Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: Back to Back Breacher (Crystals)


Hello everyone and welcome to my newest T1 Frig love, the Breacher. As a lot of you know recently since the introduction of injectors I’ve become quite addicted and have grabbed a lot of SP I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Shields and Rockets have really made a huge impact on the way I view PVP. Along with the deliciousness of Crystal Implants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This fit and specifics are with Mid-grade Crystal implants and Standard Blue Pill.

The Hull: Breacher

Minmatar Frigate Bonuses (per Level):5% to light missile and rocket rate of fire

Minmatar Frigate Bonuses (per Level):7.5% to Shield booster amount.

The Fit:


[Breacher, Crystal]

IFFA Compact Damage Control
Ballistic Control System II
Co-Processor II

Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 50
1MN Afterburner II
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 50

Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rage Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rage Rocket

Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II

Warrior II x2


  • 212.8 Hp/s (275.4 H) Per Rep (425.6 HP/s C 550.8 HP/s H w/ both running for 9 cycles)
  • Cap Stable at 90% (With only a prop mod and a scram using capacitor, You can handle most neut situations. When not fighting neuts you can also get a couple extra cycles out of you Shield rep before you let it reload.)
  • Damage Choice (This is the most important thing to remember in the Breacher, with very low DPS your ability to shoot into resist holes is key to winning an engagement.)
  • 39.4 Signature Radius (Even though the resist rigs are working against this you still land below a 40, which is a strong sig threshold for tanking cruisers. *29 With Links*).


  • 1184 m/s Speed (1548 m/s H Standard speed, still slow)
  • No Stasis Webifier (This speaks for itself, No range control, No heavy tackle.)
  • 142 DPS (161 H Extremely low, like pitiful low.)

How To Fly:

So the breacher has its obvious flaws to start off. That being of course no web and low DPS. This eliminates multiple encounters off the bat. Such as a dual rep Incursus, in the end you may win, but after roughly an hour. (With good skills and fine piloting, this is not an exaggeration.)

The Breacher shines in one department, longevity. The boosts from the ship bonuses make it a great ship to take down buffer ships. When fighting against buffer, time is the only factor in winning when you can out tank a T1 Cruiser. As for the ever-so-popular Hull-tanked Comet, this Breacher is a very strong counter to it as far as surprising the pilot by your ability to survive the burst of DPS. However again you run into the problem of the enemy being able to disengage and warp off due to your low DPS and lack of range dictation.

For tackle, the Breacher is great. It is able to handle the DPS of even a worm at point blank range long enough to get backup, or better yet with near perfect skills, win the fight.


So that wraps it up the over-tanked under-appreciated T1 Frig that really just was a blast to fly. I appreciated all the encounters I got and was glad to get a chance to really test its abilities in a 1v1, which is a rare commodity these days. Fly Safe, Fly fun.


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  1. No.. just no! no need to use ancillaries if you have crystals, use small booster or medium one, you can be fully stable and still have web.
    Not to speak how terrible idea is the usage of t2 rockets without web dude, it’s better to use meta launchers and stick to faction rockets.

    • 1. In order to tank 300 dps in a Non ancil you need to drop a good 400mil into the breacher. Not to mention the 550dps you can rep when under pressure.
      2. Rage work fine without a web vs mwd targets. or Shield targets, AB yes i would argue to use Faction against.
      3. You can get neuted into the ground with a cap booster easy.
      4. I’ll stick with my fit.

      • 1. Yes, you cannot tank such dps with normal boosters, but when do you have to tank 300deeps.
        2. Maybe you wouldn’t have to tank 300+ dps if you had range control = web?
        3. Rage will not work well against scrammed mwd frig, almost every frig will be doing 380+m/s and that will mitigate rage dps, not huge portion but it will be noticable.
        4. Medium/Large neut will get to you even with web, but not small neut if the enemy frig is webbed .
        5. Don’t stick with your fit

        • Ok you made me look on numbers:
          Frigate without shield extenders doing 380m/s will mitigate 20% of your rockets dps.
          Frigate with extenders (bantam/tristan has sig 48m) with speed 380m/s mitigates 5%, there isn’t huge difference at this speed, but we all know that they are way faster, most frigs are moving in the range of 430-460m/s, even +500m/s and that will hurt dps by a lot.

          Trust the Caldari pilot about rocket and missile dps mate :-{

        • 1. Normal booster tank is not enough, and you get easily neuted out by one single small neut, which is horrible for a ship with sub 150 dps. (300 dps is possible in a couple T1 frigs and multiple Pirate frigs. Not to mention the required dps is lower if the damage type is Kinetic.)
          2. You can control range without a web, just not as effectively, this argument can be made all day about the web or no web, a lot of shield ships are known to not have a web.
          3. This is probably true, I’m not a huge number cruncher on missiles yet, Its still newer to me, however I don’t see the damage difference being large, and in some cases rage may still come out on top. I don’t know 100%.
          4. One small neut would destroy normal booster fit.
          5. Just poor taste

  2. Holy shit that was a semi-civil discussion about a fit. Take that, reddit!

  3. No missile velocity bonus and no web? it’s basically a dual rep incursus with half the damage and 30 times the cost.

    “rage works fine without web on MWD targets” – considering rage rockets on a breacher solely apply to scramrange, there is no such thing as an MWD target in scramrange.

    Guys, the regular breacher *with* a web is horribly prone to being kited or out DPS’d. This here is an expensive killmail waiting to happen. Good enough for killing average FW newbs sure – but any half competent Tormentor, Executioner, Merlin, Atron, Slasher, Rifter will ruin your day, nevermind faction frigs.

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