Faction Warfare Fitting Lab – Slashing on Razor’s Edge

For FW.com’s latest tin-foil hat fitting, I’d like to stray off the beaten path and use some mods that may not make a frequent appearance in your hangar. What follows is a variation on the absolutely brilliant Little Ship That Could Slasher fit, which is designed for 1v1 PVP. If you haven’t heard of this little gem please check out that fit and be sure to watch the video of a frail, noob inty hull destroying Assault Frigates. Go ahead, click the link, touch yourself, and when you’ve cleaned up – read on!

The Fit

[Razor’s Edge Slasher]

Overdrive Injector System II
Gyrostabilizer II

1MN Afterburner II
Balmer Series Tracking Disruptor I, Tracking Speed Disruption Script
Balmer Series Tracking Disruptor I, Tracking Speed Disruption Script
Warp Scrambler II

Polarized 200mm AutoCannon, Hail S
Polarized 200mm AutoCannon, Hail S
Polarized 200mm AutoCannon, Hail S
5W Infectious Power System Malfunction

Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I
Small Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I

So let’s breakdown this fit mod-by-mod:

  • The Gunz – First, you’ll notice that I’m using Polarized AutoCannons. For those of you not familiar with this madman’s meta, Polarized mods are extremely powerful at what they do (in this case, pump out DPS into your opponents big dumb face) but they have a massive drawback: they drop ALL your resists to 0. Damage Controls, Invulnerability Fields, Rigs, and beyond will not make a single resist value budge from zero. In most cases this means that you are balls deep into out-DPSing your opponent. (Think triple web gank Comet.) You’re probably thinking that a Slasher is a strange ship to try to gank in, and you’d be right. But if you look again at the fit you’ll notice that I actually do have a tank!
  • The Delicious Gyro – Since we’re already pushing our DPS to the max, let’s further build on the element of surprise you will no doubt find on your opponents face by pumping up these Polarized Autocannons. The Gyrostabilizer with the rigs below will push a well-skilled pilot up to 200 DPS.
  • Double Down Disruption – The dual Balmer Series TDs with Tracking Speed Disruption Scripts are the only thing keeping you alive with zero resists and not a single tank mod in sight. Sick both of these evil bastards on a gunship and then…
  • Orbit at Insane Speeds – Utilizing an Afterburner with the help of an Overdrive Injector you can push this agile ship to crazy orbit speeds. When used in conjunction with two Tracking Disruptors, you should be able to mitigate damn close to all the damage coming in at you provided you’re not fighting a ship with a tracking bonus or a million webs. (If they have one web you should still be good).
  • The Rigs – The “Orbit at Insane Speeds” bit may sound like fun to achieve the paradoxical “Speed Tanked Brawling” strategy, but let’s not forget that we actually have to hit our opponent to win the fight. To counteract the dizzying speed our guns will have to track our mark at, we will throw two Metastasis Adjusters onto our ship. This should improve our tracking to at least be solidly better than the other guys. I should also note that even though we are using the 200mm variation of AutoCannon, the polarized version actually tracks just as good as its smaller 150mm brother. (0.362 rad/sec for both mods) This is important because if we’re going to go through the insanity of fitting Polarized weapons, we damn well better be able to apply damage. With our remaining rig slot let’s throw on a Collision Accelerator to up our DPS even more.
  • The Neut –The Neut may not always be necessary but it can be very handy for certain ships. Anything that runs active reps or needs a cap booster to stay afloat will feel more pressure with a neut bearing down on it. Of course, if you tackle a Slicer or something with Lasers… neut the piss out of them.
  • The Scram – Because #YoureTackledBitch. Range dictation shouldn’t be a problem in a ship that can hit an afterburnered 1,500 m/s cold, but if you’re fighting a kiter like a Slicer the scram will ensure that he goes nowhere.

