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CSM Spotlights are articles that highlight candidates for the Council of Stellar Management that have interest in low-sec space. While not necessarily faction warfare minded, any changes to the way things in low-sec operate will alter our lives in Faction Warfare, so these candidates are incredibly important to how we play EVE. The following is a spotlight on Sugar Kyle, and what she hopes to bring to the table.

Sugar Kyle - CSM9 Candidate
Sugar Kyle – CSM9 Candidate

The focus of this article is Sugar Kyle, the second of our CSM spotlights highlighting those with a vested interest in low-sec space. Having played and resided in low-sec for all of her playing career, Sugar Kyle represents our interests better than any other candidate. While other candidates may have low-sec priorities in their plans, they don’t have low-sec space as their one and only focus, which makes Sugar Kyle unique in that aspect. Her official thread can be found here.

Sugar Kyle has prospered doing primarily small gang PvP in low-sec, something that many others in Faction Warfare do on a daily basis. Not only did she flourish in that regard, she also worked on seeding markets, and the logistics required to sustain her business. Seeding a market is filling specific stations, and areas of space with goods. Stations goods are supplied by players. Everything you see in Jita is there because a player is selling it, and without effort from players, stations in low-sec would be bare markets, many areas are. Sugar Kyle highlights how both the combat, and industry, are important to Faction Warfare. I know many people involved in the seeding of the Innia station in Caldari Space, and I know an equal amount of effort has been put in to the Gallente controlled systems of Nennamaila and Nisuwa, as well as the equivalents in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone such as Huola and Sisiede. Sugar Kyle “[does] more in low-sec than spend my time looking for explosions”, she also has the knowledge and background of the inner workings that keep Faction Warfare and low-sec space moving.

Many people don’t realize the extent of how important logistics are to the war. Several successful fleets that have been flown in the last few weeks have far more behind the scenes support than most realize. Aside from the FC’s creating their fits, there is a tremendous amount of work from people supplying those fits to stations and putting them up on contracts. Sugar Kyle has provided this supply line to many stations, giving her an insider’s perspective on how it all comes together. She has the big picture in mind, while many others only focus on specific sub-sections of what creates an area as diverse as Low-Sec.

One of Sugar Kyle’s recent feats was at Fanfest, where she talked to CCP in regards to the 1/10 and 2/10 DED sites. Anyone who does exploration in the warzone knows these as the newly added low-sec exploration sites that came with the release of Rubicon. While not specifically faction warfare related, this resulted in more variety for the low-sec population. Sugar Kyle stated  that  “Low Sec suffers from an identity crises brought on by the tiered approach of high -> low -> null”. More content in low-sec results in more players, and a stronger identity for the pilots that live there. Right now it just acts as a stepping stone on a capsuleer’s path towards Null-Sec.

Sites may not have the income that comes with running missions, but they can prove to be more interesting, and many others feel this way as well. Having more variety in what we can do in low-sec is never a bad thing. We want more players to hang out here, not less. Sugar Kyle’s suggestion, and later addition of the new exploration sites, proves that she can not only come up with ideas but get them implemented. Sugar Kyle has the vision and drive required to see this through.

Additionally, she has some focus on Faction Warfare itself. One of the more interesting suggestions she put forward was that “… bulletin boards (or a new board if it is a code problem) in high sec should announce the current status of the war.” This creates a way for Faction Warfare to extend beyond the space that it currently occupies and the pilots that are directly involved in the struggle. In doing so, it would generate more interest and bring in more players. Faction Warfare is a giant war between the different militias, so it should feel more alive. Major news sources, NPC military mobilization, adjustments to economics. These are all things that would add to the experience.

Relating to personal experiences in EVE, there are a lot of things I do on a daily basis that could be improved, and Sugar Kyle has her sights set addressing those issues. I’ve heard complaints from all sides of Faction Warfare, from numerous corporations and CEO’s, regarding how difficult logistics are, setting up corporation permissions, and helping new players learn the basics that they feel should have been taught by tutorials. There is also the boredom that sets in for a lot of players. Many capsuleers can only take so much button spinning and mission running before they feel it’s not worth their time, even to fund activities they find enjoyable. My time is precious, and while FW is an isk printing machine, I don’t have enough time in the day for all the projects going on. I’d rather pay for PLEX than run another mission, and many others feel the same way. I, for one, would love to see additional money earning opportunities and a streamlined logistics process to break up the monotony in low-sec space.

Similar to Matias, Sugar Kyle has a strong focus on various things for new players as well. Player retention, introductory missions, the Corporate Management Interface, boosters… Many areas that could be streamlined and easier for newer players to grasp and take advantage of. These ideas combined with the strong focus toward low-sec space makes her a prime candidate for representing us in the CSM. For additional reading regarding Sugar Kyle, be sure to check out her blog. http://www.lowseclifestyle.com/

EDIT 04/08/2014 06:55 – There is a candidate spotlight from eve-csm.com here.

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