Fitting Fail Scavenger Hunt: How many things are wrong with this fit?

The following fit is a real kill-mail floating out on the kill-boards but I’ve stripped off the name of the pilot because I’m not a sociopath who rejoices in the ridicule of others. It has all the makings of a truly pitiful attempt a fitting up a beautiful, and expensive, ship. I’ve asked numerous people about this fit and every time I hear something new. So, without further adieu, how many things do you see wrong with this fit? Be sure to leave your list in the comments!


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How many problems are there with this fit?

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  1. Blaster, shield rigs with armor rep, long point and web, mismatched drones

    • You’re missing a big fail in this fit. 🙂 I’ll post my list in a few days. It’s far, far worse.

      • Don’t you dare to complain that he has no MWD to fight kiters 😀
        on the other hand, this would be good fit if he actually used proper guns, rigs and drones.

      • blasters on a ship with bonuses to projectiles

        also no long range ammo so it can’t beat a t1 brawler, and it can’t beat a t1 scram kiter and it can’t catch a long point kiter.

  2. Wrong gun, wrong point, not using a mid slot(!), different tanks, weird drones, not enough ammo (although if you’re expecting to die then perhaps its appropriate).
    Maybe also not using all fitting grid/cpu, not deploying the drones (although that’s pilot error really) and I’m out.

  3. It’s not a Daredevil

    • This, basically. Dude probably just loaded an acceptable Daredevil fit onto a pre-rigged Dram. And also ignored the ‘oops can’t fit that 4th lowslot module’ pop-up message.

  4. NorthernSoldier

    Thank you for not posting the name of this pilot, he is in my corp and unfortunately has health issues and trust me when I say this is not his only fail fit.
    He loves playing EVE and most of the time is on the same planet as the rest of us but every so often he is so out of it that he just makes strange decisions.
    Once again thanks for not posting his name.

    • No problem at all. Laughing at ourselves when we goof up is fun. Ridiculing someone because of a mistake is for petulant children and small-minded dickheads, if I’m being honest.

      • You should probably edit the article then because it took 90 seconds to find out who the pilot was just from the system name.

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