The Stats

So what did all this get us? Well about god damn 1,300 EHP for starters. Not exactly a bait-tanked Mauler. Remember that this fit is called “On Razor’s Edge” so your margin for error here is very low. That said, prepare yourself mentally for being alphaed if you mess up against bigger, badder ships. Bear in mind though, that we can go 1,500 m/s cold in a hull that is essentially a “Starter’s Inty”. The Slasher is very agile so even though we fit an Overdrive Injector which can destroy a ship’s ability to maneuver – our Slasher can still maintain a tight enough orbit not to slingshot you or push you out of your damage envelop (and potentially into the enemy’s). A proper orbit and ideal range dictation is important when the only thing between you and a lossmail is two Tracking Disruptors with Tracking Speed scripts.

As to DPS, well-skilled pilots will put out over 220 DPS with a slick 400 alpha when using Hail (about 200 with Republic Fleet EMP). If you compare that to the aforementioned “Little Ship that Could” fit, you’re damn near doubling your damage capabilities. Your damage should apply fairly well in all situations since we’ve significantly buffed our tracking abilities. Heavily sigtanked ships will still be a pain, but then again you’re a pain in the ass to track as well so even if it takes 10 minutes, you’ll eventually burn him down.

Capacitor-wise it should be easy mode until you start relying heavily on your neut. With everything running hot and the neut off you’re cap stable without issue. Once you start sucking your opponent’s cap, you’ve got between 90 seconds and 2 minutes depending on skills. With a heated neut? You’ve got a bit over a minute of juice. This is still quite a while, but if your TDs or AB are what drop when you derp your capacitor to zilch… you’ll be sorry. Bear this in mind when you need neut pressure to seal the deal on a fight.

What to Fight

Any standard gunboat fare will go straight to your killboard. Atrons, Merlins, Rail Catalysts, Slicers, Incursus (shoot that drone if you need to!) shouldn’t be able to even hit you. I have fought Rail Catalysts with the classic iteration of this ship and didn’t receive a single point of damage for the duration of the fight (1, 2). I’m sure two TDs will just further push the chances of getting caught lower.

Of course, anything that doesn’t require the ability to track to hurt you is basically a guaranteed loss. Drones? RUN AWAY. Missiles? You’re dead. This Slasher doesn’t have the widest engagement profile, but, as I’ve said in a previous article, a huge part about whether you win a fight is knowing what you can and cannot beat.

How To Fly

So let’s say we found a prime target like a brawling Merlin or a Scram/Rail Catalyst knocking on the Acceleration Gate of our plex. We’ve been orbiting the beacon minding our own business when your enemy shows up on grid. If you’re worried about your adversary being kitey, definitely read up on how you can solve that problem in short order. It’s likely you’ll be scrammed right away and potentially webbed as well. Given your speed and agility, an enemy’s web will not be sufficient to slow down your transversal enough for you to be tracked. Now that you have scram on him and both TDs making his guns useless, the fight is pretty much over. Either you’re going to be alphaed (or damn near it) because your enemy was going to be able to create enough space to get a few cycles off on you or you’ll be locked in a sweet, unhittable orbit and he’s screwed. Remember this fit will wreck or get wrecked. There really isn’t an in-between!

To test out how agile your skills will allow you to be with this ship, head to any plex and pop on your AB while orbiting the beacon. When your orbit stabilizes, you’ll notice that a decently skilled pilot will be able to keep between 1700 and 1600 meters of the beacon all while maintaining a pretty steady 800+ m/s speed. That’s not even close to our optimal but still quite comfortably within our falloff. Plus the tracking buffs we’ve afforded ourselves, we should be apply pretty solid damage that’s at least comparable to our enemy’s.

For Funsies

If you’re enjoying this fit or its less insane “Little Ship That Could” variant, you may want to consider riffing on the idea a bit for variety:

Dynamic Duo – Get a buddy to hop in another Slasher with some webs. He can either go nuts and not fit a tank like you or bring an Ancillary Shield Booster so he has better chance at getting first tackle. Dual webs on a target with Polarized Auto-Cannons trained on them will melt even active rep ships fairly quickly.

