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I’ll raise my hand as a person who has never really understood the “connection” between EVE and Dust 514.  I know that we can do orbital strikes.  I’ve occasionally seen different-colored names in the local chat channels.  But, really, I had no idea how to go about interacting with the Dust Bunnies.

Well, I still don’t.  But that’s okay, because CCP is making the connection between the two games better!  Supposedly.  Specifically for FW pilots in EVE.  Which I suppose is a good thing, because we’re FW pilots in EVE.  Although the DUST blog CCP posted yesterday details a lot of DUST-specific changes, there is a whole section dedicated specifically to the ships in space side of things.  The short version?  We get killmails now for orbital strikes, we can orbital strike more often, and we’ll get loyalty points for doing so.  That sounds like win, win, and win to me.  See below for the full EVE-side transcript:

We also took this opportunity to make a pass on Orbital Strikes. One of the first things we did was rename orbital strikes in both EVE and DUST so that their names made more sense. For DUST this means:

  • Starship Strikes have been renamed to Orbital Strikes
  • Warbarge – Precision Strikes have been renamed to Warbarge Strikes

For EVE, this means that Orbital Bombardment ammo has been renamed to Orbital Strike ammo. These minor changes ensure that while there is consistency between EVE and DUST, when players from both games talk to each other they have a good understanding of what is being communicated. Along with this we have flattened the Off Map Support menu so that instead of having to go Open menu -> Off Map Support -> Orbital Bombardments -> Orbital/Warbarge Strike you instead just go Open menu -> Off Map Support -> Orbital/Warbarge Strike. Again, another simple change that should make things just better.

Moving on to some bigger changes for Orbital Bombardment, we have removed Warbarge Strikes from Factional Contract matches. That means that in all Factional Contract matches if you would like the use of Orbital Strikes, you will need EVE players in orbit to provide them.

If that wasn’t enough we have made it so that EVE based Orbital Strikes are earned in EVE. This change applies to both Factional Contract and Planetary Conquest matches. If you saw the Fanfest 2013 Tournament then you will be familiar with how this works. Above districts with ongoing battles, EVE pilots will be able to view a capturable district satellite. EVE players will need to connect to the district and orbit the satellite for 3 minutes, at which time an Orbital Strike will be earned and squad leaders will be able to call it in. However, just because the strike has been called in doesn’t mean that it has been fulfilled: Other squad leaders will be able to continue calling in the Orbital Strike until the EVE pilot chooses which call to supply. This means that if your squad in particular is in contact with the EVE pilot, then you can ensure he supplies your Orbital Strike requests.

When an EVE pilot connects to a district they will also now be added to the team text chat and can join the team voice chat if they wish allowing for better communication between EVE and DUST players. Pilots performing strikes that are in Factional Contracts will also earn loyalty points in EVE to encourage them to engage in strikes.

One final note: We are introducing killmails for EVE pilots that perform Orbital Strikes. The killmails will include everything fit to your dropsuits, and EVE pilots will get one killmail for every person they kill. There are, however, a few limitations. For example, we don’t give killmails for players in the seats of vehicles. Really though, these few minor points pale in comparison to the awesomeness that is receiving killmails for Orbital Strikes!




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  1. Thanatos Marathon

    Currently doing OB support is about as boring as it can get and still requires you to jump all over the place. Hopefully with these changes it’ll be more worthwhile for the eve pilots to participate and thus generate more content around the actual Orbital Support buttons (pew! pew!).

  2. When Dust can specifically target systems and planets then Dust will get a lot more interesting for FW. Home system battles will be pretty amazing should that happen.

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