Chremoas down in Vlillrier

At 03:31 this evening/morning, DHB Wildcat lost his Chremoas in a Small FW Plex in Vlillrier.  For those unfamiliar with the ship, there’s a good reason for that.  Only a few were ever handed out.  Specifically, the runners-up to this year’s Alliance Tournament received them as a prize.  Given their scarcity, this loss goes far beyond the ISK value listed on the in-game mail.  If you’re wondering what the ship does, here is CCP’s description:

The Chremoas is the Angel Cartel’s take on the Covert Ops ship. Don’t let the class designation fool you, the Chremoas is a more than capable combat vessel that takes advantage of a covert cloak, advanced targetting systems previously only seen on stealth bombers, and ample midslots to pick and control the fights it knows it can win. By the time a you see a Chremoas decloak, the fight is already over.

3H/5M/3L, 2 turrets, 1 launcher

Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus:
10% bonus to Small Projectile Turret optimal range and falloff per level
Gallente Frigate Skill Bonus:
5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed per level
Covert Ops Skill Bonus:
20% reduced CPU need for Cloaking Devices per level
10% increase to scan strength of probes per level
Role Bonuses:
200% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage
+10 Virus Strength to Relic and Data Analyzers
-100% targeting delay after decloaking
Notes: Can fit covert ops cloaks and covert cynosural field generators. Cloak reactivation delay reduced to 5 seconds.

[03:44:55] Tara Black > 07
[03:44:55] Kekyana > Hey Tara!
[03:45:00] Kekyana > Can you tell me about the Chremoas kill?
[03:47:34] Tara Black > i dont have too much, we were deplexing and i noticed the ship on short, did not recognize the name (maybe a ccp rename i didnt pay attention to) and then saw it enter and cloak
[03:48:14] Tara Black > i googled the ship and saw what it was, laughed and said no way to my milita guy also in plex
[03:49:25] Tara Black > he decloaks at 18k, mwd fit, and engages, friend warps and leaves me, the chrem had a fleet of atrons that came in once i was pointed
[03:49:39] Tara Black > i died, happy just to see one, and then i saw the mail
[03:49:48] Tara Black > the real heros are the trons that caught him

[03:41:17] Kekyana > send me details, Baron
[03:42:24] Baron Von Sparklefarts > he was in a small in Vlillirier getting chased by snuff box and we chased him down and killed him…..he put our hero tackle to 5% structure in 3 volleys before we were able to get a second point on and our primary tackle could pull range
[03:42:50] Kekyana > You guys work with Gal Mil on purpose?
[03:42:53] Kekyana > Or just happened?
[03:42:59] Baron Von Sparklefarts > after that, it was over ridiculously quick…then we looted and me and other looter dipped while fleet killed Reyna Skylar (Stiletto)
[03:43:14] Baron Von Sparklefarts > we werent working with galmil
[03:43:18] Baron Von Sparklefarts > we just ignored the WT
[03:43:43] Baron Von Sparklefarts > well, i guess the galmil bro had the primary tackle
[03:43:48] Baron Von Sparklefarts > and we did not engage him
[03:44:00] Baron Von Sparklefarts > since we were worried about the chremoas and the stiletto
[03:44:16] Kekyana > So Gal Mil had tackle.
[03:44:17] Baron Von Sparklefarts > khan said he’ll be a bro forever for his efforts
[03:44:23] Kekyana > You ignored Gal Mil and focused on the Chremoas.
[03:44:38] Baron Von Sparklefarts >Tara Black
[03:44:52] Baron Von Sparklefarts > and yea, we ignored her and just went for the chrem
[03:44:59] Baron Von Sparklefarts > stiletto came in behind it
[03:45:04] Baron Von Sparklefarts > and then we engaged that
[03:54:02] Kekyana > Thanks for the head’s up, Baron

Thanks Tara and Baron for providing the news of the day!

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  1. Nice. Was killed by Tropic9 once in a similar fashion, always glad to see those cloaky ships go down.

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