Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: Cruor Clot

Welcome to another one of my fitting lab extravaganza’s. First and foremost, this is NOT a cheap fit, however it is very effective. This fit is implant specific and one of the most efficient ways to fit a Cruor. While leaving your pocketbook a little light, it will be dropping kill-mails in the bank.

The Hull


  • Minmatar Frig (Per Level): 20% bonus to Stasis Webifier range (HUGGGGE for catching kiters, great for range control.)
  • Amarr Frig (Per Level): 15% bonus to Energy Vampire and Energy Neutralizer drain amount (Dual Nos makes this boat neut like a madman without running out of cap.)
  • Role Bonus: 100% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage (Whoa!)
    • Energy Vampires fitted to this ship will drain targeted ship’s capacitor regardless of your own capacitor level (Drain baby drain. You will get full benefit from Nos’s without capping out yourself and keeping your opponent capped out.)

The Fit



  • Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV
  • Mid-Grade Talisman Slot 1-5
  • EG-603
  • ES-703
  • EM-803
  • RP-903


  • Speed 2900km/s C (4190 H)
  • Cap Stable (MWD on Thanks to the A-type)
  • Cap Stable (MWD on Dual Nos’s C , Dual Rep’s C)
  • Cap Stable (MWD off, Dual Rep’s H, Dual Nos H)
  • 252 Hp/s Rep C (291 Hp/s H, 349 Hp/s H Stand Exile)
  • Range Control Web 28km C (36km H Web, GOTCHA!)
  • 8.6km Nosferatu


  • Low resist profile
  • 125 DPS C (143 DPS H)
  • Not good at 2-3v1
  • Highly implant dependant
  • Struggles against capless fits
  • 400m pricetag

Why the Price Tag?

  • Corpii C-Type Nos – 8.64km (B-types only fit with AVW 5 and EG-604+)
  • Coreli A-Type 5mn – Best speed you can get , great for catching kiters, and only a 5% cap penalty which is unbelievably helpful for chasing.
  • Caldari Navy Scram – that extra .75 range, Even though I would put on a longer range one
  • Fed Navy Web – 28km cold range is unreal
  • Corpii A-type Small Armor Reps – 300dps cap stable rep power, on a very weak tanked ship, this is a very good fix for its naturally poor resists.
  • Imperial Navy Energized – This ship NEEDS as much resist help as you can give it.
  • IFFA – CPU
  • Rigs – Dual Nano Pump always better then One nano pump, one nanobot. Nanobot will almost always make a dual rep ship no longer cap stable, or rep capable under a single neut. Anti-Kin: Because If I haven’t said already, this ships resists suck.

How to Fly

Before I get into this section I want to add that T2 Fitting this will NOT work efficiently to properly fly the ship to its full potential in my honest opinion. There are places where you may save some ISK, such as T2 Energized adaptive, or a Fed Navy and T2 scram, Things like that but I find a lot of situations where that 1km scram distance meant everything.

Again I want to stress, the Cruor is very bad at taking 2 ships worth of DPS in almost any case, unless one of the ships is a support class or very low in DPS like an crucifier.

Situations –

  1. In a Plex – Fast Kiters: sit behind the button, overheat MWD Scram and Web, as soon as he lands, burn into him, and do everything to keep your scram on him. With a 34km overheated Web you should have this one in the bag. Brawlers: Blasters you want to sit at 8km out of range of almost all of his dps, while using your Nos’s (That 8600 range now is pretty handy). Rails, Orbit at your optimal with multifreq and wait for your Nos’s to neut him out. Projectiles you have to take ship bonus into consideration, but your almost always best to sit at 8km again and just DPS him with scortch. Rockets, sit in your optimal and come out on top because of the really low DPS. Any neuts, immediately pull to 6500km + and try to stay in your multifreq falloff.
  2. Warping In a Plex – Fast Kiters: If its a Garmur or Worm I would never suggest warping in on them. Even if you catch a Worm it will still likely kill you. If its even a halfway decent fit Garmur you won’t get in web range. Brawlers: Land, Turn on H MWD, and Keep at range 8km and start to apply Nos pressure. Then assess your targets range capabilities and refer to above situations.
  3. Multiple Targets – Warping into a Plex: unless they are T1 frigs without any Tracking Disruptors you need to decide on your speed at killing one vs the overall DPS they can put out, likely you will not get enough range to split them up. In a Plex: Pull lots of range, around 150km or so, You may end up fighting not only 2 or 3, but an entire blob, and you need to spread as much space between each ship as you can. Use your cap stable MWD speed and long web to keep targets at bay. You have 2 targets moving in close together, Web one and take the other one on with Scortch and do as much damage to the one your allowing to get close to you before having to Nos, scram and switch your web to him.


