Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: Calarmo

Kite? Do we do that here? Well today we do. I really wanted to find a fit that let me learn to kite, as well as kept me alive if I did get scrammed and back out to range, so not only could I fight one but multiple people. What was my answer?

The Hull:

Caldari Navy Hookbill
Caldari Frigate bonuses (per skill level):

25% bonus to Kinetic Light Missile and Rocket Damage (Woop Woop we love 125% bonus to Kinetic!)

20% bonus to EM, Explosive, Thermal Light Missile and Rocket damage (Woop woop not quite 125% bonus to everything else!)

10% bonus to Light Missile and Rocket Max Velocity (Let them Missles REEEACCCHHHH, speed is life.)

The Fit:



  • 22.8km Javelin Rockets (15.2km Cal-Navy, 12.7km Rage… it kinda feels like using Iron Man’s hand.)
  • Dual Prop (3145/4493 MWD , 1117/1451 AB – This is the key to survival here, if you have to fight multiple ships you can kite while still using AB to avoid a scram from another ship. Or if you’re like me, and make multiple mistakes at kiting.)
  • Defensive Web (Again adding to the defence of multiple ship engagement. 13Km overheated gives you the ability to kite without all the nano’s and snakes that some ships require.)
  • 1m 30s Cap (Plenty of cap to be cap stable while pulsing. However, as always, a cheap shiny MWD would make this fit highly stable.)


  • 109/129 DPS (270 Volley, Pretty low DPS and volley however you can choose your ammo type and do 100% damage into any resistance hole. When flying missiles it’s essential to maximize your DPS by always going for the highest damage type.)
  • Agility (2.228x is quite low for a kite focused ship, for reference a dual nano slicer has an agility of 1.620x)

How To Fly:

So here you have multiple engagement choices, you can brawl with rage if you are up against a kiter and use your web and AB/MWD management to stay in a tight orbit. You can Kite blaster boats at 10km with faction or you can simply kite at a nice steady orbit of 18km and apply Javelin.

The damage of missiles comes from the resistance hole of the opposing ship. Make sure you optimize your damage type. It is easily worth it in a kite capable ship due to the ability stay in an engagement much longer. If your ammo type is wrong, switch it ASAP.


I found this fit to be a very solid beginner ship to practice manual piloting, if I got caught, it wasn’t very difficult to get out of scram range and continue practicing in the same engagement without losing a ship. It was great fun to practice in this ship, I learned quite a lot about kiting while using it, do’s and don’t of kiting, as well as dealing with multiple targets. Manual piloting is quite essential for multi-target engagements as orbiting puts you at a very difficult angle to burn away should you need to put distance between two ships in closing paths.

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