Cal/Gal Micro Update – Rumble in Akidagi

What follows is a video that shows a recent battle on the Aivonen gate in Akidagi between GalMil and Calmil/Bastard Cartel. The video is a narrative from the perspective of three GalMil pilots with three very different roles:

Blastil: Rank and File BS DPS

Ignacio Daimon: Magus for Jumping Logi and all Around Hijinks

Raktak Takrak: Imperial Navy Slicer for Tackle and Anti-Ewar Support

About Raktak Takrak

Editor-in-Chief, PVP Failure, and GalMil Butt Droid. Raktak does his fighting in faction fit Rifters with a PLEX in the hold - just to keep sh*t real.

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