Cal/Gal Micro Update: Militia Actions for April 7th

From Templis’s perspective, larger scale engagements against the Gallente have been sparse as of late. So it came as a delightful surprise when RDRAW reinforced a Templis POS with their armor HAC fleet. Templis has been yearning for another chance to fight it and happily formed for the POS’s exit timer. RDRAW routinely takes the advantage in fights against Templis by waiting to see a full fleet composition before undocking. RDRAW then tweaks their fleet to counter Templis’s. As RDRAW was the aggressor, Templis was able to stay docked, removing that advantage.

The timer came and went and RDRAW remained docked. The Templis FC sent logistics to the POS to rep it while the remainder of the fleet stayed docked waiting on RDRAW. Finally, RDRAW undocked in their rail Ferox’s with Ospreys. Numbers were roughly even as Templis had 22 DPS ships including Gilas, 2 Cerberuses, and a couple Ferox’s. After unsuccessful attempts to get a warp-in on the Ferox fleet, Templis burned at them from 70km. At least one ship was lost in this run but the distance was successfully closed. A RDRAW command destroyer successfully jumped half of the Templis logistics away, but the fleet recovered. Five DPS ships were lost by the Templis fleet while much of the RDRAW fleet was destroyed.

A battle report is available here.

RDRAW returned home and reformed into their armor HAC fleet to await Templis’s return. The second fight was much closer as Templis had lost pilots and ships after the first fight. The last scan of the hostile fleet had 18 armor HACs, 5 T1 cruisers, and 7 guardians. Templis had 8 Basilisks and 15 DPS ships, of which 11 were Gilas and one pilot disconned in the middle of the fight. Both fleets setup on opposing sides of a gate awaiting the other. RDRAW decided to jump in and the fight commenced. The incoming DPS was high from the nearly 20 HACs of RDRAW and two CalMil Gilas were lost. However, the Templis fleet was able to break RDRAW’s Guardians upon which the GalMil fleet retreated. Templis did not do a good job of spreading points and most of the hostile fleet got away. The pilot that had computer trouble unfortunately died after the Templis fleet left system.

The second battle report is available here.

Video of both fights:

Templis is grateful that RDRAW is taking the role of aggressor in larger fights, without the aid of outside sources. We look forward to more bloody brawls.

About Omar Jumper

Omar Jumper has been in the Caldari Militia for over two years. He is the current leader of Templis CALSF, the longest continually serving alliance in the Caldari Militia.

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  1. I wasn’t there for the fight but on behalf of RDRAW I say it is our pleasure to aggress, violently and as often as possible. Looking forward to trading blows, repeatedly, let’s keep them goodfights rollin’

  2. That was a great set of engagements with RDRAW… probably some of the funnest fights against them in recent memory. I wish RDRAW fought and brawled us with comps like this all the time and left the tornados at home.

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