Halo set FTW – What in EVE isn’t better with implants and all sorts of other blingy advantages? As a ridiculous experiment I popped in a full set of High-Grade Halos, Evasive Maneuvers links, and a Standard X-Instinct Booster and came out with a sig radius of 16.2m. By comparison, a Warrior II has a signature radius of 25m. This is, of course, stupid amounts of ISK to derp around with in a 500,000 ISK hull. But if anyone with a penchant for sig-tanking does try something like this please drop me a line and let me know how it worked!

About Raktak Takrak

Editor-in-Chief, PVP Failure, and GalMil Butt Droid. Raktak does his fighting in faction fit Rifters with a PLEX in the hold - just to keep sh*t real.

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  1. First shot from anything will take half of your HP. “Sig-tanking” at 500 out-tracks 125mm ACs with 0.96 rad/s, and polarised only come in 200mm size, worse yet, even without Hail these cap out at something like 0.7 rad/s. Not that tracking matters, since your webbed velocity won’t let you reach any outstanding angular speeds. An unwebbed slasher orbiting a stationary target with 2 Nanos with AB on reaches about 0.65 rad/s. You can expect this to go down by roughly 30% when webbed.
    But the worst aspect is the lack of ranged control. I didn’t read in the article whether this is for nullsec where MWD is prevalent or FW. If the latter – this just won’t live. Tracking or no tracking, a single web is all it takes to counter frigate sig tanking, unless the victim is using Rail/Beams/Arties. Nobody is going to stand still and let you orbit them. A slashers webbed speed is at most 800m/s unless further linked and such. If someone decides to simply burn away from this slasher they will find that the slasher is trailing behind them at ~0 rad/s.

    Sig tanking at frigate size is a myth. Majority of blaster hulls reach tracking and DPS numbers that just make it easier to swap to range script and peddle them with barrage. Laser ships kite or scram kite. Since the relative webbed speeds of a slasher to the majority of other frigs rarely exceeds ~200m/s, the time it would take a slasher to cover scram range into orbit distance would put it dead in transit.

    Anything slasher fit is simply a toy to club baby seals with…

  2. Well your signature “PVP Failure” is perfect explanation of this terrible fit. Sure you can sig tank even small blasters (very easily), but you need to be able to kill them as well. That won’t happen with 200 cannons and no range control using web.
    Best would be to stick to normal slasher with TD,web,scram and AAR.

  3. Was this Slasher fit supposed to be a joke? It is quite a laugh.

  4. No web, seriously? What’s going to stop your web-armed opponent from just double-clicking in space, pulling range and thus cutting down your angular velocity? 1500 m/s cold means you’re down to 600 m/s speed with a single web on. Even one of the slower brawlers (merlin, incursus) will control range against you handily. 600 m/s transverse at a distance of, say, 5 km is just 0.12 rad/s, which even double-tracking-disrupted blasters should be able to handle, and they’re not going to need to get very much of their dps applied for you to go down in flames. Autocannons track worse, but have longer falloffs and can comfily pull range even further to further decrease angular.

  5. I think its important to remember that the “little ship that could” fit was designed primarily for use in null, where the vast majority of frigate fits at the time (and I’m guessing even now) use MWD fits. This fit would probably perform as described in null … with a significantly lower margin of error than the MASB “ship that could”. As others have mentioned it is likely to struggle against plex brawlers which invariably have a scram + web fit.

    The polarized 200’s however might make sense on a variation of the TD + Scram + Web + AAR slasher.

  6. I like the idea. However, as mentioned before, there is no range control possible. Even when switching to single td + web, you’re very limited in the choice of targets. The polarized damage gain is not huge, so every fit with just a single drone will most likely beat it.

  7. This fit is troll as hell… You could kill slicer/punishers with it though if you are carefull… Use fusion since they will be armor tanked and the reduced tracking from hail will screw you… Optimal range disrupt them with one and tracking with the other so no delay switching scripts. Slingshot the scram and orbit 500. Overheat the range disruptor and afterburner for maximum effect.. Overload scram until you dont have to anymore because of range.. Overheat tracking and get second tracking script running once you land scram. Once both td’s are tracking scripts kill heat to td. Keep ab and gunz overloaded entire fight unless they are about to burn.

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