Cal/Gal Micro Update – Plex Warfare in Aivonen


Over this past weekend Caldari and Gallente forces crashed in Aivonen, a longstanding CalMil stronghold. Battles had been raging throughout the week over the frequently embattled Pavanakka so for this expedition, GalMil decided to take the fight to CalMil’s home system which was right next door.

3 minutes into the battle a potential disaster was already brewing for the GalMil fleet.  An enemy Stork was screaming towards the Gallente Guardian detachment and at the last minute he fired up his Micro Jump Field Generator. The generator’s spool-up period only lasts a few moments but for the Gallente Logi it was a lifetime. Through good piloting and luck, the Stork only managed to jump off some drones, sparing the logistics wing from being separated and picked apart.

For a few minutes, the Gallente were perplexed why they were experiencing no incoming DPS. It was only after CalMil shot through a large portion of GalMil drones that damage against the Gallente fleet started in earnest.

At around 7 minutes into the fight, the vicious drone DPS from the Caldari Gilas started chewing into the enemy fleet and took down a Gallente Guardian. Second thoughts on whether logi could hold briefly flashed through comms but with enough of the fleet pointed, there was no choice but to stick it out the rest of the fight and hope that the reps would win the day. How exactly the Guardian was so easily destroyed remains a subject of controversy (mostly whether or not the low slots were truly absent from the fit or simply glitched on the killmail :-).

The battle then continued largely to be a battle of reps. The Gallente Guards were able to stave off losing any more critical ships but only just barely. Overheating reppers was common and throughout the fight many Guardians were jammed. The GalMil logi pilots used the time to repair heat damage and hope that the cap chain would get on OK without them. Caldari logi did admirably as well. Although both sides lost a few ships, the solid repping power of the Basilisk detachment on the CalMil side required very focused, discipline firepower to break.

The author flew a Guardian as logi anchor on the GalMil side of the battle. Despite not doing a very good job anchoring, I must say it is not often enough I get into a very challenging logi tug of war like this.

GF to all involved!

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Editor-in-Chief, PVP Failure, and GalMil Butt Droid. Raktak does his fighting in faction fit Rifters with a PLEX in the hold - just to keep sh*t real.

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  1. There was controversy? I didnt hear any. I poached the guardian hardeners weeks ago for something else. Ive nearly undocked in it before but noticed in time.

    I simply picked the wrong guardian from several i had available 🙁

  2. Was a very good fight, very close and could have gone either way.

  3. Interesting fight nice work. But for being what is considered the “Old Guard of GalMil” your comms discipline is non-existent. To be honest the whole thing just sounded like cancer.

    • I think comms were not bad at all really considering the fight was right on the edge of tanking and breaking. The only two people I really hear talking is the FC and logi FC telling people to relocate reps for enemy DPS switches.

    • Yeah, the voicecomms is rather cancerous. But it’s pretty normal for “Old guard Galmil”. I’ve actually heard worse than this, sadly

    • This is cancer, that is aids etc. Other peoples comms always sound worse than comms you are used to.

    • It’s not really cancerous, such coms can be fun and ok for old, experienced ppl who knows what they are doing. Comms discipline is for newbies who need to hold hands and point what to do. Exactly this type of comms teaches the most about working as team and multitask.
      Another point might be added, that they fly together for loong time, so they do know voice of each guy and that helps them to be oriented + its small fleet, fc who does “shh” when someone speaks is bad and teaches “sheep/f1” behavior.

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