Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: No Arms No Cookies


Hello everyone and welcome to Snitch Ashor’s guest fit about a nasty little ship that drops the 70% TD hammer on unexpecting brawlers. I am quite excited to all the feedback on this fit, and how people enjoy the support/brawling navy frigates.

The Hull:

Crucifier Navy Issue

Amarr Frigate bonuses (Per Skill Level):

7.5% bonus to Weapon Disruptor Effectiveness ( 37.5% bonus to TD, Missiles and Turrets ain’t got nothin on this.)

20% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage (100% LAZOR POWER)

Role Bonus:

-85% Penalty to Weapon Disruptor optimal range and falloff (I think these are meant to brawl, neither Snitch nor I are rocket scientists but the brain trust gathered this much.)

-85% reduction in Weapon Disruptor activation cost and CPU requirments (Making TD’s not cap out brawling frigs since 2015. Fitting reduction is always welcomed.)

The Fit:



EG-601 (Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5)

EG-602 (Advanced Weapon Upgrades 4)


  • 59.1% / 70.9% Tracking Disruptor (Bring a Mobile Depot and a Guidance Disruptor to refit in space when the fight calls for it.)
  • 1286 m/s Speed (1684 m/s OH, coupled with the Tracking Disruptor speed rigs make for an effective tank.)
  • 3.13km-9.49km MultiFrequency Range (This is the perfect engagement window, with an wide girth of play room for lazors. Standard reaching out to 19km, and Aurora to 34.2km.)
  • 201/229 DPS (200 DPS is a pretty good threshold to break, this can break most frigate tanks just fine.)


  • Low Resists. (57.5/44.8/36.3/32 – This is quite low, but the idea is to mitigate and avoid damage entirely, so mistakes end up costing you the ship.)
  • Tank (One ancillary helps to keep you alive through the minimal but evident DPS that will get applied)
  • Limited by AB (I don’t see how MWD could really ever fit on this ship.)

How To Fly:

Pre heat scram, beams, and AAR and stay at 7.5-8+ km, whatever it takes. If your opponent uses rails, heating the TD gives you a whoopin 70% range reduction. Stay away from agile kiters if you would have to start at long range and of course Daredevils/Worms. Fighting dual webs is tough but often you can surprise and out-DPS them. Start cycling the AAR early if taking damage there is not much buffer.

What to look for: Comets, Merlins, Tormentors, Enyos, Retributions, Catalysts…

Just give it a shot, the used T2 rigs are cheap and worth it.

In Conclusion:

Wrapping up this amazing fit by Snitch, I’m glad to see feedback as well as mails with fits finally in my inbox. Please continue to do so and my gratitude goes out to Snitch and anyone who wants to see their ideas up here as well. Please feel free to reach out anytime. On a side note, the name was all Snitch and, I’ve gotta say, it’s probably the best named ship ever.

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  1. Thanks!
    One minor detail that I forgot or got lost on the way… Theres enough calibration for a T2 locus rig. It’s fairly cheap and gives you an optimal of 9.9km so you can cover almost the entire heated scram range in your optimal.

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