FW.com is Back and Needs Your Help!

After a brief hiatus from the front, FW.com is headed back into the fray by giving you the best source for Faction Warfare news, guides, fitting ideas, interviews, and more. If you haven’t checked the site in a while, please check out our latest articles and stay tuned for more updates to come shortly:

Point/Counter-Point: The Case for Kill-Boards

News from the Front: The Gallente/Caldari Warzone – May

Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: The Mini-Bus

FW.com isn’t a solo effort. We need the help of dedicated EVE players who like making piles of ISK while writing about the game they love! Head to our hiring page and check out what we’re looking for.  Even if you don’t see something on the list that strikes your fancy, we’re looking for guest pieces as well.


The FW.com Staff

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