FW series EP 6: Interceptors

Quality content, regardless the medium, should be celebrated.  Too often, hard work is overlooked for no other reason than the information overload that the internet provides.  That’s where FW’s Video Spotlight comes in.  Every Thursday, we’ll post a “video of the week” that was produced by the intrepid capsuleers plowing the space lanes of New Eden.  See an awesome propaganda video?  A crazy recap of fleet action?  A tutorial for those just breaking in to factional warfare?  Something else EVE-related?  Send it our way to staff@factionwarfare.com.

Today the spotlight is on a video created by a member of the Monkeys With Guns [BNANA] alliance. This video provides fitting information and an overview on flying Interceptors, and is very informative, albeit long. If you are interested in flying Interceptors frequently, I highly recommend watching this video. It has some great fights and tips for how to fly. Check out his other videos too, he has features on things from large fleet engagements with Caldari in Renarelle to how to fly T1 logi. For those that like his videos and would like to donate to help fund more, please send isk to the character kds119.


About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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