Changing Warzones: An Interview Mira deVorsha

Mira deVorsha is a well-known and, to some, divisive character in the Caldari/Gallente warzone. Known for years to organize and FC fleets for everything from system sieges to casual roams, Mira can be recognized in local by fighters on both sides of the war. Recently, he made a not-so-common jump from the Caldari side of Faction Warfare to Amarr. Almost immediately, he was back to his old tricks of forming of fleets and taking the fight straight to the enemy, wherever they may be. For Gallente or Caldari pilots who have ever wondered what it’s like to battle it out in “that other warzone”,’s Raktak had a chance to talk with Mira about the differences between the two warzones from the unique perspective of an FC. You’ve seen a lot of both the Cal/Gal and Amarr/Min warzones now. What is the most striking difference between the two?

Mira deVorsha: The biggest difference I have found with both the warzones is the size. The Caldari & Gallente warzone is twice is size of Amarr/Minmatar and there are a lot of other third parties around in the warzone. However, I’m really liking it here in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone. There are not as many big entities in the area, and the Amarr also seem more organised. So far, from what I can tell, the Minmatar are pretty beaten in large fleet ops – but they seem to be keeping up the fight and pressure on Amarr in small numbers and small gangs.

The other warzone is more about the bigger groups where you have average Caldari & Gallente corporations and alliances that are far bigger than even larger Amarr/Minmatar entities. Fleets when I was in Caldari warzone were mainly Frig/Destroyer/T1 Cruiser doctrines whereas in the Amarr warzone, it is focused on more specific doctrines T2 Cruisers & below.

I personally find the Amarr warzone to be a lot more enjoyable than the Caldari, but I suppose that all comes down to preference. If I were a new player, where would you tell me was the best place to join? If you had to list the pros and cons what would you tell me? (i.e. If you want X then go to Cal/Gal space, if you want Y then go to Amarr/Min space.)

MdV: To be honest for a newer player the Caldari/Gallente warzone is the best for learning due to the fact that they use a lot smaller ships and enjoy that side of the game a lot more. I also found that there are a lot more vets in that side of the warzone that are willing to help. The Amarr/Minmatar warzone is a lot smaller so it’s easier for a pilot to learn the area and get used to flying around. There are also a lot more public fleets that members are able to get involved in. How is the doctrine different from Cal/Gal space? Is the pacing of the fighting and the scale different as well?

MdV: The main difference I have noticed is that when I was in the Cal/Gal warzone and I was trying to form a doctrine fleet it could get frustrating. I would end up with loads of mixed Frigs or struggle to get Logistics. In the end we would undock with mixed kitchen sink fleets unless specific FCs took charge. (BLOC & HECON stuck more to doctrines than other groups.) Gallente seemed to move into doctrines a lot faster and a lot easier than Caldari. They would bring Battleship doctrines to fight against Snuffbox and other groups in the area. This flexibility showed in the warzone as they had a few good runs at beating back the Caldari recently.

The Amarr seem to have set doctrines and seem to stick to them quite a lot. This is very convenient since most of the main Amarr groups live in the same system – making logistics like restocking ammo and fitted ships very easy. The Minmatar doctrines seem to be for the smaller stuff like Frigates and Destroyers. They love their Talwars & Thrashers. When I have seen them in fleets of Cruisers, they do seem a bit mixed on doctrines with every group having their own ideas. If the doctrines can be quite different, does your experience in fighting in a completely different warzone give you an advantage (at least initially) to use strategies your enemies are not used to? Have there been some surprises that the Gallente normally don’t have in store that the Minmatar have given you in battle?

MdV: The main fight I have been involved in since moving to the Amarr warzone was the Huola fights and it was good to be able to bring in some doctrines that were not used there as much. When I took control of fleets I would bring in a lot of LongBow Cormorants and MWD Cancer Tristans. We used both these doctrines to take out the longer range fleets they kept bringing. We also used these sorts of ships to burn past their Thrashers and engage them from range with damps.

Mainly, the Amarr use armour doctrines where I was more use to shield. For me, this meant a lot of their staple fleets were not things I was used to. I had to learn a lot of new tactics even while in battle. With the Huola siege raging o, it didn’t take long for me to catch on as I had plenty of practice in combat. There are also a lot of great FCs over here that helped make the transition very smooth. How about third parties? They have an indelible impact on Cal/Gal fights – are they the same sort of factor in Amarr/Min space? Are there instances of third parties “blue-ing” with FW entities for a temporary or semi-permanent basis?

MdV: Over in the Minmatar/Amarr Space you have 3 other groups that are worth a mention: Dead Terrorists, Did He Say Jump, and No Handle Bars. Now and again groups blue each other to fight, but generally it’s a free-for-all  and not many blues end up being given. I think it’s because the trust level between the various parties has always been quite low. Any plans to head back to your old stomping grounds in Caldari space? Even if it is a temporary deployment with your Amarr colleagues?

MdV: I would never join the Gallente. [Editor’s Note: We would never accept him anyway. :-)] Personally, I don’t see myself ever going back to Caldari. I have a lot of friends over there but the warzone and the way things are over there is just not a situation I can see myself enjoying. If Habitual Chaos, my current alliance, goes in that direction to support the Caldari on a temp Deployment I will follow but at this time I don’t see myself ever going back permanently. In the past there are a few notable but infrequent examples of Caldari or Gallente heading to Amarr/Min space for deployment. Why don’t you think this happens more often? Now that you know plenty of people from all 4 sides of the warzone, does it make easier for you to pick up and move back North to fight GalMil?

MdV: If Habitual Chaos headed north to support the Caldari, it would be easier knowing the warzone and best places to stage because of markets, etc. However, I believe it doesn’t happen frequently due to the fact that there is not enough content to go around. Gallente and Caldari came to support the Amarr and Minmatar for the first ever Huola because that is where the action was and every member of every group wants action.

At the moment, there is not enough content to call in support from other groups while I personally would like to see another Huola with all 4 faction involved. People also don’t trust each other, it seems. The basic rule is “If it’s not your faction, fire at will.” Caldari and Amarr have been shooting at each other for longer than I can remember.

Thanks very much to Mira deVorsha for taking part in the interview!

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