Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: The Hecate

The Time Has Come… My Dream Ship is Real…

The Fitting Lab is about to concoct something that active rep enthusiast everywhere will rave about for months to come…

The Hecate!

Today I’m going to break down the Hecate and go over some very interesting and fun fits I’ve worked out and tested.  Since I first started playing EVE a year ago, I dreamed of a ship that had a massive tank, amazing speed, and could brawl almost anything it wanted. The announcement of the Hecate was the answer to my wish, and it’s a ship I plan to fly all the time as it is the full package for me.

So, let’s get down to business. I’m going to start off with the most powerful and best Hecate in my opinion. But before we begin, a quick note: all fits are built with the assumption of Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV so even players who have yet to make that hefty level V train can join in on the fun.

The Dual-Rep Hecate

First and foremost, this fit requires the EG-603 Implant ( 22mil or 10mil + LP). After that, I assure you it does not have any other special requirements.


  • 426 DPS C / 490 DPS (Null 304 DPS C / 350 DPS H)
  • Single Rep 326.4 HP/s C / 422.3 HP/s H
  • Dual Rep 813.6 HP/s C / 1052.8 HP/s H
  • 12.3k EHP (81.0/81.4/87.6/76.0) (EM/ T/ K /EX)
  • Propulsion Mode 2410 m/s C / 3514 m/s H
  • Cap Stable Single Rep / 37s Dual Rep (Pulse AAR For a lot more cap)

If you’re a fan of the Dual Rep Incursus like myself, this is flown pretty close to the same way. First off, I really don’t recommend using Drop with this fit. You get a massive tracking bonus from the hull and using a web so you already have excellent damage application. Since the risk of a hit to rep bonus brought with the possible drawback of taking Drop would really hinder you, it’s not really worth it to use it. (Although there are ways to limit the chances of the penalty…)

The basics of flying this fit are pretty cut and dry: scram/web and shoot the target at your optimal. If it has a small neut, switch to null and move out to above 6300km. Before you engage a ship that is larger than yourself, make sure you know common fits of the enemy in question, and research the pilot’s specific fits to give you the advantage. If the neut is defensive to push you out over 6km to hit you with Artillery, then stay close to the target and manage cap. Most likely his guns won’t hit you if he’s using a defensive neut and you’re not taking large chunks of damage. Don’t ever engage a dual neut ship unless you are fast enough to get out of 6300km range and stay there. Don’t engage medium neut ships at all.

The first rep is for sustain, i.e. keep yourself near full armor HP without wasting cap by over-repping yourself. The Ancillary Rep is meant for smashing hits, or a good transverse piloted ship.  Always overheat an Ancillary Rep and don’t run it without paste. If you are close to running out of paste then overheat both reps and get yourself back as much armor as you can before the Ancillary Rep needs to reload. If you’re under so much fire you need the extra reps to survive the 1 min reload, it’s time to just bail.  If you’re in a very close fight where you can afford to go very close to cap dry because you can win, it’s up to you to decide how much risk you want to take on. Don’t stay if you aren’t positive you can win – you can always dock up, repair, and try again on another pilot.



  • 469 DPS C / 540 DPS H (Null 374 DPS C / 430 H)
  • Ancillary Rep: 214.7 HP/s H (71.6 HP/s No Paste)
  • 13.5k EHP w/ 73.3% Resists Across the Board
  • Propulsion Mode 2478 m/s C / 3611 m/s H
  • Cap Life 1m4s (MWD off, Rep H)
  • Dual Web
  • Cheap

For all intents and purposes, this is basically a “Hulked” up version of the Hull tanked Comet, with the added bonus of dual web that gives you near perfect damage application.  Even against ships with afterburners, you may likely have speed control over the fight even if you are taking too much DPS. In these situations, you can easily load up Null and move to a comfortable range based on the bonuses of the opposing ship.  This is more of a race against the clock setup, but heavy damage mixed with a strong passive tank, makes for an effective and fast ship.

As with the previous fit, do not engage medium neut ships. However, you can survive the fight under solo small neut pressure for a good amount of time. The Ancillary Armor  Repper is just there as a bonus amount of armor, and with the Hecate’s bonus to rep duration, you can save your cycles for when you really need them. In this ship, you can bait a lot of damage with 8 very fast cycles of an AAR (1376 Armor @ 20.4s).

You could always downgrade your guns to Ion’s and get an implant to support a Small Nosferatu, but I don’t find it a valuable trade-off when you can likely just burn out of neut range and warp off with your dual web.

The PROPer Rail Fit


  • 318 DPS C / 374 DPS H
  • Range Projection ( 4.5km – 62km )
  • Dual Prop (Faction prop for AB if you want more control over range)
  • 7.3k Hull with w/ 73.3% Resists Across the Board
  • Rep for the extra EHP in the long run. Great addition to any Hull tanked ship.

The best thing here is to discuss the situations you may encounter and how to deal with them; this fit is a lot more complicated than the other 2.

  1. MWD Scram/Web – Blasters and Projectile keep at 9000 and orbit. This minimizes the amount of DPS they can put out while allowing you to apply max damage with Jav. If you need to lower the orbit due to lower manual piloting skills just stay out of 6300 neut range.
  2. MWD Kite – Overheat MWD and get within 13KM to apply web, then setup a cold orbit with your MWD and apply damage while staying within 13km web range (a faction web can get up to 16km). The overheat on a web lasts a long time if it’s not next to another overheated module, so try not to overheat your point too much.
  3. AB Scram/Dual Web – Load Jav, take Drop, try to get out to 3k if you can or farther. Also try to slingshot his range and keep him out of optimal. If it’s a rocket boat, then keep at range at 8k and overheat your AB and just do anything to get a bit of range and sneak into optimal.
  4. AB Scram/Web + Utility – Overheat AB and pull to optimal, if his utility mid is a track disruptor, take Drop. Likely you will be facing either another prop mod or a cap booster utility. Possibly a target painter. (A faction AB would greatly help in this situation.)

OK folks, this article has gone on long enough. Feel free to mail me to discuss Hecate fits even more. I am interested in any and all fits. Mail them to me in game or ask me to try and make a fit and I’ll see what I can come up with.  I think that with some time and effort, you all can really win almost any fight with this fantastically designed ship. Remember as every blaster ship in the game, neuts are its downfall. Stay out of neut range at all costs.

I appreciate your time and look forward to your comments!

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