Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: Scythe Fleet Issue

Sugar and Scythe (FI) and everything Nice:

Welcome back to the Fitting lab for another slab of the solo pie today. I’m bringing you a terror against Frig gangs. Sometimes running a ship that is completely cap independent is a great strategy for long engagements. Giving yourself a large burst rep ability your able to bait tank to your hearts desire, as well as properly time reloads.

First Lets talk about the Hull itself. 10% bonus to Medium projectile Turret Rate of Fire. 10% bonus to Light, Heavy, Heavy Assault Missile Damage. As with most Minmatar ships its designed to be able to fit multiple styles and multiple fits leaving it up the imagination if you will. The biggest downfall to this current ship’s bonus’ is its lack of a tracking bonus, which we will touch base with later on. (As always fits are made with Advanced Weapon Upgrades 4 in mind.)

The Fits:



  • EG-603


  • 500 DPS C / 561 DPS H – Choice of Damage Type
  • .208 rad/sec Tracing, Hitting most frigates quite well. (.26 w/ Stand. Drop)
  • Single Rep 254.1 HP/s Dual rep 508.2 HP/s (304.9 / 609.8 w/ Stand. Blue Pill)
  • Cap life – 9m0s
  • Mid-Grade Crystal Set (w/o Omega 642.7 HP/s + Stand. Blue pill 771.2 HP/s)

How To:

This is a very simple setup, and very easy to execute. Orbit the target at the range that reduces as much damage taken as possible. (Ex: 8km against blasters, 1km Projectile depending on the bonus’ of the opposing ship. If the target is a Cruiser and Explosive is the best damage choice then switch to Hail.

Dual Ancillary fits are dependent on your ability to properly spend and not waste any of the shield boost on every charge, along with Repping your shield to the absolute highest amount before going into Reload on the first booster. Then using the second booster during the 60 second reload time, and visa versa. Using Both at the same time is generally only going to go well for you in a 1v1 solo situation where its a race to the win, or a 1v2 where you need to then focus on the kill value formula of Primary = Dps / EHP .

Since this fit has a 9 minute cap life with the Neut running, I would run it at all times any chance you get to cap out a blaster ship or counter neut. Even capped out, your fully able to DPS and Rep without worry, only your ability to tackle ends up being hindered. Which while it can keep you from getting a Kill-mail, it wont stop you from winning a fight.



  • No Requirements


  • 364 DPS C / 414 DPS H – Choice of Damage Type *)
  • 30m Explosion Radius (24m w/ Stand. Crash)
  • No Tracking
  • 2687 m/s C / 3838 m/s H (580 Signature)
  • Swap DCU Internal force field Array to fit a Point instead of Scram
  • Mid-Grade Crystal Set (w/o Omega 642.7 HP/s + Stand. Blue pill 771.2 HP/s)

How To:

Same applies from the previous setup except that Tracking is not an issue, so if you decide to kite with a Disruptor or brawl with a Scram you can be sure your damage will be properly applied in any case. Just as important as it is with projectile, choosing the right damage for the hull is key to winning with these weapon choices. Against Destroyer and Cruiser class ships, use Fury missiles to apply even heavier beating.


Reddit Edit: In response to a great comment on reddit about running X-L ASB I decided to throw something together, came up with this.



Wrap It Up Already:

Just as it is in any ship, It takes practice and time to learn how to properly use this style of fit. Dual Ancillary Shield Boosters act a lot differently then Armor boosters. Remember they don’t need cap to run, and apply their repair at the beginning of the cycle rather then at the end.

As always folks thanks for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the Scythe Fleet Issue and enjoy trying it out in space. Fly safe and Fly for Fun.






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