a not fun place to be.

        It was not the time frame I was questioning, but the backpedals in statement. I would like to see more information, or chat logs, of what so abruptly convinced you that the initial opinion of you and pilots you interacted with before any spin started going out was wrong. This is not to say the Gallente did not put forth a valiant effort in their invasion, yet the fact remains Hasmijaala was obviously an attempt at a system flip yet Hasmijaala remains Caldari and stable.

        • Mattpat139 Sukarala

          Sorry I have my client set to not record chat logs and such. Thanks for reminding me to turn it back on

      • Hey man we failed to take Hasmijaala. No doubt about it. Moglarr is 100% correct and the main reason was the combined and very stubborn defense put up by the Caldari corporations and alliances (that was amplified by Hasmijaala’s geography of being two very long jumps from anywhere).

        There are also other goals such as getting fights, working together with our friends in militia, which were achieved, but it’s in game content that counts.

        The in game goal of taking Hasmijaala was a complete failure, and it’s only fair to give credit to the Caldari for their win. Well done.

  3. Two more changes Matt. Harroule and Heydieles taken by Galmil \o/ Especially Heyd is in my opinion an issue. We took it on 25.08.2014, as a campaign to “total warzone control” was close to an end. And lost it again just after we took total warzone control, on 31.08.2014. I think Heyd was the first system which Caldari took back after loosing all systems. It was stable for hell long time, like 6 months. Cheers.

  4. This article reads as someone who had to backpedal big time because he must’ve gotten alot of heat internally within his own militia for writing that makes them look bad. You should’ve just stuck to your convictions with the first article. Now, you just destroy your own credibility.

    • galmil is basically a leadership of the devoted. those willing to be online ALL the time, and do serious logistics work to make wars of attrition happen. its actually a decent system, but it does localize power to a few personalities whose sphere of influence often extends their expertise. here i think we can see where their influence has extended into the media arm of the militia… which to be frank… has always been lacking. galmil has never really had a solid reporter on this site while amarr/caldari have. but its no good having leadership breathing down a reporters back, either. they do not like anyone who tries to harm the morale of the militia and they make that clear to you over teamspeak. they might also complain drunkenly about not being paid enough attention to or not being interviewed about this or that… its a real power trip thing going on with a few of them and they get off on the whole cult of personality thing. some are good pvpers, some are amazing teachers, some break their backs to get ships in the sky for our system pushes… others are just online so much they become unavoidable. its good and bad haha

    • No mega heat, just some corrections for someone who wrote an article about something he wasn’t there much for. No worries.

      – Than

  5. Rakapas down! And it was great to be a part of this. Matt you could write few words about, as BlackFox was I think the leading corp in this assault.

  6. Just saying you cant have a “weekly” update that you update once in a month….trolololol
    Don’t let people tell you what to write Matt, write whats happened and whats factual if that means Galmil got slapped down or Calmil got slapped down that’s what you write if it means it was a slow week in FW you write about that ignore Galmil leadership and write what you want.

    PS, see you all soon in the area Pirating is fun 😛

  7. I don’t want to be overly critical but you might want to consider not pursuing this ‘journalistic’ endeavour any further if you are straight up going to admit that you’re just going to regurgitate what others tell you to say. The back pedalling about Hasmijala somehow not actually being a (rare) failure for GalMil is bad enough but if you are going to build the article around systems flipped then you can’t rely on people in the comments telling you which have been flipped. Either be responsible for your own sourcing (i.e. look at the dotlan page with all the relevant data once a week) or don’t do this at all. Btw, GalMil lost Aivonen 19 days ago. That’s the kind of thing you should really be keeping an eye on as someone writing about the specific topic of what is being won and lost!

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