Cal/Gal Micro Update: Home Invasion in Sujarento

A massive brawl between Caldari and Gallente forces broke out on a remote moon in RDRAW’s home system, Sujarento. The POS in question was to be used as a FOB for the Caldari forces. According to GalMil members, the POS was discovered when two Chimeras appeared on D-Scan only a few days ago, prompting a hunt. While the hunt was not fruitful, members of GalMil were able to locate the POS. At 20:35 EvE-time, the battle begun when RDRAW caps began assaulting the POS. Templis decided to use their batphone and called in The Afterlife. When the cavalry arrived 5 minutes into the fight, RDRAW was outnumbered 61-30. Suffering almost a billion in loses, RDRAW was forced to call in Snuff and other allies to assist their efforts. When all reinforcements arrived, GalMil outnumbered their enemies by only a single ship. About 11 minutes in, the battle shifted when CalMil lost one of their Osprey logi. For nearly an hour and a half more, RDRAW and its allies took on Templis CALSF and their allies. Nearly 6 billion ISK was lost, with CalMil’s side losing a total of 3.2 billion and GalMil and their allies losing 2 billion.  The battle closed as GalMil Atrons were able to catch some enemies fleeing into Tama causing The Afterlife to lose 7 more Tengus for the day.

In the end it was a good fight for both sides. Declaring a winner in a battle is often subjective, however, GalMil has a strong claim to victory here as they can claim to have better ISK efficiency while also being able to destroy the POS they initially set out to attack.

The full details of the fight are located here:


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  1. Nice job guys. What range did the fight happen and how did you lose so few ships?

  2. I’d like to mention that The Afterlife was not a Templis batphone. I had never even heard of this group before that fight occurred, they were a true third party. I distinctly remember hearing comms from my guys saying RDRAW brought a massive Tengu fleet to the POS.

  3. Subspax

    Yes a Tengu fleet that only shot at RDRAW and not Calmil. Please! How would a null sec group know when and where the tower was and when the timer was ending. Also don’t consider they were on grid setting up pings 1 hour before the fight along with Calmil alts. Maybe also consider the Afterlife carrier was in the bubble sneaking out to repair the tower. I won’t even talk about the other bat phone fleet that never made it to the fight for Calmil. The battle would have been about 150 pilots vs 40 if everything had played out the way Calmil wanted it too.

    • 150 vs 40? How could the fights ever be that lopsided when RDRAW calls Snuff, Project Mayhem, and anyone else that will listen to every fight? Are you saying Snuffbox doesn’t have the ability to bring large numbers to fights anymore? Who are these other alleged people we were bat phoning? As for the Afterlife, I don’t know. I have never had contact with anyone in their alliance before. If they did show up as a bat phone it wasn’t from any of the leadership planning the fight.

      If you didn’t bring everyone and their brother to every engagement, we wouldn’t have to bat phone in the first place. You can complain about us bat phoning when you stop having Snuff lackeys run logi for your cruiser gangs during a system siege you weren’t even successful at.

      • Daaam Son, lets bring some ice for poor Tek’s burn. Tho Subs has point, gals will bring even distant non relative ugly cousin to have easy win.

      • Don’t assume that Kovy represents RDRAW. He doesn’t. He represents himself from a line pilot’s point of view. Nothing more.

    • Could someone please explain, to a noob, what’s so terrible about batphoning?

      “The battle would have been about 150 pilots vs 40 if everything had played out the way Calmil wanted it too.”

      Wouldn’t such a state be considered the pinnacle of war-making, according to Sun Tzu, Caesar or Napoleon?

  4. Terrible analysis. Caldari with only 10 ships was not a factor. Afterlive came in and trounced RDRAW and then they in turn get trounced by Snuff. This was a Afterlife vs Snuff fight. Neither militia was a factor

  5. TL:DR RDRAW have a fight, start losing, call Snuff and win. Happens every day.

  6. Were you even on field?

    1. Your aware calmill has more corps than CALSF right?
    2. The loses RDRAW suffered were to late broadcasts, reps held (hardly trouncing)
    3. Once the stick died RDRAW came back to a fleeing afterlife and caught a further 7 tengus

  7. Sure was nice of afterlife to guess your pos password and rep your tower then wasn’t it?

  8. Gah. This is horribly inaccurate in about a thousand ways.

  9. Let’s talk about the BEBOP/GMVA coalition that refuses to help RDRAW with their efforts in taking systems that are right next door to a staging system, nisuwa.

    • Neither bebop nor gmva stage in nisuwa, save for xmeta. T1 push is real.

      • You are right, I should not have made the claim that it is a staging system for anyone.
        So back to my point, let’s talk about the BEBOP/GMVA coalition that refuses to help RDRAW with their efforts

  10. Subsparx,

    We enter just about every fight with no bat phone set up. However when we start scouting before the fight and find 60 dudes here and another 60 over here that are calmil bat phones. It makes it easy to ask for help. Yes before this fight Calmil had 2 groups of 60 pilots set up to jump on RDRAW’s 40 pilots plus Calmil’s 20.

    FOR CSM I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!! You lied You lied!!

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