Combat Battlecruisers: Jack of All Trades

In days past great fleets of special war machines roamed New Eden laying waste to everything they came across. Eventually when the galaxy changed they went dormant, slumbering until the day they would be called upon again to unleash their fury upon foes. With Vanguard now live on Tranquility they have returned more powerful than ever before. With furious vengeance they solidify their place once more in solo PVP and uniform fleet doctrines, putting to shame the impostures that sought to take their place. They are now what they were intended to be, the true link between fast, agile cruisers and powerful and lumbering ships of the line. I’m speaking of course of the new Combat Battlecruisers.

When any FC considers what fleet composition to field, several factors are considered. Among the most important are mobility, firepower, and protection. When we’re talking about cost one need not look further than these destructive ships. Indeed it is my strong opinion that Combat Battlecruisers are the perfect balance between all three of these factors for the cost. They can fill any role you need them to. Picture the aforementioned factors of mobility, firepower, and protection on a sliding scale. Now obviously as with any class, certain hulls are more prone to certain fits, however ships like the Brutix, Harbinger, Hurricane, and the Drake are now far more versatile than ever. All 4 of these hulls are capable of being full mobility fit with good firepower or full protection fit with however much firepower you require, or somewhere in the middle. All of this I might add, for an average cost of 75 million ISK. Now you can use any combination of weapons and speed and tank modules on any of these T1 hulls and get the desired result. Either a tanky brawl version or a kiting nano version and everything in between.

The price and relatively low skill requirements to fly them mean that for smaller, less experienced entities they are a good introductory fleet doctrine to large ship PVP. This allows more noob friendly entities to put their new pilots into these ships and get used to flying the most basic ship of the line in the game. The skills they learn in this role will transfer over to their battleship skills. For most experienced entities, the new Navy Battlecruisers represent a true middle ground between Cruisers and Battleships to resort to. Now I realize that they do not have the T2 resist profile loved by everyone, but with their new projection bonuses their firepower is undeniably devastating. Now at any range, the full might of the fleet can be brought down upon the enemy without much if any range maneuvering. The fact that this is accomplished with medium sized weapons (and a lot more of them than on cruisers) means that the outgoing salvos track very well especially with proper webbing support. Translation: You will shred opposing ships. While their tank is not as substantial as their Battleship counterparts, it is still iron clad against ships of equal size or smaller. In my opinion, a properly run Battlecruiser gang can match a HAC gang, especially if your fleet is made of Navy BCs.

Unfortunately, in relation to Faction Warfare, these very useful ships are unable to get into all plexes with the exception of Larges. This makes them not so useful in system pushes. However, I would not advocate that they be allowed into Mediums as sliding into 20 blaster Brutixes would just be murder city. However, if you’re looking for a cheap hull that can do a myriad of things well, look no further than these beasts. They are an excellent jack of all trades.

That said, how does the community feel about the new BC changes? What is your favorite BC hull and why? Do you agree with my assessment of their abilities? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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