While I like to adhere to the everyday pilot. Most of which would not drop 500mil on a Pirate Frigate, but I really have enjoyed destroying ships over the past few weeks with this ship. It is currently my favorite ship of the month. While I have yet to lose it, I really was looking forward to writing this article and speaking to my FW.com readers as well as Redditors. Please give this fit a try if you think this fit might match your style.

About Ignacio Daimon

Playing Eve since June 6, 2015. Husband and Father of Two. 15+ Years gaming experience. Twitch.tv/Stunalicious

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  1. 400mil price tag:
    – J1m raynor’s ultimate beam confessor
    – 10mn arMor arty svipul
    – Lussy Lou’s 10mn slicer
    – Standard mse or damping garmur
    – Pimped overprop succubus
    – Kite rml phoon
    – Cheap orthrus fit
    – Dual prop pimped dramiel
    – Dualweb no scram Daredevil
    – 10mn or hard-kite worm

    There are numerous ships for this price tag which will yield more fights and give much more opportunities than a cruor. The only viable role of which is novice format armor fleet web support.

    The second role is a full nos trap tackle which is used by two or three pilots in new Eden.

  2. While i appreciate your comments, as I always do the point of the fitting lab isn’t to say well this ship could do it better. Each ship has its own unique situations. and a few of these fits on here the Cruor would beat. I do understand what your saying. However unless you have flown this ship and tried it out. I really wish you wouldn’t be so negative about it. I also have had absolutely no issues getting fights in my cruor. however I’d like to see the majority of folks engage a worm, orthrus, garmur, daredevil, Svipul before engaging a cruor.

    • On a side note, Dual web daredevil’s its so bad of an idea it hurts. 90% web means that if we are talking about an AB frig going 1000 m/s. one web means it is now going 100 m/s . The second web brings it down to 10 m/s . If you have any issues with range or tracking at 100 m/s then you have some serious pvp issues. This is NEVER a good idea. Put a scram or disruptor on it. Dual web is good for UN-bonused ships and completely redundant otherwise. If your disruptor fit, and the average frig is going 4000 m/s then its going 400 m/s with one web, easily tracked again, and you get full range control here as well.

  3. Reading this, it occurred to me how mixed the hull bonuses of the ship are. Getting webs that reach well out to point range suggests a kiter with supreme range control, but then, neuts and nosses don’t reach beyond scram range, even when blinged.

    I suppose the mwd is primarily for catching kiters, then? You assume that once you get in scram range, you won’t need to maneuver any more, but can just keep dishing damage regardless of what happens within scram range? With such mad reps and nosses that make you effectively immune to being capped out yourself, that might well be case.

    However, I got thinking, how about fitting a bling afterburner? With that web range, you can still web an mwd kiter, might be enough to catch them with some fancy flying?

    • I took all of this into consideration when fitting the ship and i’m glad you brought this up.

      First off The bonus’s are amazing but odd. the Web allows you to catch kiters however on average an MWD kite ship can do 4km/s which after a web is 2.4km/s which is faster then any AB that’s not on a Succubus. So afterburner was out of the question(I tried it for days with an A-type, it just didn’t come nearly as successful. Second was once I was in scram range, If it was a kiter, it was going to die regardless unless its a worm. The Nos’ keep me from every getting capped out while easily capping out my opponent for the entire fight thanks to the bonus again, allowing me to disengage if the situation ever calls for it, since I have neuted out his scram and web and continue to gain all the cap in the world I am free to choose my engagement range. even against missile boats staying in 100% optimal is an advantage they usually try to take but don’t get to.

      You don’t need an AB, your going to neut out the opponents prop mods and tank mods and all sorts so It won’t matter, you can just turn on your MWD and moonwalk out anytime you wan’t because he can’t use any cap to scram you.

      Great questions and comment.

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