Faction Warfare Changes Digest – Winter 2015

What follows is a quick update on the latest changes, discussions, and rumored decisions about the future of Faction Warfare from the previous few months. For the folks who read the EVE forums, Reddit, and the CSM minutes religiously, there won’t be much new for you to peruse. But for the people who haven’t had the chance to take note on how Faction Warfare and its community have been developing recently, this quick list should get you right up to speed.

Changes to FW Just Enacted

  1. The biggest news of course is that Tactical Destroyers are no longer allowed in Small Plexes. This was a pretty popular decision, I think, even for the stalwart Svipul T3D pilots. I can’t say that CCP is ready to put up a GF in local about balancing this new class of ship for Faction Warfare or PVP in general, as we have covered here and here. However, preventing the summary stomping of newbros by linked veteran T3D pilots in Small Plexes is definitely a great first step.
  1. Faction Warfare missions have been tweaked in a few different ways and, according to the most recent CSM Minutes, this might be just the beginning. Of course, the most recent patch notes cut right to the chase on the changes but I think what we’re seeing is indicative of a consensus that some FW mission runners have it way too easy where as others face some annoyances. As a GalMil pilot I’m pumped to hear that all L4s will have their jamming rate nerfed so it doesn’t require a ton of patience, or drones, to complete these missions. On the flip side, Caldari and Minmatar will have fast webbing frigates to deal with which will impact LP farmers ISK/hour efficiency.

Changes to FW Likely Coming

  1. Non-Faction Warfare pilots entering plexes may get tagged with a suspect timer (Page 8 of the CSM Minutes). Things still seem a bit tentative on exactly how this will work but it seems likely that the timer will be quite short. I’m particularly excited about this change as my security status always takes a beating when I solo plex. I love the fact that plexing gets me fights, but I honestly cannot justify the steep price in repairing my sec status if it will just be trampled by a few hours of solo plexing. If you’re in a FW plex and you’re a neutral – you have no business being there and it’s obvious you’re up to no good. I think the suspect timer makes perfect sense, even if it it’s only 30 seconds or so. Sugar Kyle’s blog has provided us with the strongest indication that this mechanic might one day be a reality.
  1. CCP seems keen to leverage their work on Drifter Incursions (which was withdrawn from the game pending a rework) to include the idea of NPC combat patrols around space. At present, NPCs cannot jump gates and roam around New Eden but that may not be the case for long. The possibilities for a FW NPC patrol are nearly limitless. I’m very interested to hear more about what the developers have in store for this. For now, it seems that they still have groundwork to lay, but I think it’s very likely we will see a new type of content in Faction Warfare to complement the PVP/PVE elements we already have.
  1. Citadels will interact with Faction Warfare in some special ways; we just have no idea exactly how yet. There are, however, a couple of discussions currently ongoing about how FW bonuses might fit into the Citadel equation and what exactly anchoring and control of Citadels should entail given the very specific mechanics currently in FW regarding stations. The anchoring discussion in particular has quite a lot of input from the community and seems to be closely watched by CSM member Sugar Kyle. Citadels have the potential to fundamentally change how Faction Warfare works but there is no consensus whatsoever on whether that change will be good or bad for militia pilots. Whether you have enough ISK in your account to buy a dozen Citadels or you can’t even dream of ever coming to deploy a major structure in space, this discussion will very likely impact your EVE experience so it’s well worth watching.
  1. The CSM is sensitive to the criticism that there aren’t enough targets to shoot in FW and appears to be moving in the direction of decoupling the Caldari/Amarr and Gallente/Minmatar alliances (or, put another way, “four-way war”). That’s right, folks, the uneasy feeling you get when an “allied” faction warps into your plex (#awox) may instead just be another way for you to get PVP content. In my experience, how exactly GalMil treats their Minmatar bretheren runs the gamut from actively working with the Minnies to “YOLO! Just blap ‘em.” While this debate is entertaining, roaming into the other side of lowsec now means you have twice as many targets to shoot at. Can’t say I hate that prospect. For the role-playing folks, CCP will be coming up with some lore to compliment the two alliances falling apart.

I know a bunch of this news is old or a longstanding debate, but not everyone has the time or inclination to read every morsel of information coming out of CCP’s corner. For the people who dedicate all their EVE time to being logged in and undocked, hopefully this digest was short and sweet enough to help!

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  1. Bigger grids has led to all Districts broadcasting across the system when near a planet. Kinda broken. CCP woopsie?

  2. It never really made sense that the Amarr and Caldari are long term allies given their differences in culture.

    • Well, self-interest has led to all sorts of alliances between apparently unlikely fellows. Gallente and Minmatar are ideologically natural allies, so it only makes sense that their enemies would cooperate out of mutual interest.

  3. People complaint about gallentean fw missions due to ECM. Doesn’t a single ECCM module negate the effect?

  4. Wait, did gal lvl 4 missions already have webbing frigates in them? And are caldari missions possible with a bomber anymore?

    • Would like to know the answer to this as well.

      • FW’s 4 were and still are doable in SB. Don’t believe to non skilled GalFW pilots tell you otherwise.. you were able to do lvl4s in SB before ecm nerf. Now it’s just easier.
        Caldari 4’s can be still done in SB, just need some t2 speed rigs and ded AB

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